Meaning of ACTIVITY in English

akˈtivəd.ē, -ətē, -i noun

( -es )

Etymology: Middle French activité, from Medieval Latin activitat-, activitas, from Latin activus active + -itat-, -itas -ity — more at active

1. : the quality or state of being active

the sphere of his activity

solar activity

2. : physical motion or exercise of force: as

a. : vigorous or energetic action : liveliness

to restrict his activity

b. : adroit or skillful physical action : agility

an athlete's activity

3. : natural or normal function or operation

activity on the stock exchange


a. : a process (as moving or digesting) that an organism carries on or participates in by virtue of being alive

b. : any similar process (as searching, desiring, learning, or writing) that actually or potentially involves mental function ; specifically : an educational procedure designed to stimulate learning by firsthand experience or observation, experiment, inquiry, and discussion

activity program

— compare project , unit


a. : an actuating force

b. sometimes capitalized : a creative agency or process ; especially : an ultimate or underived cosmic agency


a. : an occupation, pursuit, or recreation in which a person is active — often used in plural

business activities

social activities

b. : a form of organized, supervised, and often extracurricular recreation (as athletic games, dramatics, or dancing)

6. chemistry

a. : the characteristic of acting rapidly or of promoting a rapid reaction

the activity of adsorbent carbon

the activity of a catalyst

b. : the apparent or effective concentration of a substance especially in solution as judged by the behavior of the substance under given conditions, such concentration being equal to the actual concentration in very dilute ideal solutions — called also relative fugacity

7. : an organizational unit for performing a specific function ; also : its duties or function

navy supplies procured from the nearest shore activity

the food-inspection activity of the health department

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