Meaning of ALTERNATE in English


I. adjective


alternating current




Then start adding a little bit on the alternate days .

To improve your tank water quality, do a series of water changes, on alternate days for a week or so.

The service will initially run alternate days , increasing eventually to daily sailings in both directions.

On alternate days walk at a slower pace to help you build up a regular habit of walking.


Method: Place leeks and noodles in alternate layers in casserole dish.

Pack claw and body meat in alternate layers in small fire-proof pots.


Unfortunately, there are other reasons to make us believe that there are alternate universes .

In full command of this alternate universe are the Maestros and Mistresses of the mixing tables.

This calls us back to the ideas of alternate universes which we were discussing earlier.

In other words, in each moment of time countless trillions of alternate universes are sparked off.

The idea of an alternate universe is hard to grasp.


an alternate juror

an alternate method of payment

He worked alternate night and day shifts.

He works alternate days.

Italian cities have imposed alternate -day driving rules in an effort to reduce pollution.

She visits her parents on alternate Sundays.

The walls were painted with alternate stripes of yellow and green.


Also, an alternate needle pattern produces beautiful mash lace very easily.

Also, unions are free to waive daily overtime requirements and negotiate alternate schedules, such as those providing four 10-hour days.

In two cases where father and son were both working shifts they had arranged alternate shifts thus allowing uninterrupted farm work.

It solaced him to know that he had an alternate plan if things went awry.

Lethal injection is a means of execution in 32 states, some of which use alternate methods as well.

Rules incorporate more traditional expertise in handling situations like bumping and alternate carrier vouchers.

Stretch up alternate hands - even higher than yesterday!

This pattern of alternate feeding and resting is characteristic of all grazing animals.

II. verb


He has periods of depression, which alternate with frenzied activity.

His mother would alternate inexplicably between kindness and cruelty.

Leroy alternated aerobic exercises with weight training to improve his stamina.

The class has two teachers who alternate on a weekly basis.

The guide explained the situation, alternating between Spanish and German.

You'll have to alternate . One of you can use the room in the mornings, and the other in the evenings.


All day Saturday, tensions ran high as the president alternated intense cabinet meetings with bouts of seclusion.

Herwig and saxist Henderson played as a harmonizing duo, then split to alternate solos.

I alternate the direction of these strokes, imitating the direction I use to apply the pastel in the first place.

Over the past weeks, Milosevic has alternated between repression and reconciliation, and this week was no exception.

We could simply alternate between the two algorithms and catch the suspect either way.

When putting the ring together I alternate the segments marked face up then plain face up to create a balanced pattern.

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