Meaning of BASIC in English



a basic exercise (= simple )

He showed me some basic exercises for strengthening leg muscles.

a basic ingredient (= an important ingredient )

This mixture of spices is a basic ingredient of the curry sauce.

a basic instinct

The need to survive is the most basic instinct that we have.

a basic outline

I remembered the basic outline of the story, but not how it ended.

a basic requirement

Water is a basic requirement of life.

a basic understanding

The aim of the examination is to test basic understanding of the written language.

a basic/fundamental concept

The children are taught the basic concepts of mathematics.

a basic/fundamental principle (= a very important principle to which other ideas are added )

Applicants should show that they understand the basic principles of marketing.

a basic/fundamental/underlying assumption

There is a basic assumption in international law that a state will protect its citizens.

a fundamental/basic right

The law recognises a man’s fundamental right to defend his home and his property.

a primal/instinctive/basic/natural urge (= a natural urge that all people have )

Every animal has an instinctive urge to survive.

basic amenities (= basic things that people need, such as heat and running water )

houses that lack basic amenities

basic disagreement ( also fundamental disagreement formal )

There was fundamental disagreement on what steps should be taken to resolve the problem.

basic knowledge (= knowledge of the basic aspects of something )

These things are obvious to anyone with even a basic knowledge of computers.

basic pay British English , base pay American English (= not including overtime pay or bonuses )

The basic pay is so low you end up doing lots of overtime.

basic research (= the most important or most necessary area of research )

He wants to conduct basic research into the nature of human cells.

basic skills

The basic skills can be acquired very quickly.

basic structure

These genes are involved in determining the basic structure of cells.

basic techniques

The girls are taught the basic techniques of childcare.

basic training

All navy cooks undergo basic training as sailors.

basic training

basic/base salary (= the basic amount that someone is paid )

You get a basic salary, and then other benefits on top.

basic/elementary precautions

Your home could be at risk if you don't take some basic precautions.

basic/essential vocabulary

The book teaches you the basic vocabulary that you need to know when you're on holiday.

central/basic/fundamental etc tenet

one of the basic tenets of democracy

serious/major/basic/minor etc flaw

a slight flaw in the glass

simple/plain/basic/sheer common sense (= very obviously sensible )

Locking your doors at night is simple common sense.

the basic design (= not including all the small details )

The basic design of the two churches is very similar.

the basic pattern

The basic pattern of her working day rarely changed.

the basic wage (= what someone earns before overtime pay, tips, or bonuses are added )

The basic wage paid at the factory is the lowest in the auto industry, but with bonuses, the total compensation is the highest.

the basic/bare necessities

A lot of families cannot even afford to buy the basic necessities of life.

the basic/key facts

The report outlines the basic facts concerning the case.




Most of the trekkers' huts have a table, chairs, some basic beds and even more basic mattresses.

Hamann's appeal to language and experience as the ground of reason rests on a still more basic disagreement with Kant.

The difficulty with T7 is even more basic .

It was much simpler and more basic .

Or perhaps by a more basic urge.

Two more basic ingredients of leadership are curiosity and daring.

Words, however, must build on this more basic sense of our own personhood and understanding of the world.


Here you are covered for your tank and any furnishings which are damaged, even on the cheapest, most basic policy.

The telephone is still the most basic medium for connections across a fishnet organization.

Some database programs, for example, allow use at the most basic level and produce the required results.

Those same cooks forget from year to year the most basic techniques of getting the bird to the table.

She was kicking herself for forgetting the most basic Capricorn trait of allowing nothing to stand in the way of their goal.

The most basic stockbroking service is an execution-only account.

Washington seems unable to agree on even its most basic task, which is to fund the government.


My parents were tenants and the house was very basic - the sink was outside and the cooker was on the landing.

Such work presents new understandings in answer to very basic questions.

These very basic differences become manifest in groups.

This gives us some idea of what Turing machines can do at a very basic level.

Comments: Requirements are very basic .

It is at this very basic level that fires make a good subject for television news.

Except for very basic slapstick, humour travels uncertainly. 4.

Table 28-I, on the other hand, indicates a number of very basic manufacturing industries wherein economic power is highly concentrated.



It was easy to see what their basic assumption was.

This is a different basic assumption than what is required for a peak performing team.

The two basic assumptions behind the method were set out in a classic paper by W.S.

Like the stomach surgeon, a psychiatrist can make all sorts of basic assumptions when a patient lies down on the couch.

One of the basic assumptions of the radiocarbon method has turned out to be not quite correct.

A basic assumption was that they would be the experts on everything.

By culture we refer to the shared values, beliefs and basic assumptions about what we are doing.

Their basic assumptions are very clear.


But most religious thinkers accommodated themselves fairly rapidly to the basic concept of evolution.

With stakes this high, we have not dared to tamper with the basic concept of motherhood.

The aftermath of the Apollo I fire had left many questioning the basic concept of an attempted Moon landing.

There is no other secret to success than this basic concept .

Consequently the basic concepts have been division of labour, organisational structure, job descriptions, but above all - hierarchy.

People experience modernity without understanding its foundations, its basic concepts .

When the basic concepts have been established the assumption of certainty will be removed.

They are scrambling definitions of basic concepts like quality, time, and values.


The specific provision at Southwark includes a basic education programme located on one particular housing estate.

Gandhi appointed him president of the society for basic education .

On one estate basic education and general classes are held in various premises after staff have developed contacts through outreach.

The basic education level of the general population has risen dramatically in recent decades.

These reforms had envisaged reorienting the ten-year basic education programme away from its highly academic content, towards more practical and vocational aspects.

A basic education Escuelita de Bluefields, a school for all ages, opened last summer.

With a list ranging from vocational and leisure courses to adult basic education , there's something for just about everyone.

Teaching modern production skills to those with a good basic education is simply much easier than teaching the illiterate.


Causation, it can be supposed, is less clearly conceived by us than other basic facts .

A handout or employee brochure with the basic facts can be distributed.

That basic fact established, then you knew where you were.

The basic facts are not in dispute.

The Morgan test would not appear to require much more than a knowledge of the basic facts of life.

You need to learn some basic facts about nutrition and the balance of different nutrients that you need at meals.

For one thing, you are forgetting the basic fact that light travels at finite speed.


On Oct. 1 the government removed price controls on all goods except basic foods .

Rice was their basic food and their most important food crop, far ahead of maize, taro or sago.

The unions threatened a further general strike on Aug. 22-23 if basic food subsidies and wages were not increased.

State regulation of the price of all basic foods ?

Many believe the tax unfairly penalises poor blacks by increasing basic food prices.

The basic food of herbivores is plants, so even the largest carnivorous animals are indirectly dependent on plants.

The Lappish diet is restricted to these basic foods and the result has been both anger and concern.

In Teheran, there have been power cuts, and even basic food stuffs have been short.


It is indeed simple, but its basic form is limited.

However, the offense will retain its basic form , a fact with which Abdul-Jabbar is comfortable.

Two basic forms of organisation were found to operate.

The basic form of composition is a circle, symbol of unity, embracing all three angels.

Face-to-Face Contact Direct, face-to-face contact between individuals is the most basic form of political communication.

Even an inexperienced cook can make a pot-au-feu in its basic form .

Associative learning provides explanations for basic forms of learning.


The basic idea was to take one bat away for a night and starve it while the others were all fed.

The sine function, hyperbolic tangent, and other non-linear variations on these basic ideas have also been used.

The basic ideas dominating the educational philosophy of Highlander are two-fold.

Thus it was Genda who first thought up the basic idea that six months later culminated in the Midway operation.

This section looks briefly at some of the basic ideas and illustrates them with the results of some laboratory experiments.

Most caddies today have a basic idea of what is good for their player during a round to provide slow-burning energy.

Such a narrative certainly conveys the basic idea .


However, what's desperately needed is basic information .

It provided basic information on Soviet missile testing and, development.

The basic information they needed had been discovered more than two centuries before.

Many genealogists are surprised to find that some of the most basic information is not on the Internet.

But many poor countries lack even basic information about existing education and health programmes.

The morphological structure of a language determines the basic information which must be expressed in that language.

She was horribly short on even the most basic information about the people she wanted to speak to.

It includes basic information for the newcomer either as a solo performer or as a team flyer.


Filtration works at two basic levels .

This gives us some idea of what Turing machines can do at a very basic level .

Only at a very basic level of respect for all persons as persons has this been so.

People expect-even demand-a certain basic level of service and product excellence.

The Oregon experiment was introduced to ensure a basic level of health care for poor and elderly people.

At the most basic level , then, the health of women and girls in developing countries continued to be neglected.

We have set very clear targets which will return us to a basic level of performance in the next two years.

At its most basic level , the electronic edition functions just as a dictionary does.


Food is the basic necessity of life and without it economic progress is impossible.

Rearing a child to maturity requires large expenditures on the basic necessities of life.

For the first time, in many cases, working people were able to purchase more than basic necessities .

Even basic necessities , such as pencils and paper, were often completely lacking.

If a charge is made to some one on income support, this reduces the income available to pay for basic necessities .

Ultimately a growing population of families unable to meet the basic necessities of life invites uncontainable crime and disease.

They were starved of food and basic necessities .

It led all the others, being both a producer of basic necessities and a provider of luxuries.


Maslow, if we recall, suggested that this is one of our basic needs . 4.

Romances, then, appeal to a basic need for mental escape and to our sense of practicality.

The social system has certain basic needs which must be met if it is to survive.

With basic needs in increasingly short supply, the social fabric of Cairo is showing signs of fraying.

Even their most basic needs are sometimes ignored.

Man's basic need has not changed over the five centuries that this book covers.

They are for much of their young lives dependent upon family for their basic needs .


Growth of this basic pattern is required to generate the mature limb.

Here is the basic pattern of all sympathy engrams.

The species within each type represented different modifications of the basic pattern , each adapted to a particular way of life.

Here is the basic pattern Of the engram which will contain the chronic psychosomatic illness in any patient.

In this way, the basic pattern in the egg could be transferred to the cells.

This basic pattern was further complicated as hospital closure programmes progressed and patients were moved back to their health authority of origin.

This is a very basic pattern but it can alter a plain garment dramatically.

Measure for Measure takes this basic pattern and develops it in a new direction.


It has been a great success in giving around 2m people-8 % of workers-new basic pay rights.

The lighting engineer boosts his £15,000 basic pay with bonuses for being on call at Newcastle upon Tyne all through the night.

But it was not included as basic pay when the club's accounts were published.

They established considerable control over recruitment and promotion, and even collected special levies to supplement their basic pay .

The solution is simple: high basic pay for high performance during limited hears.

The unions' move leaves unchanged the central issues of basic pay and a pay formula.


Your basic pension may be increased if you are supporting a dependent spouse or children.

However, to get any basic pension you must satisfy two conditions.

Graduated pension is increased annually in the same way as the basic pension.

In money terms, the value is about 60 percent of the level of basic pension to which their husband is entitled.

Firstly, women can only receive a pension based on their husband's contributions if he himself is in receipt of a basic pension.

Nearly 60% of pensioners receive at least 75% of their income from state benefits, particularly the basic pension .

When you retire, you will get the basic pension instead of the widow's pension you were getting.


The author focuses in on very basic principles , which makes this book easy to read, even by first time users.

This is a basic principle of capitalism.

Robodyne Systems has already demonstrated the basic principle , albeit on a much bigger physical scale.

Indeed, Piaget asserted that the basic principles of cognitive development are the same as those of biological development.

The basic principle behind all the various systems is that of the x, y co-ordinate.

Mills valued this dimension in his essay on basic principles and again in the essay on craft or methods.

This is becoming more complex and the only way to meet these challenges is to base management on well-understood basic principles .

The basic principles of large units, deep ranks, and good characters doubly apply to Goblins.


The basic problems , however, remain much the same.

Until the basic problems of invisibility and her own feeling of worthlessness were addressed, the situation would continue to recur.

Maybe that was the basic problem , she told herself wearily as she now stared blindly up at the ceiling.

Taking an aspirin or two may help also, though only by masking the pain, not by solving the basic problem .

But then you need to deal with the basic problem .

The Stolypin reforms, Soviet historians would maintain, had not solved the basic problem which made revolution inevitable.

Our basic problem was that there was no way that we could all sit down with Frank and talk about it.


This basic question may be broken down into a number of smaller ones.

Every psychotherapy process, early in its development, defines the basic questions it is trying to answer.

It can do so by focusing on five basic questions which are expressed in Figure 4.1.

The basic questions will be the same: When will elections be held?

In formulating answers to the two basic questions , one factor was paramount.

At the heart of all of the basic questions about normality we shall find we are spinning our wheels.

Therefore, the basic question was: what were business secrets?


The spot rate is also known as the basic rate or telegraphic transfer rate.

If you pay the basic rate , every £1.00 you give is suddenly worth £1.33.

But for the basic rate taxpayer, the problem of annual management charges eroding a diminished dividend yield remains.

From Jan. 1, 1993, a basic rate of 25 percent would be charged on most goods and services.

Each £100 investment will cost a higher rate taxpayer only £60, and a basic rate taxpayer £78.

We have cut the basic rate of Income Tax from 33p to 25p, and the top rate from 83p to 40p.

Provided the gift is at least £600 it will be regarded as having been paid net of basic rate tax.

When making that payment, Tradeco must deduct income tax at the basic rate and pay that to the Revenue.


The basic requirement is that glazing in certain critical locations must be safe.

Nor are dialects subject to judgment, so long as they meet the basic requirement of having clearly defined rules.

This is a very basic requirement of any measuring device.

Anyone who meets a few basic requirements can get a permit to carry a concealed gun.

Each of them, however, raises certain basic requirements of a conceptual and empirical kind.

Certainly there may be the odd chart or graph thrown in for luck but the basic requirement is for high quality text.

Playing to a consistent length is one of the basic requirements to perform to a high level.

Psychological resources must also be taken into account to see if the basic requirements for daily life can be met.


Others were part of basic research on living tissue, and their benefits could not have been realised at the time.

Taylor offered his group a rare opportunity: the freedom to do basic research for a handsome corporate salary.

Jones is also determined to increase funding for basic research , which he says the previous government allowed to run down.

Our mission is three-fold: To undertake basic research to advance knowledge for its own sake.

More effective drugs had their origin in the basic research on chemical transmission of nerve impulses described in chapter 4.

It does, however, present a number of operational difficulties that require basic research before it can be widely used.

This need not apply to basic research and design.


It contains sixteen basic rules , which include some for overall control and some which collect data.

Most people nowadays are aware of some of the basic rules of healthy living.

Far too many women are defeated by this supposedly basic rule of motherhood, including the most educated and ambitious.

They broke the basic rule of presentation which applies in politics as much as it does in other fields.

Shelter from the storm was a basic rule of humanity and yet not to be misunderstood as an invitation.

In this section we bring the basic rules together.

The basic rule was always the same.


Managers may earn bonuses up to 25 percent of their basic salary in some hotels.

There is a generous stock-option scheme, and performance-related pay that can, in some cases, double basic salaries .

Blackwell and Deane received a basic salary plus poundage according to the level of military spending.

A spokeswoman for the Savoy Group said that anything a concierge earned on top of his basic salary was' entirely his affair.

Managers receive rent-free accommodation and a basic salary .

Expatriates' salaries are generally built up from a number of separate elements starting with basic salary.


The main tasks of the non-metropolitan districts were concerned with housing and basic services such as street cleaning and refuse collection.

But a serious lag in the development of infrastructure has followed rapid annexation, and many annexed areas still lack basic services .

In hospital environments basic services such as cooking and laundry were organized centrally and cleaning was undertaken by domestics.

Thousands of families live there without basic services because government agencies are barred from supplying electricity and water to disputed areas.

Table 10.1 illustrates this with reference to revenue expenditure on basic services by the ten district councils in the Greater Manchester area in 1987/8.

There are basic services , including good public transportation, sanitation, a sound infrastructure.

Dormitory centres Within the catchment area of a burgh; basic services available; some growth potential and encouragement to industry.

This money helps people out of work because of disability or injury and provides basic services to the poorest of the poor.


A basic skill that gives them the greatest start in life.

Successful programs teach students basic skills to help them say no to drugs.

They're just mastering the basic skills of walking and talking, which open up a whole new world for them.

In an attempt to know how well students are learning these basic skills , school systems administer standardized achievement tests.

There is certainly room for a programme on coaching and basic skills , but Rugby Special is not it.

Foundation-level basic skills or university Access / foundation courses are generally free.

Access to Management Normally these cover basic skills in managing people, resources and finance and are for aspiring or new managers.

This manifests itself most obviously at the technical level where the same basic skills can be applied in different markets.


We had to get the basic structure right, the basic information flows in and then bring the consultants in.

November 1989 brought more shifts in the basic structure of the world system than had been seen since the summer of 1945.

For the United States was built on at least two basic structures , the old capitalism and the new.

Another important branch of philosophy relevant here is metaphysics, which tries to discover the basic structure of reality.

Imposing such a burden would alter the basic structure between state and federal governments, which is critical to our constitutional scheme.

In terms of basic structure there is no doubt that Dame Sirith belongs to the same genre.

These stain hair without interfering with its basic structure .


Taking each in turn, their basic tenets and relative political attractions can be highlighted.

One of the basic tenets of the campaign finance system is disclosure.

Another basic tenet of the free market is the free flow of labour.

Trying to force people into unwanted roles violates the most basic tenet of Western culture.

They boiled down to three basic tenets .

Here Whitman sets forth his basic tenets and suggests the central movement that is to follow.

Mostly, they have failed to acknowledge one basic tenet of the high-tech world: We know too much.


In the main, however, the selection procedure is rigorous enough so that basic training does not have to be used for assessment purposes.

Group-based training need form only a small part of the complete basic training course.

The basic training is amazingly quick.

I think they all take a course in it during basic training .

L Detachment at the time consisted of around one hundred men, most of whom had been through the basic training course.

Prevention is better than cure, and you should use a lot of deep stances during your basic training .

This is the reward for hours of basic training .

The continuing theme during basic training will be interviewing skills, without which the advisory process may not get under way.


The value of the political talks so far has been to expose three basic truths .

Communism forgot that basic truth and the system collapsed.

There is a basic truth in his assertion, for before his time the use of marble was rare in Roman architecture.

What have been taught as their basic truths seem no longer to hold.

Another over-eager cat has discovered one of the basic truths of garden life: never try to kill a toad.

Such leaders understand very basic truths about human beings.

And if religion was rational, and basic truths were plain, what justification could there be for compulsion?

The basic truths of it, once you have learned them, are difficult to forget.


These improvements are of two basic types .

Laptops come with three basic types of pointing devices: a track ball, a mini-joystick or a touch pad.

The outcome is that adjectives expressing the more basic types of property can generally be expected to appear prenominally but not postnominally.

There are two basic types of smoke alarm.

There were two basic types of machine-gun.

There are three basic types of fixed dispenser the swivel, the lift pump and the gravity feed.

Within this general description there are two basic types namely the batch and continuous loader.

This has become the generic term for any system used to search on the Internet, and there are two basic types .


They attend sporadically, and their basic understanding of history is usually sketchy.

Different aspects of basic understanding are needed in different areas of the world.

The first and third years of the course provide a basic understanding of the industry.

It is important to have some clear basic understanding of the nature of bereavement and the grief that follows it.


Kogan and Becher have argued that, beyond the individual academic, the department is the basic unit of academic life.

In language the basic units are distinctive sounds and words.

The sentence belongs to writing, forming there the basic unit of textual structures.

The change in price from the first to the second sale of each house is the basic unit measured.

Its accessories enable the basic unit to use the cleaning and sterilising power of steam for cleaning, too.

These terms are meant to indicate that the basic units of writing are pictures divorced from sound.

The basic unit of bucket, up-pipe and pebbles with oxygenators in place makes a simple fountain on its own.

The basic units for any steel-framed building are columns and beams.


basic cooking utensils

basic healthcare for children

Basic human rights are still denied in many countries.

a basic knowledge of scientific principles

I can't really speak Spanish, I just know a few basic words.

In addition to teaching basic academic skills, we offer a large variety of activities for students.

It's only six years old, but already my home PC is basic compared to today's models.

People were standing in lines to buy basic goods such as bread, cheese, and milk.

Some of the hotels in the mountains are pretty basic .

Tax money pays for basic services.

The basic ingredients of this cake are eggs, flour, and butter.

The basic model costs £30,000, which includes insurance and car tax.

the basic principles of mathematics

The farm lacks even basic equipment.

The government regards housing as a basic need.

The hospital lacked even the most basic medical equipment.

There are two basic problems here.

Water -- indeed, everything basic to life here -- must be brought in by truck.


And basic literacy levels are higher for a more diverse group of young people.

But they do not alter the basic fact: markets now operate more fluently, reliably and consistently.

But we still deal from our basic collection, buying and selling.

It is important to have some clear basic understanding of the nature of bereavement and the grief that follows it.

The basic ideas dominating the educational philosophy of Highlander are two-fold.

The basic mechanism is to build an edge from left to right.

The horse has a basic and essential need for affection; both to give and to receive it.

Thus the state should be mainly a night watchman, a low-profile policeman who ensures the basic safety of every individual.

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