Meaning of BACKWARD in English




a forward/backward movement

waves caused by the forward movement of the boat

a step backwards/a backward step (= an action that makes things worse )

A rationing system would be a major step backwards.




The gap between the linguistic creativity of even the most intelligent ape and even the most backward of human beings is immense.

It is made up, for the most part, of the most backward reactionaries.



Second, there was the isolated position of the Soviet Union in trying to establish socialism in a backward country .

Very backward countries , where life had not changed for centuries, were suddenly brought into contact with highly developed civilizations.

In 1970 the Sandhurst-educated Sultan Qaboos bin Said decided that the situation in his backward country was intolerably dangerous.


Then he, too, turned and without a backward glance went out into the passage, slamming the door.

U-turning, he drove off in the direction of the distant city, without so much as another backward glance .

I took my cue to go, and left without a backward glance or wave.

He allowed himself one backward glance towards the estate, then turned his heels to the task of flight.

She started toward the door, but cast a backward glance as she went.

He walks without a backward glance .

With barely a backward glance , I was on my way to freedom.


He walked away down the corridor, without so much as a backward look , and tears stung her eyes.

We passed with never a backward look and arrived in Al Ain in well under three hours.

She left the track without a backward look , intent on hiding in the hotel suite until Ace returned to rescue her.


It was the first, all the time, in the cubicle, the lavatory, that Parker took a backward step .


a backward look

It's one of the more backward countries.

The people there are a little bit backward .


But instances like the Primitives get rarer and already one feels ashamed for indulging such backward passions.

For instance, stomach muscles propel the motion on forward and backward rolls.

If our political economy remains backward , our intellectual economy has leaped ahead.

New policies on developing the backward western provinces and improving health, education and social welfare are stressed.

That backward path is the foundation of Western, linear logic.

That will have been the aim and meaning of his entire backward quest.

Was it universally backward or were there variations between different sectors and branches of industry?

With barely a backward glance, I was on my way to freedom.

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