Meaning of ADMINISTRATIVE in English



a clerical/administrative error

The applications forms were sent to the wrong addresses due to a clerical error.

an administrative chore (= a chore such as writing letters or paying bills )

filling in forms and other administrative chores

an administrative post

For the next twelve years, he held various administrative posts in Bombay.

an administrative/bureaucratic nightmare (= something that is very complicated and difficult to keep accurate records of )

Dealing with so many new applications for asylum is an administrative nightmare.

an official/administrative receiver

legal/bureaucratic/administrative hassle

It took weeks of bureaucratic hassle to get a replacement passport.




This book is based on the view that the general principles of judicial review of administrative action are worth studying.

They recognized that some of their objectives could be reached by administrative action without running the gauntlet of the legislative process.

Carter had advocated deregulation, but he approached reform via legislation whereas his successor sought the same end primarily through administrative action .

Large areas of administrative action avoid the discipline of public justification.

Under conditions of underdevelopment the political elite seeks wealth through the direction of public resources by administrative action . 8.


It also excludes various administrative agencies connected with the National Health Service and the nationalized industries.

The church for its part acted as an administrative agency of colonial expansion and a major institution of social control.

Roosevelt's New Deal programme was an exercise in regulatory government and led to a major growth in regulation by administrative agencies .


And in other administrative areas , such as personnel and accounts, most of the supervisory and long-term experienced people opted for relocation.

Some states counted administrative areas as urban units, and some counted agglomerations of a certain number of people.

Thus government, i.e. local government, has strategic responsibility over its administrative area for the provision of sporting opportunities.

In 1991, the city was divided into 16 administrative areas or regions through negotiations between urban residents and the municipal authorities.


Village life and the peasant outlook were conditioned by the administrative arrangements adopted at Emancipation.

Taxes may be grouped by the administrative arrangement for their collection.

Taxes may therefore be classified as either direct or indirect, according to the administrative arrangement for their collection.

The partnership areas soon attracted most attention because of the joint administrative arrangements which were required between central and local government.

There are separate administrative arrangements for committees.


Mellowes has assigned me to the duties of the administrative assistants , then to those of the statistical clerks.

I had worked for many years as an administrative assistant and an executive assistant.

The post is sometimes also known as administrative assistant .

Until September, she was an administrative assistant at a geriatric hospital.

The lack of help has forced the part-time student and administrative assistant to move to her parents' South San Francisco home.

They need your help about everything from prospecting to how to get along with their administrative assistant .

Lisa has two daughters, 12 and 16, and works as an administrative assistant in a bank.

She also decided to redesign the functions of the two administrative assistants in the office, to get the help she needed.


The legal authority of the Lander has been reduced to legal administrative authority by the federal administration.

However, the Commission operates much more like a diplomatic than an administrative authority with a strong emphasis on consultation and conciliation.

These courts were not subject to judicial review at all which only applied to administrative authorities and inferior courts.


The whole approach is flexible and has a great strength in the direct link to the highest administrative body .

Robson recognized that, throughout history, courts have performed administrative functions and administrative bodies have undertaken judicial functions.

Besides this diocesan system of priestly pastoral care, there are two other administrative bodies of crucial importance.

Committees should cease to be executive or administrative bodies and should concentrate on policy determination.


The administrative burden would be lifted from local government; it would then be able to concentrate on the job in hand.

The agency apparently also wants to ease its administrative burdens under the contracting ordinance.

Authorities will face greater administrative burdens through the more detailed tendering provision.

The administrative burden is increased but the processes are the same as those already in place for fundholding.

How are management costs and the administrative burden of any of these models minimised?

Legal regulation tends to create administrative burdens , resentment and loss of self-esteem through the undermining of professional autonomy.

Extra responsibilities and administrative burdens were a major factor.

Payment by automatic direct debit will further relive your administrative burden .


Taking advantage of its remoteness from the administrative centre of the Imperium they had enslaved the native inhabitants.

The administrative centre of the manor was the manor house.

Trade unions do not have the right to strike nor negotiate wage levels, which are determined by the administrative centre .

Although vengeance had been wreaked on the assassins in Edinburgh, that was still by no means the main administrative centre .

Today it is an important administrative centre and fishing port.

A simple design of diameter some 65 feet, was part of the administrative centre in the agora in Athens.

Edinburgh's growth as an administrative centre went hand in hand with this.


Nevertheless, administrative change was not the main reason for the decline of the networks in the Southern Band.

In 1965 a major administrative change took place.

Meanwhile, in addition to these administrative changes , important developments were taking place within the hospitals as knowledge of mental disorder increased.

With this transformation came administrative change and consolidation of a coherent political agenda.


In fact, any text that needs administrative control can be included within its scope.

Are there limits to administrative control over school-sponsored publications or plays?

Among the changes being introduced are: Simplified financial and administrative controls .

The transfer of certain functions of administrative control from central departments of government to the county councils - decentralisation; 6.

Each water authority has its own form of organization, administrative control , and territorial jurisdiction.

In the Soviet Union it is difficult to disentangle political from administrative controls .


The change in the figures appeared to be due to things like administrative convenience .

But this bogus community, spirited up to serve administrative convenience , does not exist.

Does he agree that access to justice is more important than administrative convenience ?

Prices in such circumstances become an administrative convenience or merely irrelevant.


This is all attributable, directly or indirectly, to administrative costs and the work of the Bar Council and its committees.

People will be compelled to spend the money on the truly needy recipients and not on administrative costs .

Nevertheless contracting does incur greater administrative costs in the form of new accounting and information systems and staff.

Only 10 to 15 percent goes toward administrative costs , which is certainly not exorbitant.

Moreover, the administrative cost of the procedure for making awards is high.

Term loans can generally be negotiated fairly quickly and at a low administrative cost .

It would also have meant higher administrative costs which would have had to have been borne by charge payers.

Economies of scale and the use of computers were expected to reduce administrative costs .


This is all attributable, directly or indirectly, to administrative costs and the work of the Bar Council and its committees.

People will be compelled to spend the money on the truly needy recipients and not on administrative costs .

It would also have meant higher administrative costs which would have had to have been borne by charge payers.

Only 10 to 15 percent goes toward administrative costs , which is certainly not exorbitant.

The Charity Commission says the new trustees are well on the way to restructuring their management and cutting administrative costs .

The sites shared administrative costs , selectors and a catalogue which included an illustration and biographical details for each artist.

Heat, light and power should be revised and contained at 3%, and administrative costs reduced to 10%.

There also may be additional administrative costs .


Suppose a plaintiff suffers loss as a result of an illegal administrative decision .

Principals must pay attention to the concerns of these groups when making administrative decisions .

Judicial review of administrative decisions by central or local government and certain other bodies is now commonplace.

Co-direction ensures that administrative decisions are made with the full understanding of the implications for all participants.

This encouraged the courts to draw a rigid distinction between judicial and administrative decisions .

Following this there was some suggestion that in administrative decisions there was a lower duty to act fairly.


There were a further 303 prisoners held under administrative detention , without trial.

They would instead be placed in administrative detention in the Qeziot detention centre in the Negev.

Amnesty International opposes the detention without trial of all political detainees, including administrative detention.

Olivier Nwaha Binya'a appears to be held in indefinite administrative detention without any opportunity to challenge his imprisonment.


The Council also had powers as a criminal court in matters arising out of its administrative duties .

Mead was bumped off major cases and firm committees, then given only administrative duties , the lawsuit alleges.

By contrast a municipal corporation was a public governmental authority with administrative duties owed to all the inhabitants of its area.

Precontest administrative duties were shared by several county superintendents in pre tion for the state spelling bee.

She performed her share of administrative duties efficiently.

The Department of Public Instruction provided a guideline of administrative duties , advice and judges for the state meet.

This must be seen as a specialist task, on a par with other administrative duties and research commitments.

Other clerical and administrative duties as required by the Acquisitions Librarian and the Chief Librarian.


A case can be made for both its constitutional propriety and its administrative efficiency .

It assumes administrative efficiency will suffice when this may only have the most limited of practical effects.

A second consideration is administrative efficiency .

Then I had to wait some three years, and the attitude in hospital and lack of administrative efficiency was unpleasantly conspicuous.


Loan interest paid by borrowers provides for interest on time deposits, staff salaries, other administrative expenses and shareholder dividends.

The two largest declines came in engineering and general and administrative expenses .

Turnover, cost of materials sold, net revenues and administrative expenses have been adjusted accordingly.

However, reorganisation provisions necessarily include provisions for operating costs, such as redundancy costs and administrative expenses .

Selling and administrative expenses for each year were £10,000.


Currently, much of the archival work reconstructing the administrative framework of the deposited documents is carried out retrospective to their creation.

Over 600 economists, businessmen and politicians discussed ways to improve the commercial, legal and administrative framework of East-West economic co-operation.

The former provide the managerial and administrative framework for moving products from supplier to customer.


They may be said to be exercising an administrative function .

There are additional administrative functions , such as the submission of a statement of affairs and the making of reports on specified matters.

Routine administrative functions were sited in the free-standing towns and cities within a hundred or so miles of London. 7.

Confusion also arose when schools took over administrative functions which traditionally had been located in LEAs.

Robson recognized that, throughout history, courts have performed administrative functions and administrative bodies have undertaken judicial functions.

Where administrative functions are not discharged by autonomous agencies, they are largely devolved to the Länder.

Feeding soldiers is not a glamorous business; for the most part it is an administrative function that goes unnoticed.

Anyone performing administrative functions would be paid a working man's wage.


The latter would be subject to less extensive review than would tribunals and other administrative institutions .

In 1945 there was immense confidence in the civic and administrative institutions of government.

His Lordship drew no distinction as to the scope of review for inferior courts and administrative institutions .

Nor did his Lordship draw any demarcation between administrative institutions and inferior courts for the purposes of review.


Concurrent with this programme of activity, there are dozens of administrative jobs to be done.

That effort has already eliminated several hundred administrative jobs in its East Bay divisions.


Public and administrative law Law can prohibit or regulate activities: The citizen can obey or break the law.

Under the proposed changes, most of the same acts would be covered under an array of criminal and administrative laws .

There is a powerful argument for saying that, in general, it should be subject to the rules of administrative law .

The principle of the separation of powers is, for example, clearly evident in his views on administrative law .

They may not however be equally suited to all the institutions that comprise administrative law .

Secondly, this book is primarily about constitutional and administrative law and about governmental institutions.

Much the same problem has arisen in administrative law .

Generally, the area concerned with administration is known as public or administrative law .


Much of Barbarossa's continual political conflict was connected to administrative matters of this sort.


He will replace acting chief administrative officer Gary Stephany, who will assume his former post of assistant administrative officer.

Hickson and Jacques became its Joint Secretaries and Pateman was its administrative officer .

He will replace acting chief administrative officer Gary Stephany, who will assume his former post of assistant administrative officer.

The secretary is the chief administrative officer of the company.

The new charter, which was trimmed down to just 82 pages, replaces the chief administrative officer with a city administrator.

In some councils certain key administrative officers are appointed on the basis of their political sympathies.


Father Richard, who holds several administrative posts within the Benedictine order as well as being a parish priest, is a trained lawyer.

All appointments to military and administrative posts were in the gift of the Grand Prince.

A highly qualified horticulturist found his responsible and mainly administrative post terribly exhausting after his hearing became impaired.

Some former students have taken up administrative posts in various public and private enterprises and in the civil service and local government.

Appointments to administrative posts in government departments, public enterprises and other state bureaus are controlled by the appropriate party committee.

For the next twelve years he held various administrative posts in Bombay.


In addition to these considerations of Layfield, the collection of the tax should not be excessively costly or present substantial new administrative problems .

At the same time, if governing poses few political problems , its administrative problems are immense.

With children constantly moving between evacuation and reception areas, endless administrative problems arose.

We are led to believe that there are administrative problems .

A huge nutcracker is thus being deployed to crack a relatively small administrative problem .

One consequence is that it has caused substantial administrative problems for us.

But this creates difficult administrative problems about how often official valuations of property values are revised.

The administrative problems of phasing out Powick fell into three main areas.


She was labeled mentally disturbed and put in the psychiatric ward of a small hospital without any administrative procedure .

Each participating State will provide appropriate legal and administrative procedures to protect the rights of all its forces personnel.

The opening of a score of nuclear sites in some six years by conventional administrative procedures alone was inconceivable.

To prove to me why I needed to really know the administrative procedures , he showed me some tricks....

This urged states to sign and ratify the convention and to make domestic legislation and administrative procedures compatible with it.

They also establish working and administrative procedures and policies.

The managers failed to appreciate that interpretation of administrative procedures .


Although the data largely result from censuses and surveys, an increasing volume of data arises from administrative processes .

The urban renewal administrative process drew considerable criticism because it was so long and encumbered with red tape.

But the Secretary had come to stay as the hub of the administrative process .

Unger's view is confirmed by the transformation of divorce from a judicial to an administrative process .

The implementation or administrative process is far too important to be left to its own devices.

It was facilitated by the transformations within the administrative process itself.

First, the administrative process becomes more politicized and less competent.

This administrative process is very slow and limits the rate at which people can be sent back from Hong Kong.


Joint administrative receiver Murdoch McKillop said cuts were part of a scaling down of production to meet reduced demand.

Mr. Moss, for the applicants, went through all the provisions of the Insolvency Act 1986 relating to administrative receivers .

Every administrative receiver is born in this way.

Thus administrative receivers must be qualified to act as insolvency practitioners and can only be removed from office by the court.

Against that general background I now consider the detailed statutory provisions relating to administrative receivers .

Shop stewards will send the letter to joint administrative receiver Ipe Jacob, requesting it be presented to potential buyers.

The powers of the administrative receiver are extensive and he will have complete control over the management of the company.


So, above all, the picture is of an administrative reform taking place for new mental health services to be created.

They also appointed him to a commission to examine administrative reforms .

He promised administrative reform , social justice, and an end to corruption.

Mr Ryaas was then pushed, unwillingly, into a new role as minister for administrative reform .

Deliberate assistance to economic growth went hand in hand with administrative reform aimed at channelling its profits firmly into princely treasuries.

Yet the judicial and administrative reforms of 1289 in the duchy gave rise to certain anxieties.

As we have indicated earlier, though, the dynamic of administrative reform seems to have been fairly arbitrary in terms of central government.

The basic problem with budgetary reform is that it not only requires administrative reform, but also strong political support.


They are the direct administrative responsibility of the local authorities, and are covered only by normal development control.

Their peers saw their administrative responsibilities as unprofessional and of limited value. 7.

The development of programme structures was seen as an additional administrative responsibility rather than a substitute for previous ones.

The new managers saw their administrative responsibilities as serving two purposes.


Usually an administrative service , e.g. notifying all interested parties that a Design Change is awaiting assessment.

As the size of the firm increases, administrative services managers are more likely to specialize in one or more support activities.

Organisationally, the working of both payroll and personnel records has been very useful in providing an efficient administrative service .

Advancement is easier in large firms that employ several levels of administrative services managers.

The General Secretariat carries out the decisions of the Council and provides financial and administrative services for the personnel of the League.

Many firms are increasingly contracting out administrative services positions and otherwise streamlining these functions in an effort to cut costs.

In addition, some categories of administrative services managers may grow more quickly than others.

Some administrative services managers oversee unclaimed property disposal.


Evaluations of policies are conducted through research and expert analysis supported by the Presidium's administrative staff .

Clinical and administrative staff flew out immediately from Virginia.

Health authorities are supported by medical and by administrative staff .

The team has control over virtually everything, from maintenance of the building to the curriculum to the hiring of administrative staff .

Vacancies for administrative staff are currently 5.3 percent.

It was this clientele which Hunter and his administrative staff took on in Tucson, in January 1994.

In fact, the forward-thinking firm employs 13 administrative staff together with several drivers and warehouse staff and many dedicated sub-contractors.

Kim runs the centre from day to day, recruiting, training and developing the administrative staff .


The growth in partisan organisation on local authorities presents problems of integrating the political reality of decision-taking with the formal administrative structure .

The essential work of the administrative structure is the implementation of policy.

The Board took over the legal aid scheme's administrative structure and most of the staff.

This brief and general list of functions suggests the enormous breadth and depth of the administrative structure and its activities.

At the same time the administrative structures overseeing some of the country's bigger concerns would be dismantled.

Figure 1 shows the Units' administrative structure .

Fieldwork was conducted in two of the three regions, each of which has its own particular administrative structure .

He will also have to learn something about the administrative structure of his chosen place and how it has changed over time.


They will have a great deal of expertise to offer within the administrative support function.

An administrative support team handled such matters as payroll, accounts payable, purchasing, and employment sourcing.

We will give schools increased administrative support in return for the wider opening of their facilities to the local community.

The research involves monitoring the effects of implementing these administrative support functions in over 140 practices nationwide.

They lacked the resources and administrative support that larger companies routinely employ to influence the political process.


In most cases when computers are purchased by enterprises, it is to run administrative systems like bookkeeping.

Thus the administrative system tends to be larger, in relation to the society, as the political system becomes more totalitarian.

Such forces are seldom the product of the ill-feeling which can be generated by a powerful but badly-led and manned administrative system .

The generic names of these political structures are familiar: legislatures, executives, administrative systems , and judiciaries.

His career epitomizes the interactions between the obligations of patron and client and the public service under the old administrative system .

A broader definition of the executive includes not only the chief executive,-but also the entire administrative system .

New administrative systems were needed to avoid confusion.

Another flaw was rooted in the structure of the administrative system .


There were noticeable omissions in some areas, primarily those concerned with administrative tasks .

Many of these requests involved administrative tasks .

All practices agreed that preparing for and implementing fundholding was an enormous administrative task .

After breakfast I take a stroll around the base checking that all the daily administrative tasks have been completed.

They can perform simple administrative tasks which were previously both dull and expensive.


The law of contempt does not apply to reinforce the decisions of administrative tribunals .


The smaller regional administrative units had initialled the Treaty on March 18.

These administrative units are too cumbersome.

The problems and criticism that arose from this decision, however, reflected the varying sizes of the administrative units .

Registration districts usually cover very different areas from the administrative units that the local historian is more familiar with.

For central government the region became a convenient administrative unit .

Larger administrative units are usually associated with a greater concentration of service outlets.

Such a presence must take the form of an onshore administrative unit responsible for the management of the fishing vessel concerned.

None the less a good deal of basic information can still be portrayed with the traditional concept of population density based on administrative units .


MORE than half say the new system imposes excessive administrative work .

There were no major cases on hand and he had no excuse for neglecting the routine administrative work .

They are employed mainly in clerical and administrative work .

Government money was only made available to meet the cost of the administrative work involved.

A lot of firms need to buy computer power when their administrative work takes up too much time.

Systems which streamline administrative work and can be linked into other areas of the practice are being used more and more.

No grant-aid was available for administrative work , of which Pateman's salary represented the largest single item.

It matters little to the efficient running of the Civil Service where the administrative work of a department is carried out.


Phil's job is mainly administrative .


All that remained was that lovely blank undecorated space upstairs which led up to the administrative offices.

And these rules may, of course, be enforced by an administrative hierarchy to which the subject may appeal.

I had worked for many years as an administrative assistant and an executive assistant.

In the seventh year, to February 1990, the administrative costs involved in giving moneys to authors stood at 14%.

Several committee members never saw the final version that emerged after government review and federal administrative editing.

Such forces are seldom the product of the ill-feeling which can be generated by a powerful but badly-led and manned administrative system.

The original building remains virtually intact and is now the administrative block of the North Wing.

There are additional administrative functions, such as the submission of a statement of affairs and the making of reports on specified matters.

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