Meaning of ALTERNATIVE in English

I. adjective


a new/different/fresh/alternative approach

a new approach to pollution control

a parallel/an alternative universe

a realistic option/alternative

We do not believe there is any realistic alternative.

a viable alternative

We want to make public transport a viable alternative to using cars.

alternative arrangements

If the flight is cancelled you’ll have to make alternative arrangements.

alternative comedy (= that is different from traditional types of comedy )

He’s making a name for himself on the alternative comedy scene.

alternative energy (= energy from sources other than oil, coal, or nuclear energy )

It is the first form of public transport to be powered by alternative energy.

alternative lifestyle

Some people say schools need to teach tolerance of alternative lifestyles.

alternative treatments (= treatments that are not part of normal scientific medicine )

She found out all she could about alternative cancer treatments.

alternative/complementary medicine (= medical treatments that are not part of modern medicine )

Various types of alternative medicine, particularly acupuncture, can give pain relief.

an alternative lifestyle (= one that is different from most people's )

Is choosing to be green really an alternative lifestyle?

an alternative method (= a method that is different than the usual one )

Try to use alternative methods of transport, such as cycling or taking the bus.

an alternative route (= one that you can use instead )

Holiday-makers bound for South Wales are advised to find an alternative route.

an alternative solution

We need to look for alternative solutions.

an alternative source

The university is exploring alternative funding sources.

credible alternative

a credible alternative to nuclear power




He saw no alternative but to wait and hear what our new battery might accomplish.



It then gave her notice to quit the temporary accommodation , and offered her alternative accommodation elsewhere which she refused.

If your accommodation has to be changed we will do our best to provide alternative accommodation of similar or higher official classification.

Of the 59 people who were living there, 29 have had to go into alternative accommodation .

Assistance may take the form of an offer of alternative accommodation or a cash payment.

Reasonable alternative accommodation , if this is necessary.

Most firms have found alternative accommodation already.

If life at home becomes impossible, well-run alternative accommodation where individual privacy and dignity are respected is preferred.

It was a Militant councillor who found her alternative accommodation where she was later to give birth to her daughter, Claire.


The alternative approach uses n-gram techniques.

Edward M.. Kennedy, D-Mass., laid out an alternative approach that would provide vouchers for families to buy insurance.

An alternative approach to real-time monitoring is to develop software capable of receiving data from external monitoring systems.

In 1968 the neighborhood development program was initiated by Congress, providing an alternative approach to large-scale urban renewal.

Taking an alternative approach , he stresses concern for the environment and lower prices.

Even when your analysis indicates that you face behavior-driven change, brainstorm possible alternative approaches .

An alternative approach is to recognise the possibility of a more broadly-based balancing of the competing interests involved.

In Table 8. 1 each of these four alternative approaches produces a different outcome!


The second is to be prepared to try to meet the objections of those affected by alternative arrangements .

Where other levels of work are being done they will be given up as soon as satisfactory alternative arrangements can be made.

As an alternative to 100% ownership and control, what about alternative arrangements such as a partnership or joint venture?

If there is any doubt about this, please contact me to discuss alternative arrangements .

Failure of crops and transportation delays must be foreseen and alternative arrangements made quickly and efficiently.

The new Legal Aid Board would accordingly be given power to make alternative arrangements for the provision of particular categories of work.

These regional differences in trade patterns are important in determining regional attitudes to alternative arrangements for allocating scarce foreign exchange.

Her parents had had the sense to realise how unhappy she was, and had made alternative arrangements .


It is 40 percent more expensive than coal, and there is an abundance of alternative energy sources.

Like the oil crisis of the 1970s, the California energy crisis is fueling an investment boom in alternative energy.

The nuclear plants will not be phased out until the alternative energy sources are ready to come on-stream, however.

It would pay for time on military computers and research on alternative energy sources and methods of cleaning polluted soil and water.

However, I found the short section on conservation and alternative energy sources disappointing.

It also criticized the electricity companies for failing to take the lead in developing alternative energy sources.

So, when buying an alternative energy generator what should a buyer look for?

Democrat policy on energy includes plans for the development of alternative energy sources and a reduction in dependence on imported oil.


But the teams are rapidly running out of alternative explanations for these events.

Defensible conclusions in analyses of politics often require extensive data, thorough analysis, and consideration of several alternative explanations .

This is certainly a very plausible alternative explanation for the demise of the Daily Herald.

An alternative explanation of such uplifts involves the effects of density changes in minerals in the upper mantle.

So an alternative explanation had to be found, hence the idea of Meehan and Griffiths as a follow-up team.

To show that this assumption is false I need, of course, to supply an alternative explanation .

If the product has been assembled, checked or altered, then this may provide an alternative explanation for the defect.

An alternative explanation is that the glazes analysed are weathered.


It's a conscious decision and I think it's important that men understand a woman who is offering an alternative lifestyle .


Robert waved briefly, ducked, and looked for an alternative means of escape.

Once you have a clue about the problem, try to get help via alternative means .

We may need to find alternative means achieve some end.

In both cases, Gingrich turned to charitable organizations as an alternative means of financing the projects.

I wonder if she has thought of alternative means of transport?

Ramsey-optimal prices are not concerned with alternative means of supply: hence they are in principle susceptible to competitive entry.

It is possible to provide flexibility by alternative means using a group of workers who understand their role from the outset.

They are alternative means of holding wealth.


Needle Works Acupuncture is widely used in human alternative medicine .

Clinical ecology is one of the more controversial forms of alternative medicine .

It must be stressed that there are important differences between stage hypnotism and the techniques used in alternative medicine .

There are so many forms of alternative medicine and there's no doubt it's getting more popular.

We can not dismiss claims about, say, alternative medicine or acupuncture a priori.

Tony Smith claims that the purpose of our newsletter is to support alternative medicine .

In Homoeopathy and many other types of alternative medicine the patient's illness is placed in a much larger context.

Unorthodox or alternative medicine was not on trial.


He read it with less pleasure ... Please arrange immediately for alternative methods of waking the men under your command.

It may be that under certain circumstances one of the alternative methods of valuation is the most appropriate.

An alternative method of tying off rope coils using a separate figure of eight tied into the harness.

Incineration An alternative method of disposing of waste is to burn it.

In creating one she has inadvertently made a move towards alternative methods of selling that could have great significance for organic farming.

An alternative method is to attach an electric drill water pump attachment to the tap.

The three alternative methods of connecting four windings are shown in Fig. 1.4.

This study will also take into account choices between alternative methods and the selection of topics and sites for investigation.


Officials are told to confine themselves to facts and to avoid being drawn into discussion of alternative policies .

Consequently, many countries prefer alternative policies .

Can Making Belfast Work be improved or should it be shut down to make way for alternative policies ?

This model will be used to evaluate alternative policies for encouraging economic development in rural Grampian and similar rural areas.

Hence the longing for an alternative policy , and the determined claims that one does not exist.

Mr Maude dismissed the alternative policies offered.


Campaigners now hope parish councillors will abandon their scheme for 30 new lights and accept alternative proposals instead.

Congressional Republicans are developing alternative proposals that rely mostly on private-sector initiatives, sometimes in partnership with state governments.

The local landowners and crofters have countered with an alternative proposal for a Wester Ross Wilderness Area.

Conlon will issue an alternative proposal .

He stated that the board would have to produce alternative proposals , and fairly soon.

In addition to all those new factors, several alternative proposals - including some involving King's Cross - have emerged.

We need proper consideration of the very constructive alternative proposals we have put forward.

If this approach fails alternative proposals will be considered. 2.


This alternative route of return is strongly recommended.

How can it be that by allowing the photon an alternative route , we have actually stopped it from traversing either route?

From Portela, an alternative route is to go along the north coast through Porto da Cruz and Faial.

Fortunately, a federal rule was introduced that allowed California eye banks an alternative route to get the required tissue.

Councillors decided to press for alternative routes by sea, to get the weapons to Faslane and Coulport.

This means finding alternative routes to success, and it means measuring and treasuring success in small amounts.

The alternative route down the locks became virtually impassable as the locks were allowed to deteriorate.

At the quantum level the individual alternative routes have only amplitudes, not probabilities.


An alternative solution to the mixed light problem is to change the colour of one light source to match the other.

Between free trade and the pro-sovereignty stance of nationalists exist alternative solutions .

After all, males and females are themselves no more than alternative solutions to the problem of handing on genes.

We would prefer either of the alternative solutions to the checkerboard compromise.

Lalonde said that the government would seek alternative solutions to the energy demands of farmers and industrialists.

A search through many alternative solutions is often required.

An alternative solution is the provision of multiple.length arithmetic operations, of course.


We were designed to have all sorts of alternative strategies to achieve our ends.

In the face of such opposition, those managements with the wit to explore alternative strategies have adopted a range of techniques.

This chapter will therefore also discuss the implication of alternative strategies of education planning.

The problem is that when a parent is feeling depressed or overwrought it is difficult for them to think of alternative strategies .

In Aden the path forward became clear, the alternative strategy was revealed.

Secondly, to appraise the current strategies of various participants in the market and to propose alternative strategies.


An alternative suggestion is that the substances produced by ants might supplement the birds' preen oil in some way.

Answers of this kind were often accompanied by alternative suggestions such as 5, 7 or 14 days.

Some employers' organisations have put forward alternative suggestions .

It is to his credit that he makes alternative suggestions as to how this may be addressed.


Sylvopastoralism could also add a new practical and economic dimension to the debate on alternative systems for laying hens.

The private sector also offered an alternative system for delivery of urban Services.

The reason as we have seen is that it succeeds in employing more information than any alternative system .

For people who think this way, there is an alternative system for documenting travel expenses: the per diem rule.

Multicrop and Crop Walker offer the most compatibility with alternative systems .

The second alternative system would attack enemy missiles right after launch, instead of in space.

Each local network of cattle stealing provided an alternative system of power and wealth in that locality.

Then note if you think that in reality, more staff and therefore more cost would be involved with the alternative system .


Unhappy with the working environment, she decided to quit the job to pursue her interest in alternative therapy .

For those afflicted by headache, many alternative therapy options are available which focus more on prevention rather than treatment.

She says a range of alternative therapies have helped her improve.

Homoeopathy is the exception and is recommended as an alternative therapy should treatment with essential oils and herbs be only partially effective.


However, capitalisation would be permitted as an allowed alternative treatment when specified criteria were satisfied.

Clinical trials not only collect and analyze medical data, they also gather information on the costs of alternative treatments .

Monochemotherapy could be an effective alternative treatment to surgery.

As they were allocated to the alternative treatment group their height velocities were not included in the analyses.

The Belmore Centre in Stoke Mandeville offers a bewildering combination of alternative treatments for the body, mind and soul.

However, under an allowed alternative treatment , a projected benefit valuation method may be used.

Combination of a histamine H 2 receptor antagonist with a prokinetic agent may therefore provide an alternative treatment for reflux oesophagitis.

It also provides an opportunity for the therapist to re-evaluate the need for either additional or alternative treatment .


Suffice it here to say that there have emerged other groups of educationists who present alternative views .

He then asked his staff if there were any alternative views or proposals.

Chapter 3 offers an alternative view of mainstream modernism-as fundamentally pragmatic, optimistic and urban.

Webster said he taught creationism to encourage students to consider alternative views about evolution and the age of the world.

Against this there were alternative views developing.

An alternative view is that s.64 is restricted to explosives because it falls within the part of the Act dealing with explosives.

There have emerged alternative views of what accountability entails, involving different answers to both the substance and form of the account.

An alternative view is found in Wille, above.


Alternative medicine can cure many problems but not diseases like cancer.

alternative music

alternative sources of energy

an alternative lifestyle

Do you have any alternative suggestions to make?

For vegetarian guests there is an alternative menu.

Jones' book details alternative ways of coping with stress.

San Francisco has a long history of accepting the city's many alternative lifestyles.


Certificate of appropriate alternative development for reside purposes.

Even with space and equipment limitations there are alternative ways to organize a room.

One of many interesting alternative ways of measuring mutual inductance uses any bridge that measures self inductance together with the following technique.

The downside of such excellent economic performance is that virtually any alternative scenario will represent a deterioration.

The last thing Letterman wants from me is an alternative , goy, version of the human dilemma.

This study will also take into account choices between alternative methods and the selection of topics and sites for investigation.

II. noun




Supposedly few recruits to the field will choose to enter into these basic and difficult studies if there are attractive alternatives .

Since the recent purchase of a block of furnished flatlets in Bridlington, Yorkshire, self-catering holidays have become an attractive alternative .

Blinds are an attractive alternative to curtains, and there are many types available.

It seems a highly attractive alternative to periodic sterling crises.


It's touted as the cheaper alternative to Photoshop, and is snapping at the heels of the industry benchmark.

Arbitration has traditionally been seen as a cheaper alternative to lawsuits because legal costs are lower.

The catsuit in the picture above costs a cool £1,760, but it isn't impossible to find cheaper alternatives .

Home entertainment is the cheap alternative , right?

It had failed to meet the demand for family accommodation, and cheap holiday alternatives were attracting young members elsewhere.

But it is still generally cheaper than the alternatives of incinerating or recycling.

Pre-coating clean brander plates with a proprietary release water soluble barrier film is a cheaper alternative .

A cheaper alternative is to take your own small rucksack.


But modern refinements and materials have brought about a resurgence of the supercharger, making it a credible alternative to the turbo.

He was allowed to creep back into power for want of a credible alternative .


Rockwool mineral wool in blanket form is an effective alternative to glass fibre.

He said using pulsed light or intense flashes of sun-bright light, would be an effective alternative to pasteurization.

Lastly, freedom of speech is necessary since silent alternatives can never be effective alternatives.

So what effective alternatives are there?

But if changes had to be made, the only cost effective alternative was an all-purpose authority for Edinburgh and the Lothians.


It might be a good alternative bet if you are always a loser in the National Lottery jackpot!

His Republican challengers, if they want to be successful, need to offer a better alternative .

If you have trouble in finding exactly the same varieties, you local nursery should be able to suggest some good alternatives .

That might be a better alternative to what I will attempt using my eight conclusions.

Deck shoes, either in leather or cloth, are good alternatives - smart enough for any eventuality.

Lacking a better alternative , Father Maier fell back on his bottomless faith in discernment and agreed.

Choose the best alternative from the list below.

The best alternative is peanut oil which is light but fairly full-flavoured.


Nevertheless, it has become established as the only real alternative for organisations seeking to avoid or escape proprietary, single-vendor systems.

The only alternative , in her view, was to simply copy the wording verbatim and hope the Doctor could translate it.

Until you have time and money to build a barn, a rick-yard may be the only alternative .

The only alternative , says Professor Durnin, is to try to burn up more energy by being physically active.

The only alternative was a night job.

The only alternative to Lloyd George's lies were Asquith's half measures.

The only rational alternative , I shall argue, is to adopt a structuralist approach.


The only other alternative was to go back to the cottage, as well he'd known.

What then are the other alternatives ?

If you live a fast, hectic life and you eat mostly ready-made convenience foods, try to consider some other alternatives .

No other alternative to the Tories is on offer.

Among the other alternatives kidnapping seemed the most likely.

Mrs Thatcher wanted to explore every other possible alternative to local authority leadership of the community care programme.

I am just saying that we have no other alternative .

If they are, these words are given priority over the other alternatives available for each word position.


This is not the place to speculate about possible alternatives .

The intercept-in-space, hit-to-kill system is the most technically challenging of the possible alternatives .

It decrees that intelligent life in some way selects out its own actual universe from a variety of possible alternatives .

There is, of course, one possible alternative: Damn the rules.

Mrs Thatcher wanted to explore every other possible alternative to local authority leadership of the community care programme.

Seeing only these two possible alternatives , she was filled with a deep despair about ever having a life worth living.

One major factor, of course, was that the possible alternatives seemed enfeebled and lacking in conviction.

A possible alternative to the draconian consequences of decertification is extending the probationary waiver another year, officials say.


Hislop believes that, as crop subsidies fall, farmers will see woodland creation as a practical alternative .

They say there is no practical alternative .

Print-on-paper publishing remains the dominant force in the information industry more widely but electronic media have established practical , affordable alternatives .

Both are clearly unsatisfactory, but a practical and popular alternative has not yet emerged for either.


It is slightly longer and more expensive, but is nevertheless a viable alternative should the Qatif alignment be politically unfeasible.

General practitioners may need viable alternatives to Graham Butland's proposals to avoid losing responsibility for their practices.

Do you have a viable alternative ?

However, because a Court Scheme requires the co-operation of the target it is not a viable alternative to a hostile bid.

The electrical giants of the age, Siemens and Edison, were not yet able to offer a viable alternative .

Without a viable alternative , the impact of higher taxes is to raise business costs and reduce consumer incomes.

Your reviewer recommends Gombrich's Story of Art as a viable alternative .

A merger, Nicholson added, is a more viable alternative to keeping the brewery open than the planned management buy-out.



Solving complex problems may require choosing from so many alternatives at each step that it is very difficult to algorithmically define solutions.

It is not used to choose between alternatives .

Again, they are presumed to choose the most advantageous alternative , and this will tend to restore the no-arbitrage condition.


Their acquisition takes time, problems arise, children become puzzled, and they have to consider possibilities and alternatives .

There is no evidence in this record that the Richmond City Council has considered any alternatives to a race-based quota.

It might therefore be worth considering the alternative of independent production and printing, relying on editorial mention for distribution.

Later, sometimes much later, when he has considered the alternatives and the benefits, word will get back to them.

He gives one other piece of advice to seniors looking into home-improvement loans: Consider the alternatives .

If that sounds calculating and devious, consider the alternatives .

Using the opportunity cost concept, we consider the alternative .

But before you junk that 2-or 3-year-old computer, consider an important alternative: upgrading.


Can we develop simple and cheap alternatives to over-exploitation?

Fortunately, considerable effort has gone into developing alternatives to national routine death certification.

Moreover the West has developed cheap alternatives for most things they used to depend on the Third World for.


Mrs Thatcher wanted to explore every other possible alternative to local authority leadership of the community care programme.

Not only will that skill help your re sume, it will make you familiar with on-line job recruiting. Explore alternatives .

Geriatrics beds are those most likely to be blocked while assessment teams explore alternatives to residential care.

Then, as they explored various strategic alternatives , they began to coalesce around one direction for the company.

We shall now explore three alternatives to the rational model: logical incrementalism, the interpretative paradigm and action rationality.

There are some real incentives for doctors to explore alternatives .

Meanwhile general practitioners, facing increased demands, have voted to explore alternatives to their current responsibility for 24 hour cover.

The result was a failure to explore alternatives thoroughly.


You should find suitable non-sexist alternatives for them.

And employees could work with management to find an alternative .

So the mandarins set about finding an alternative .

The couples in this book all found creative alternatives to the family-nullifying lives that awaited nearly every one of them.

Water cooling eliminates the problem in mainframe computers, but smaller machinery must find an alternative .

Fiddle with each until you find one or two alternatives you like best.

The catsuit in the picture above costs a cool £1,760, but it isn't impossible to find cheaper alternatives .

Many said they were surprised to find the alternatives were more economical and enjoyable.


Employers have always been able to contract out their workers from the scheme if they offered an acceptable alternative .

Granada offered an increased cash alternative of 362p.

The proposal aims to offer positive alternatives to stop 14-17-year-olds stealing cars and joyriding.

The result is Coyote Medicine, his new book offering medical alternatives based on long-honored Cherokee practices.

Yet community education in working-class communities has not grown to offer a radical alternative to traditional adult education provision.

Athletic programs also must be maintained because they offer alternatives to students who may not always excel in academics, Goodrich said.

So please don't offer alternatives .


Socially useful design not merely exposes, criticises and challenges this process, but also presents constructive alternatives .

Technology-based changes, for example, often present this alternative , either in whole or in part.

If this is the case, you should be prepared to prove your point and present a cost-effective alternative .

The circular arrangement presents similar alternatives if one reads the lines of each hexagram from the center outward.

The consultants presented two alternatives , based on discussions at the last retreat.

I think we have presented an alternative that has been overlooked or, at times, campaigned against.

However, in these scenes you will present the non-drinking alternatives prior to the client experiencing any significant uncomfortable or aversive reactions.

At a preliminary meeting with center sponsors, Gallagher said she presented alternatives to destruction.


Where the Government propose alternatives to custody, they must provide the resources to make them work.

Whereas most attempts sought eastward directions, Oodds proposes the alternative of Scythia and Thrace with their shamanistic traditions.

Not merely does one criticise the forms of science and technology but one proposes positive human enhancing alternatives .

Again, a short lecture on different structural forms was followed by subgroup meetings to propose various alternatives for Mega.

Firstly we believe representative government to be an unprincipled fraud and propose a radical alternative in the form of participative democracy.

In attempting to halt the worst offences of multinationals, many proposed alternatives have focused on the protection of basic rights.

Judge Jackson gave Microsoft no real chance to propose less dramatic alternatives or to present facts that would cut against a breakup.

The volume emphasises that adjustment without growth and human development is unacceptable and counter-productive and proposes possible alternatives .


Biological agents provide promising alternatives , but we need to understand more about their modes of action.

The 1992 plank commends those who provide alternatives to abortion, such as adoption services.

However, portable water filters provide another simple alternative .

The Mackinac Island Chamber of Commerce can provide information on alternatives .

It also made all health authorities provide recombinant alternative for children under 16.

A closer look at the evidence, however, suggests that tonics may provide safer alternatives to more powerful drugs.

In view of the critical need to provide political alternatives to violence, the talks must be reconvened as soon as possible.

Natural gas provides a viable alternative to petrol and diesel, offering a large cost saving per gallon.


If you have trouble in finding exactly the same varieties, you local nursery should be able to suggest some good alternatives .

And we suggest some other alternatives , and they will cost those.

As a first stage in this process, she catalogues a range of critiques of positivist approaches to knowledge and suggests alternatives .

They succeed by 105 l criticizing that ethos and by suggesting an alternative to it.

Can you suggest alternatives to the hair to use in conjunction with quite hard boilies?

Carry out authorised repairs if possible on-site or in workshop, or suggest alternatives .

If you were advising Susan would you suggest any alternatives to the present agreement and, if so, why?


Did you consider other alternatives before you moved in with Lucy?

He says he doesn't want to see a doctor, but I'm afraid he has no alternative .

There is no practical alternative to our current policy.

Which alternatives are likely to reduce traffic?


Consideration should be given to the provision of health authority transport where no suitable alternatives are available.

Glass shelves, fitted across the window, also make an excellent alternative to curtains or blinds.

In the new battle against inflation, the old claim that there is no alternative has started to sound out of date.

The emergence of the team as an alternative to the classic working group of individuals offers a powerful choice.

Their acquisition takes time, problems arise, children become puzzled, and they have to consider possibilities and alternatives.

Then, as they explored various strategic alternatives, they began to coalesce around one direction for the company.

You have three alternatives for directly influencing me to do so: 1.

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