Meaning of ADDITIONAL in English




a further/additional/added disadvantage

It’s a very small garden and it has the further disadvantage of facing north.

additional/extra expenditure

Businesses have been forced to pass on the additional expenditure to customers.

an extra/added/additional/further dimension

Movies soon had the added dimension of sound.

an extra/additional charge

Breakfast may be served in your bedroom at no extra charge.

an extra/additional cost

At the campsite, many activities are available at no extra cost.

more/further/additional information

For more information, visit our website.

the extra/additional expense

Is it worth the extra expense to get a room with a sea view?




Hypertension may be controlled by a nitroprusside infusion, which has the additional advantage of aiding heat loss by peripheral vasodilatation.

It has the additional advantage of more clearly showing the conditions which will cause the loop to be terminated.

There are additional advantages in setting up a timeshare development in conjunction with an existing hotel.

An additional advantage of this method of presentation is that it made the situation less realistic for subjects.

Still image work has the additional advantage of being easily repeatable.

She has all those additional advantages as nobleness of birth and deportment which I want.


The additional assessment is a sensible and welcome attempt to differentiate students' performance by assessing higher-order skills.

Each handbook also includes a number of additional assessments .

We have found it particularly important to develop candidate materials to explain the additional assessment in language suitable for our trainees.

The timetabling implications of the additional assessment , and of cross-module assessments generally were discussed.

The seminar also examined ways of developing centre-designed additional assessments .

For my additional assessment I had to plan a facility for a chosen client group.

Another area of concern was the additional assessment .

The additional assessment is clearly a lot of work for students.


However, he may receive some additional benefits which recognise the fact that he is working in a foreign land.

Aside from linking the curriculum together, there are two additional benefits from altering the usual schedule of the high school day.

Once aspirin and thrombolysis are given, however, the additional benefit of delayed subcutaneous heparin seems limited.

We offer a friendly working environment in Central London, 5 weeks annual holiday, private healthcare and additional benefits .

In 1993 we aim to develop additional benefits .

Any increase in national insurance benefits are offset against the additional benefit that claimants obtain from income support.

An additional benefit is the relief of stress and tension.

This relatively new concept gives the user the additional benefit of convection cooking and, on some models, a grill.


From the figures quoted above, between 119 and 429 additional cases of endometriosis would be expected.

This ignores the substantial number of additional cases that would arise if screening became widespread.


Courts not cancelled will incur a NO-SHOW additional charge .

Room service and beach towels are provided without additional charge .

The products can be fully developed later for an additional charge .

There was an additional charge of twopence a week for the secretary's salary and office expenses.

Only 50 places are available per Cavalcade with an additional charge of £2.50 per person.

Transfers can still be arranged however for an additional charge .


Any regiments may swap their spears for halberds at an additional cost of +1 point per model.

Perishable goods would perish or would have to be warehoused at an additional cost .

Any Mobs of wolf riders may be equipped with shields at an additional cost of +1 point per model.

This additional cost , if sufficiently large, will be passed on to bank customers based upon a new, higher base rate.

Any chariot crew may be given short bows at an additional cost of +1 point per crewman.

Any chariots may have scythed wheels at an additional cost of 20 points per chariot.

Argos said it would be important over the coming 12 months to contain the additional cost pressures from the pound's devaluation.


Where main drainage is not available additional costs are certain to arise.

For example, the enactment of import quotas, designed to compensate particular industrial supporters, may impose substantial additional costs .

These additional costs are of two kinds.

No additional costs were borne by Sedgefield District Council.

If the men lose their appeal they could face additional costs of several thousand pounds.

Whilst the introduction of competition will undoubtedly benefit some aspects of efficiency, additional costs might also be incurred.

There are additional costs of producing the accounts both direct and indirect.

First, the Company is already required to circulate nominations made under requisition without charge if no additional costs are involved.


There is no reference to any additional expenditure on working to ensure a fairer system of legal liability.

With this approach there is a need to justify all expenditure and not just that expenditure at the margin or additional expenditure.

Anticipating the areas of additional expenditure is not to be pessimistic.

I believe that it is an item of additional expenditure that would win the approval of the whole House.

Expansion of the money supply in these circumstances may lead to no additional expenditure , only additional idle balances.

Expenditure was put at 3,319,333.8 million roubles with additional expenditure of 334,200 million roubles.


There are additional factors important in this case, however.

An important additional factor , of course, is whether the items in question originally attracted tax relief.

Tatsumi and Hashimoto also said that their banks' excessive emphasis on profit had been an additional factor .

An additional factor was Bangalore airport's lack of the instrument landing system in operation at most major airports to facilitate landings.

An additional factor is that there are significantly more undergraduates nowadays in every year than there were in earlier generations.

An additional factor is the increasing popularity or cremation.

In the mills additional factors have been rationalisation and the use of more modern machinery.

An additional factor in considering the question of definition is that by far the majority of non-traditional entrants are also mature entrants.


The main priority will always be to find some route to additional funding for books.

Additionally, if a young trainee achieves a vocational qualification additional funding can be received for the benefit of future trainees.

It is possible for such programmes to meet the objectives of organisations such as LEAs and TECs thus attracting additional funding .

Sponsorship and additional funding will be sought, to enhance company activities.

Every county has had to seek additional funding to support placement costs for children who do not have a mental handicap.

Needless to say, additional funding to set up these units is often slow to materialise.

We will reverse cuts in design consultancy schemes and provide additional funding for the Design Council.

Congressional criticism of Bush's proposals concentrated on the limited additional funding provided.


It is also hoped that the sale will also raise additional funds for future acquisitions.

Raising additional funds on this narrow tax base will mean very significant increases in the tax.

What the vice-chancellors are asking, very simply, is where the necessary additional funds are to come from.

The nurse adviser to the Health Authority should seek additional funds to meet developments in clinical activity.

Sir Patrick made a special arrangement with the Treasury whereby additional funds would be made available to meet the cost.

Eastry, however, reorganized and improved the method of collecting revenues from the manors, bringing in additional funds .

In other words such institutions can never spontaneously add to their liabilities and provide borrowers with additional funds .

For this reason additional funds were voted last year for the city.


Let us suppose that the proportion of any additional income absorbed as leakages is 0.6.

Under the supplementary benefit system, single parents could earn additional income and only part of this was offset against their benefit.

When leakages absorb 60 percent of any additional income , therefore, the value of the multiplier is 1.67.

Home income schemes involved using funds obtained via a mortgage to be re-invested to pay off the loan and provide additional income.

If you pay higher rate income tax you can claim additional income tax relief on top.

To pay for this outpouring, a great drive was mounted for additional income -by Farquhar and Steel-Maitland.

From 1987, companies' gains were charged to corporation tax as if they were additional income of an accounting period.


For additional information please read Jan.

Assume that the additional information predicted project success.

Any additional information you may produce such as a Year Book, coaching calendar, etc would also be of assistance.

Recording from single units provides this additional information .

However, it is generally accepted that none of the items which supplement the basic 17 questions provide additional information of value.

What additional information would bankers wish to have and what purpose would they use this for?

Full financial statements or additional information ?

Forester had an idea of how he might get the additional information , but it would have to wait until tomorrow.


Five additional members were added to an existing committee entrusted with monitoring, fighting and controlling oil fires.

Membership dropped by 23,000 last year to 265,000, although officials say additional members attracted this year has almost offset that loss.

Astonishingly the Commission failed to realize that its proposed ratio of one additional member for three constituency members would be inadequate.

Council has the power to co-opt, to a maximum of five additional members as required.

Each Land was allotted one representative per 750,000 of population with an additional member for each remainder over 200,000.

The Committee may co-opt additional members for special purposes.


But another participant argued that it didn't really matter whether it was additional money or not.

This should also include the cost of funding any additional money required to complete the work.

Later Seius borrowed additional money from Titius.

It amounts to £92.5 million over five years which is supposed to be additional money to what is already budgeted.

It does not entitle the contractor to additional money .

The additional money will be used for further clean-up work in the Prince William Sound, site of the spill.

People simply hold the additional money as idle balances.

Thus individuals often hold some additional money as a precaution.


If you have been made redundant or have been unemployed for a long time you have two additional problems to overcome.

This creates additional problems of target language suitability, problems which have yet to be solved.

One additional problem which can arise is a noisy vibrating pump due to poor maintenance of the adsorption filter.

If you have a car then you have greater flexibility, but sometimes additional problems .

I faced an additional problem with the health service.

An additional problem is that the most heavily used motorways are being designed to carry 100 million standard axles over 20 years.

There is an additional problem since coin designs might sometimes deliberately avoid the most recent currents in art.

There is an additional problem which centres upon the choice of the disability prevalence used for projection.


Previously, an additional requirement of having land registered potentially caused problems where there was immediate or quick resale. 3.

The client eventually recovered £1,000 in supplementary benefit additional requirements , backdated to 1976.

There are those additional requirements in respect of residence and ordinary residence.

As the code is an umbrella document, the engineering institutions may have additional requirements to suit their particular disciplines.


Three of its board directors have also taken on additional responsibilities and have duly been retitled group executive directors.

The code of practice for the former District Audit Service referred to four additional responsibilities .

Did we envisage the development of partnership as an additional responsibility for the staff involved?

More resources are required and one has to acknowledge that because of their absence the teaching profession is wary of accepting additional responsibilities .


To see how men began to entertain values and engage in the pursuit of excellence we need additional sources of information.

The family drew together to help each other, and most of them had additional sources of comfort.

An additional source of market failure is externalities.

If the density increases upwards, then buoyancy forces provide an additional source of energy for the turbulence.

But he had additional sources of wealth and troops.

However, the value of this additional source of income has been falling in real terms over the last decade.

I shall select just a few for analysis, and readers are directed to the reading list for additional sources of information.

Of course, with the development of international monopoly capital and multinational companies, additional sources of power have been brought into play.


Increased finance, additional staff and the integration of public and educational library services on a divisional basis contributed to these developments.

There may also be additional staff employed on a part-time or seasonal basis for particular projects or programs.

Thanet wing attracts additional staff to Maidstone Prison, especially for the Psychology Department, of which more will be said later.

It has been necessary to provide additional staff support for the Committee during the course of the year.

The need for additional staff should be identified at the earliest opportunity after consideration of alternative means of meeting the shortfall.

Quite extraordinarily, even in the first phase of Lunch-time Openings, some Branches were expected to open without any additional staff .

The necessary solution lies in additional consultant appointments and also additional staff in training grades.

Extended, even maintained development, required additional staff .


Will the Government stop pressurising authorities to cease supporting small primary schools through additional support across the county?

This course would be an additional support to that process.

People being assessed are also offered an advocacy service in case they feel that they would benefit from additional support .

For additional support contact: Sometimes depression is caused by circumstances.

The government was urged to provide funds for the training of staff and additional support for dealing with the more difficult pupils.

In rare cases where components differ in some way they will be pleased to give additional support .


Of course the additional work which such an outward-going policy requires will make demands upon the teacher's time.

Extra staff have been engaged to deal with the additional work and the backlog has been significantly reduced.

Much additional work has to be done to increase productivity further.

The latter involves the recipient of the memo in additional work , whereas merely giving information does not.

Praxis is available for additional work .

At current levels of demand, the additional work is valued at about £4m a year.


Additional security was provided for the President's visit.

Additional troops may be sent to the region.

Judge Mathes sentenced her first to a year and later to an additional three months in jail for contempt.

Our own car broke down, so we had the additional expense of renting a car.

Plans for the tunnel had to be revised at an additional cost of $180 million.

There are a number of additional factors that require consideration.

There will be an additional charge for any extra baggage.


Any regiments may swap their spears for halberds at an additional cost of +1 point per model.

Both cases can be covered by imposing the additional constraint and then turning to the second objective.

Economists believe that the boost to the labour force may be worth an additional 1 percent a year in the early 1990s.

For the average driver of a company Ford Sierra or Vauxhall Cavalier this means an additional £1.06 a week in tax.

It will almost certainly place additional costs on local government generally, and urban authorities in particular.

Mulroney's request was, however, granted by the crown and he promptly named the additional senators.

There is one additional point we want to make about research which has to do with its collective and temporal character.

They appeared to be checking only if there were any additional persons in it.

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