Meaning of ALTERNATIVE in English

/ ɔːlˈtɜːnətɪv; NAmE -ˈtɜːrn-/ noun , adjective

■ noun

a thing that you can choose to do or have out of two or more possibilities :

You can be paid in cash weekly or by cheque monthly; those are the two alternatives.

We had no alternative but to fire Gibson.

There is a vegetarian alternative on the menu every day.

➡ note at option

■ adjective [ only before noun ]


(also al·ter·nate especially in NAmE ) that can be used instead of sth else :

an alternative method of doing sth

Do you have an alternative solution?


different from the usual or traditional way in which sth is done :

alternative comedy / lifestyles / values

alternative energy (= electricity or power that is produced using the energy from the sun, wind, water, etc.)



mid 16th cent. (in the sense alternating, alternate ): from French alternatif , -ive or medieval Latin alternativus , from Latin alternare interchange, from alternus every other, from alter other.

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