Meaning of ADVISORY in English



an advisory committee

a government advisory committee

an advisory council (= for giving advice )

The report was issued by the Advisory Council on Science and Technology.




A city advisory board concluded that it would require 35 pages of changes in the regulatory code, just for a start.

I got a call from the community college where I sit on the industry advisory board .

The organisation will consist of executive and advisory boards and adhoc committees and task forces will be set up for specific projects.

A consumer advisory board would be formed of any state resident who paid $ 10 to join.

For important projects, one may also use an advisory board representing those who will be most influenced by the project.

In each city a project director oversees the program in coordination with the school district and an advisory board of local businesses.

We are grateful to him and to all the other people who serve on the advisory board of the know-how fund.

She contributed a great deal to the original strategy and remains very involved as a member of our player advisory board .


For the time being the parliament serves only as an advisory body of Noriega loyalists.

Also installed in March was a 19-member advisory body , the Council of State.

Two practitioner-based advisory bodies were also assembled.

There is also a national advisory body , without executive powers, the Bishops' Committee on Church Music.

Most of the people sitting on supposedly independent government advisory bodies have direct links to biotechnology companies.


The department emphasised last night that it had agreed to meet Acas in its advisory capacity .

Hernandez says he believes the community should act in an advisory capacity rather than as a combatant.

The Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the government.

Some civilians are upset at the prospect of sharing power with the armed forces, even in an advisory capacity .

John was called in initially in an advisory capacity with Laings and the architects.


Just before leaving office, he commissioned an advisory commission to study the highway extension proposal again.

The staff and advisory commissions also make recommendations, in one-page position papers.

A January report by a federal advisory commission suggested a possible increase from 6. 2 percent of wages to 7 percent.


Mr Clifton paid particular tribute to the work of the trades union representatives on the advisory committee .

Prop 105 would require a charter review advisory committee to be established every 10 years.

The advisory committee which decided on research and development money for renewable energy was dominated by nuclear proponents.

He served on a Commerce Department technical advisory committee .

We will improve consumer representation on government advisory committees .

The advisory committee report did little to resolve the mystery surrounding Gulf War illness.

So some quangos and advisory committees have been eliminated.

Listing would be by statutory instrument made on the advice of an advisory committee .


But they said the organized process of the advisory council w ill create political pressure for the supervisors to heed the recommendations.

The advisory council goes out of business now, having delivered its long-awaited report.

Appointing lesbians or gays to two positions on its advisory council this year.

Their plan received five of the 13 votes on the advisory council .

I know we met with people on the advisory council to hear what their concerns were.

A big debate within the advisory council concerned what would happen to individualized accounts once people reach retirement.


We hope our advisory group will help us clarify our responses to these and other questions during the consultative process.

Since all faculty members are involved, each advisory group consists of only ten students.

The Government has set up an advisory group of experts, headed by Baroness Sally Greengross, to develop the scheme.

Already, Caughlan has met with local community and advisory groups .

A Washington-based advisory group on historic preservation must first evaluate the proposal.

Citizens advisory groups have been set up in border cities.

Bennett said all proposals for future attractions will be placed before the wharf advisory group for approval.


It has also been held that non-statutory government advisory panels are subject to judicial review.

He also asked his bioethics advisory panel to conduct a full review and report back to him in 90 days.

Dow Chemical supports 26 advisory panels that address issues of importance to the community.

But the advisory panel told Congress that it found no evidence that more money retains private insurers.

The Culture Secretary, Chris Smith, and an advisory panel will decide how to handle claims for restitution.


After 1406 its advisory role may have become more prominent.

It is these qualities that have made our audit and advisory roles valuable to our clients and to the public interest.

The instructor should take every opportunity to stress the professional's advisory role .

The way in which the advisory role is carried out can vary in different locations.


They include a prohibition on management advisory services , and rotation of auditors.

Romance readers' advisory service is connecting the romance reader with the proper romantic story.

NatWest believe it is the first bank in the world to offer this kind of computerised advisory service to business customers.

Despite these difficulties, it is still possible to give good readers' advisory service in this area.

For people who are nervous about the stock market an advisory service may be more suitable.

Profits from client advisory services , which include funds management, fell to $ 13 million from $ 30 million.

Barclayshare's advisory service , which has £250m under management, has the same charging structure, but costs £15 quarterly.

Gartner provides market research and advisory services to information technology executives.


However, the issues here will now need to be considered by governing bodies as well as advisory staff .

The upgrading of the working environment of advisory staff must be treated as a priority.

It allows collaboration between teachers in schools and other educational institutions and with local advisory staff .


This is a critical problem for teachers , advisory teachers, advisers and educational psychologists to resolve.

This was evidenced by the continuation of her long-established teaching methods and forms of classroom organisation between sessions with the advisory teacher .

It consisted of the advisory teacher , an educational psychologist and sixteen of the teachers who had been at the course.

The students were placed in pairs in three secondary comprehensive schools with which the advisory teacher was familiar.

The advisory teacher was then well placed to act as broker between the course requirements, the students and the schools.

Her teaching duties have included head of sixth form and advisory teacher for 16 to 19 education.

The advisory teacher and Betty disagreed in their views about how a task might be presented.

Yet individually, advisers and advisory teachers earned considerable respect for the extent and quality of support they provided.


The nature of the work undertaken will also be substantially determined by the size of the advisory team .


His work will include much personal advisory work with students, which is similar to a lecturer's tutorial responsibilities.


the Environmental Protection Advisory Committee


However, the issues here will now need to be considered by governing bodies as well as advisory staff.

Just 15 percent of shows containing violence carried an advisory or content code at the beginning of the program.

The commission charged is usually lower than for advisory and discretionary business.

The current restructuring of the advisory service provides a timely opportunity to address some of these issues.

The department emphasised last night that it had agreed to meet Acas in its advisory capacity.

The role of the ergonomist is essentially an advisory one.

The school is visited by a competent advisory service.

We hope our advisory group will help us clarify our responses to these and other questions during the consultative process.

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