Meaning of ADMINISTRATION in English






Each of the union republics has a constitution and state structure modelled broadly on that of the central administration .

The central administration of the temple, presumably the priesthood, redistributed the produce.

The central administration of the Modular Course has always been keenly aware of the burden falling on Field Chairs.

It seems clear therefore that the central administration was unable at this time to exercise effective financial control over the Forest wardens.

Rather than a unified central administration , there is a loose confederation of ministries.

The major change in the central administration was the removal of Rotherham as chancellor.

What has also emerged, however, is that private sector attitudes and techniques can not easily be transplanted into central administration .


With respect to other aspects of colonial administration , his proposals were a little bolder.

The local magnates exercised a limited but real authority entirely independent of the colonial administration .

Nor was Britain the only colonial power to incorporate existing native rulers into a system of colonial administration .

It meant that colonial administrations had an extremely difficult time controlling these peoples.

Furthermore, much of the writing and even foreign staff in conservation institutions are derived directly from colonial administrations .

Decolonisation meant that, by and large, independent states were created out of existing areas of colonial administration , within their colonial frontiers.


He was involved in the establishing of local administration , churches and schools.

But remodelling the local administration had little effect; real power remained in the hands of the leading citizens of Mondovi.

There was never much doubt about which language the colonial rulers would use in local administration .

The Group provides advice, training and research in local government administration .

The study area, Dunrossness, as defined by the local administration is not such an area.

High-ranking officials were said to be rigging privatization to their own advantage, using their influence in local administrations .

They have links with political bigwigs and the local administration , which is all the qualification needed to get into the business.

Parliament as the law-making body does not take part in the local administration of its laws.


The new Conservative administration in 1979 wished to go further.

Her appointment will make her one of the highest-ranking women in the new administration .

These new administrations will later form the basis for elected regional governments.

Emerson concedes that the new Clinton administration sometimes failed to communicate effectively.

The new administration moved with surprising caution in such areas as civil rights and social reform.

Jack Kennedy summoning Robert Frost to deliver an inauguration poem and confer a bardic benediction on the new administration .

He insisted that his new administration could command a majority in the country's 38-member legislature.

Despite our differences, I had no need or desire to slam the new administration .


In 1979 the government announced that it was determined, unlike the previous Labour administration , to control and reduce public expenditure.

These are not necessarily merely the left-over business from a previous administration .

Arbel was appointed by the previous administration .

A cordon of armour was parked around newspapers and broadcasting stations, and key members of the previous administration were arrested.

Matrix appeared to be a very, very high priority for the previous administration .

Both men have stated they will not carry out a witchhunt against members of the previous administration .

No explanation of what private-sector reforms that have not been tried by previous administrations might be considered now.


We are helping to improve public administration and the legal system in a number of countries.

Ventresca holds degrees in public administration and government from the University of San Francisco.

All persons engaged in public administration serve in a special legal relationship whereby the public law institution is the employer.

Local public administration clearly needs to be seen in the context of the broader political, social and economic system.

Spending cuts would especially affect public administration and, within the social welfare budget, the level of payments on sickness benefit.

Wolfe argues that this contradiction has three consequences for public administration .

Another practical application soon followed, in the field of public administration .

In comparison with these industries, retail trade and public administration have experienced limited job growth.



Under the Bush administration , State Department officials met the delegates only at the beginning and end of each round.

Under the Reagan and Bush administrations , this displeasure took the form of refusing to pay our assessed financial contribution.

This flies in the face of the cautious nature of the Bush administration .

This is a worldwide treaty, negotiated by the Reagan administration and signed by the Bush administration.

Until now the Bush administration has refused to participate in such a programme.

It expired April 30, but the Bush administration wants to extend it.

In the meantime, having placated conservative critics, the Bush administration is waiting.

The Bush administration answered yes, and produced new evidence in support.


Some of the group are aiming for further education in business administration , or in other areas such as leisure and tourism.

Many industrial production managers have a college degree in business administration or industrial engineering.

Clear definitions covering fields of accountancy, marketing, production and business administration .

He continued to work there while he pursued a degree in business administration from Philadelphia University.

Initially awards are available in business administration , hospitality, and leisure and tourism.

When he graduated from Northwood University with excellent training in business administration , I felt so proud.

He was educated in a Nonconformist academy; his abilities lay in mathematics, engineering, and business administration .

A degree in business administration or engineering management is especially useful for becoming a general manager.


In foreign policy the Carter administration had a mixed record.

C., who has worked for four presidents and served as a consultant on executive office reorganization for the Carter administration .

The emphasis on local economic development gained its fullest expression during the Carter administration .

There was a huge gap between aim and achievement in the Carter administration .

Then the Carter administration lavished yet more money and mobilized the federal government anew in yet another massive drive for passage.


It should include congressional leaders as well as administration officials .

Chernomyrdin denied that Moscow had authorized transfer of the giant missile, administration officials said.


Some hospitals spend too much on administration and not enough on medical care.

The administration also proposed $600 million in tax breaks for small businesses.

The Eisenhower administration refused to take military action in Vietnam.

The new administration has been strongly criticized for its handling of the affair.


Glynn said an apology already had been under discussion within the administration for several months.

He vigorously applied Charles's policy of raising money by reviving the ancient Forest administration .

It is unclear as to whether the making of an administration order crystallises a floating charge.

Mr Keyes, a former radio talk-show host and Reagan administration diplomat, is the most eloquent of the Republican candidates.

The cost of health service administration in the United States rose by 37% between 1983 and 1987.

There are circumstances in which the incorrect diagnosis and inappropriate administration of a thrombolytic would be disastrous; for example, acute pericarditis.

With a ne w Bush administration taking office, how will this relationship develop?

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