Meaning of ALLIANCE in English



a broad alliance/coalition

The government was a broad alliance of eight political parties.

an uneasy alliance/relationship

The government is based on an uneasy alliance between Christian Democrats and Socialists.

an unlikely alliance/coalition

Once he resigned as president, the unlikely coalition of former enemies fell apart.

cement a relationship/alliance

They want to cement a good working relationship between the government and trade unions.

contract a marriage/alliance etc (= agree to marry someone, form a relationship with them etc )

Most of the marriages were contracted when the brides were very young.

forge a relationship/alliance/link etc (with sb)

In 1776 the United States forged an alliance with France.

The two women had forged a close bond.

Back in the 1980s, they were attempting to forge a new kind of rock music.

loose federation/alliance/group etc

a loose federation of political groups




Kabbah's close link with them predictably alienated the army, driving it into an even closer alliance with the rebels.

The Yugoslavs sought a close , opportunistic alliance with the national bourgeoisie of the colonial and semicolonial countries.

The agreement is said to mark the beginning of a close strategic alliance between the two companies.


Discussions took place between the two parties over a possible electoral alliance , but broke down in April.

A further provision would have the effect of banning electoral alliances and coalitions.


Any such majority was now thought likely to depend on formal or informal alliances which might emerge from the current intense negotiations.

Reservations about formal interdisciplinary alliances may be reflected in a reluctance to purchase compilations of papers delivered in an interdisciplinary symposium.


The Empire, a loose alliance of city-states and provinces owing allegiance to its Emperor, and the kingdom of Bretonnia.

Some are loose alliances that use new technology to spread ideas and mobilise supporters.

Both of the two main parties are loose federal alliances of local, state and regional organizations.


He said this summer that the Warsaw Pact had to become a political rather than a military alliance .

Tuesday, the three countries were invited to join the Western military alliance in 1999.

The military alliance is offering a first prize of £130,000, as well as several runner-up prizes worth at least £60,000 each.

For all these years we had this huge military alliance designed to thwart the dreaded Commies.


February to June and September are powerful months for new alliances and relationships across the board.

Around the country, the first tentative steps have been taken toward this new alliance .

The new alliance will attempt to win the moral high ground from anti-abortion and antivivisection groups, he says.

It also points to a developing new alliance between environmental activists and religion.

Judith for her part sought security for Charles and herself in new alliances .

Jan 16, 2001 A new alliance of major technology companies is being forged in Washington to address the problem of hacking.

The new alliance will be looking for consensus among its members when developing its global policies.


We should therefore seek evidence for long-distance exchange as indications of political alliances and the growth of centralised political organisation.

He built a political alliance with his old college chum and fellow L. A. Democrat, Rep.

Waechter has consistently refused political alliances with either left or right.

In a world of shifting political alliances , it has always been true that where you stand depends on where you sit.

Castells's interest in the politics of consumption and the political alliances surrounding consumption have, for example, been developed by Dunleavy.

Despite the flux of political events some alliances of this kind proved surprisingly durable.

On other occasions a high settlement has been desired as part of a strategy of political alliances .


He went on to say that the solutions are diversification, restraint, restructuring and strategic alliances .

Kodak is exploring either selling its copier unit or setting a joint venture or strategic alliance .

A strategic alliance may take the form of an outright acquisition, minority stake, joint venture or brand franchise.

You can form a series of strategic and productive alliances with people who have different specialties.

The phone companies have invested in technologies and strategic alliances designed to enter the business.

The agreement is said to mark the beginning of a close strategic alliance between the two companies.

Turndal predicted future growth would come from product development, strategic partnerships, alliances and acquisitions.


Rothermere, a much bigger newspaper owner, supported Beaverbrook in uneasy alliance .

Ironically, some eugenics leaders were uneasy about their alliance because they felt it could compromise their then-respectable public image.


It was the potential in this unholy alliance that she feared.

Smith particularly feared unholy alliances between business and government.

An unholy alliance with other minorities to preserve ideological positions otherwise unacceptable to the electorate does not appeal as a noble enterprise.


There appeared to be a man using her room to conduct the business of the Western nuclear alliance .

Tuesday, the three countries were invited to join the Western military alliance in 1999.

Ministers were as anxious as their predecessors to preserve Britain's privileged position in the Western alliance .

It was also partly because of a sense of loyalty to the United States as leader of the Western alliance .

The ensuing rows almost split the western alliance .

Allies received attention in proportion to their contribution to the Western alliance .



With his friends and allies about him, a prince might discuss future strategy, consider marriage alliances , resolve disputes.

The incident shows that force might still play some part in the creation of marriage alliances in the eleventh century.

In addition, gifts would be required in any negotiations with foreign powers, especially if they culminated in a marriage alliance .



He has already started negotiations, and hopes to announce alliances next month.

It also announced an alliance with Thomas Cook that could bring more customers to its website.


I have continued to build up alliances with organisations prepared to pursue quality in architecture.

They built alliances to win decent wages, decent working conditions.

The combination of smoother style and slight changes of substance has allowed Britain to build different alliances on different topics.

The tribal warfare between groups of chimps is both a cause and a consequence of the male tendency to build alliances .

He built a political alliance with his old college chum and fellow L. A. Democrat, Rep.

Most of what I did, the real work, was building alliances , coalitions, informal relationships to get things done.


To cement the alliance with Lombardy, Charles married Desiderata, the daughter of Desiderius.


However, participants denied reports that the four planned to create an alliance modelled after the Group of Seven industrialized countries.

Companies with more than 5, 000 employees nationwide could choose to insure their workers directly by creating their own corporate alliance .

Similarly, primitive valuables may be paid by weaker groups to create alliances .

Part of the reason we were selected was because of our ability to create manufacturing alliances with other companies.


Britain, like most other countries, has been entering treaties and alliances with other countries for hundreds of years.


Some dictators had been keen to forge triple alliances including foreign firms; other had kept them at arms' length.

Clinton and Brown overcame early political tensions to forge their strong alliance .

And, whereas King forged an alliance with the Democrats, Loury is a member of an exotic breed.

Lowe wrote claiming that Sutton was trying to undermine him and forge an alliance with the Founders.

We have already seen how pioneers of the ecological approach forged an alliance with specialists from the environmental sciences.

Whatever their differences, they were able to forge alliances across their somewhat varying but broadly similar positions.

He added Zeta to his realm in 1186, and forged a strong alliance between his state and the Church.


You may need to form alliances for your ideas.

They use cunning, and above all they form alliances .

She was too fragile to form an alliance with large, strong, fully made Deborah.

One way is to form an alliance with other small wineries and open a co-op tasting room.

So the three political groups must now decide if they're to form alliances to push through some sort of compromise package.

It also allows smaller countries to form alliances .

The company would be interested in forming alliances to allow television companies use its lines to transmit information.


After all, that is what happens whenever a state joins a multilateral alliance or economic community.

Tuesday, the three countries were invited to join the Western military alliance in 1999.


Others will seek alliances with infotainment giants such as Microsoft or Disney to project their courses around the world.

Kwasniewski, a deft politician, insists his policy is still to seek entry into the alliance .


an unholy alliance


Apple and online provider service America Online formed an alliance .

NATO is a formal military alliance with America at its head.

the NATO alliance

The two countries entered into a defensive alliance .


Instead, it has vaguely proposed some form of co-operation or alliance with Pirelli.

Some are more easily drawn into a regional class alliance than others.

These last two organizations are alliances of many of the organizations previously mentioned though they also tap new members.

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