Meaning of ADVISORY in English

I. ad ‧ vi ‧ so ‧ ry 1 /ədˈvaɪz ə ri/ BrE AmE adjective

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ advice , ↑ adviser , ADVISOR , ↑ advisability ; adjective : ↑ advisable ≠ ↑ inadvisable , ↑ advisory ; verb : ↑ advise ; adverb : ↑ advisedly ]

having the purpose of giving advice

advisory committee/body

the Environmental Protection Advisory Committee

advisory role/capacity

He was employed in a purely advisory role.

II. advisory 2 BrE AmE noun ( plural advisories ) [countable] American English

an official warning or notice that gives information about a dangerous situation:

The State Department issues travel advisories about conditions overseas.

• • •


▪ warning something that you say or do to tell people about danger, or to tell them not to do something:

All cigarette packets carry a government health warning.


She ignored her parents' warnings.


The army issued a warning that anyone who was out on the streets after dark was likely to be shot.

▪ caution formal an official warning or a piece of advice telling you to be careful:

Caution: do not install electrical equipment near or around water sources.


The video begins with a caution that you must do some warm-up exercises first.

▪ tip-off informal a warning that someone is about to do something, especially one given to the police about a crime:

Police were called to the hotel after a tip-off.

▪ alert a warning to be ready for possible danger that may happen soon:

Twelve flood alerts have been issued to areas along the River Severn.


a fire alert


The ambulance services were on red alert (=they were ready to take action immediately) .

▪ advisory formal an official warning or notice that gives information about a dangerous situation:

The air pollution gets so bad on some days that health advisories are posted at park entrances.

▪ caveat formal a warning that something may not be completely true, effective etc. Also used when pointing out that it is important to remember something:

The woman was offered treatment, but with the caveat that it had only a 30% chance of success.


One caveat is that you must take the goods back to the shop within 14 days.


There is one important caveat to this argument.

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