Meaning of BACKWARD in English


adj. 1 bashful, shy, reticent, diffident, retiring, coy, timid, unwilling, loath, chary, reluctant, averse She took him to be a bit backward when he didn't respond to her smile 2 slow, dim-witted, dull, stupid, slow-witted, dumb, feeble-minded, Colloq Brit gormless, dim Some of the more backward students will need extra help 3 slow, late, behindhand, retarded Millie seemed a bit backward in learning to walk 4 rearward; to the rear, behind; to the past She gave him a backward glance He went on through life with never a backward look. 5 retrograde, retrogressive, reverse, regressive The ancients were unable to account for the apparently backward motion of the planets

adv. 6 backwards Walk backward to the door with your hands up

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