Meaning of ADDITION in English






The latest addition is International Blue Shield, aiming to provide rapid reaction teams when an unexpected threat emerges.

Maybe these lines were a late addition - though the dialogue seems curiously inconclusive without them.

The latest addition is number 7 Godards Lane.

The latest addition to our successful twin-colour Designer Range of Tilturn and Casement windows offers endless colour combinations, inside and out.

The latest addition to the modest skyline ... the ecumenical church.

Usually, they are intermediate values to allow for later additions .


Cheedale has its usual crop of new additions .

P normally announces new additions five business days before they go on the index, a company official said.

And so news of a new addition to the facilities at the Sobell wall in Holloway caused much excitement.

The U. S. Virgin Islands are welcoming a new addition to their family.

A new addition to the collection is Signature Automatic Pencils for brows, lips and eyes.

These were, after all, the new or unique addition to their world.


It is our most recent addition to this popular range of disks which are being ordered by new users of Windows 3.1.

Most recent addition , a full-size SE.5A was unveiled on August 11.

Hopefully, the recent addition of a young Limousin bull will help us mop up stragglers next spring.

The John Hewitt library and the Francis Stuart archive of literary manuscripts are recent additions .

A recent addition to the locomotive working stud is Derby built Fowler Class 4F, No. 4422.

The most recent addition is a beautiful Chapel of the Knights of the Thistle.


Either is a useful addition to the six standard colours.

While it is difficult to fault this book, a list of abbreviations would have been a useful addition .

So it is a useful addition to our equipment.

It is a useful addition to the growing volume of material available covering spreadsheet techniques of interest to scientists.

However, some items make useful additions to any holiday suitcase and will make sure you get the trouble-free break you deserve.

A very useful addition is the communications room created between the two halls in 1978-1979 at a cost of £619.69.

However, unless they include well-amplified organ tones, they are a useful addition to the organ rather than a substitute for it.


They may also be taken as valuable additions to courses which do not specifically include them.

On a technical level the book is well-informed, well-presented, and is a valuable addition to any serious mountaineer's library.

It is relatively straight forward in operation, and once set can be forgotten - a valuable addition to the program.

Although this book only covers the United States compliance regulations, it is nevertheless considered a very valuable addition to the literature.

All this comes out in Worsley's excellent introduction, a very valuable addition to the literature on the subject.

Intermittent rear wipers and fingertip radio controls under the steering wheel are valuable additions .


There is also the welcome addition of a focus ring on the lens.

The main thing is that they make a welcome addition to marine tanks.

There have been some welcome additions to the Lowestoft fleet.

This time we had the welcome addition of a sheepskin backrest, an inflatable neck support and a selection of surgical collars.

This excellent book will be a welcome addition to the library of many a clinician, student, and teacher.

Chosen with discrimination, they make a welcome addition to parish church music.

For the public they are a welcome addition to the number of foot police regularly patrolling the town.

One shilling on Saturday and threepence for an evening were welcome additions to the family income.


Additions are made to the list from time to time.

Despite the addition of fertilizer, flowers are still unable to grow in the soil.

In the last three months there has been a new addition to the family - our daughter, Rachel.

The Simpsons built a big addition onto the back of their house.

There has been a last minute addition to the programme for the President's visit.


Consider the love stuff, since it is the main addition .

In addition to the daily little worries, these were the sweeping imponderables that held their attention.

In addition , Grills said, no civic leaders were asked about their faith.

In addition , Microsoft last week appointed Rick Belluzzo as president.

In addition , there are growing networks of gay religious organizations that provide places for gay people to express their spirituality.

It was a large warehouse that had been converted by the addition of beds into a dormitory.

This is an addition to the original language specification and it can not be guaranteed to remain unchanged in future releases.

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