Meaning of ALTITUDE in English






Its adaptability means that it can survive at high altitudes , in semi-arid areas, and in rocky areas as well as in forests.

The satellite was hurled to a much higher altitude with the mass of tether trailing beneath.

The community typically occurs on peaty soils on gentle slopes or plateaus at higher altitudes .

Explosions that occur at high enough altitudes will lay down severe shock and fire damage without the fireball ever contacting the ground.

Its proponents claim that it has the advantage of functioning at high altitudes , where winds are strong and stable.

I am proposing to ponder the question of Letterman's script up in the higher altitudes .

You have to live at high altitude for years before your body adapts.


The winds at lower altitudes have been measured at a few locations by landers as they descended through the atmosphere.

They were flying at a much lower altitude , without any fighter escort, and obviously had not noticed us.

Peat moorland, especially at low altitude , was used in the past for cultivation, normally potatoes but sometimes cereals.

He circled the burning fields both at a lower altitude and more times than he should have.

Why is the height of a simple barometer lower at high altitudes than at low altitudes?

This is caused by condensation in the air which moves upwards as the temperature at lower altitudes rises.



The Mikoyan Mig-25 had established the all-time altitude record of just under 120,000 feet.

The year before, she had set a new altitude record for light planes in the Avian.

We spoke of our 1931 altitude record and of our progress over the years between.

In 1931, Goddard held the world altitude record for a rocket, with a flight to 1, 700 feet.


Theroux had a deep gash on his face, neckache, altitude sickness and a damaged wrist.

Dehydration is one of the keys to altitude sickness .

I am light-headed, perhaps from a mild attack of altitude sickness .

Last summer altitude sickness ruined one Sierra trip of mine and half-ruined another.

An expert on altitude sickness says he hasn't got long to live.



Aviation experts say the planes were flying at low altitude on a special maritime training mission.This report from Debbie Kelly.

The planes flew at high altitudes , so that we had no warning.

The Cobras could fly at a higher altitude and had massive firepower.


We should reach our minimum descent altitude in just over 2 minutes.

St. Helens reached an altitude of 6000 metres in 10 minutes.

He said it reached an altitude almost five miles above the known record.

They believed U-2s went much higher and they knew Soviet missiles could not reach these altitudes .

On reaching an altitude of 3, 000 meters, I had the sighting bomber take position in front of my plane.


It's very difficult to breathe at high altitudes.

The altitude of Addis Ababa is eight thousand feet.

The plane is now flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet.


Any investigation of the heady altitudes of Andean music should begin right here.

Dennis smiles down from his altitude and is charmed.

Start a day or two before you ascend and continue at altitude .

Sweat dripped off me as I fought to achieve a stable altitude above the ground.

The basic qualification is a big lift system and altitude .

The flight began in July but was delayed for two weeks until early August following initial problems with take-off at high altitudes.

The north-south winds vary in direction with altitude , though the zonal winds are in the direction of rotation at all altitudes.

This is a 14-pound inflatable chamber that lowers the effective altitude inside by 3, 000 to 5, 000 feet.

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