Meaning of ADDITION in English


n. 1 adding, joining, putting together, uniting, combining The addition of this paragraph is uncalled for 2 totalling, adding up, summing-up, summation, counting up, reckoning, totting up You have made an error in addition 3 addendum, appendix, appendage, supplement, increment, augmentation, extension This addition contributes nothing to the manuscript 4 extension, ell, Brit annexe, US annex, wing We used our lottery winnings to pay for an addition to the house

prep. 5 in addition to. as well as, besides, beyond, over and above In addition to books, the shop sold greetings cards -

adv.phr. 6 in addition. moreover, furthermore, additionally, besides, withal, to boot, in or into the bargain, too, also, as well We were compelled to exercise every morning and in addition we went for a ten-mile run each Saturday

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