Meaning of BASIS in English



a fifty-fifty basis

We’ll share it on a fifty-fifty basis .

a sound basis

Sometimes friendship is a sound basis for a good marriage.

day-to-day basis

I see a counsellor and can now handle life on a day-to-day basis .

discriminate on the grounds/basis of sth

It was found that the company still discriminated on the basis of race in promotions.

discrimination on the grounds/basis of sth

Discrimination on the grounds of nationality is prohibited.

form the basis of

Love and trust should form the basis of a marriage.

judge sth on the basis of sth (= by considering sth )

It is difficult to judge progress on the basis of a single day.

on a casual basis

staff employed on a casual basis

on a first come, first served basis

Tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis .

on a part-time basis

women wishing to return to work on a part-time basis

on a pro rata basis

Fees are calculated on a pro rata basis .

on a regular basis

We hear from him on a regular basis .

on a temporary basis

She was employed on a temporary basis .

on a voluntary basis

Guide and Scout leaders work on a voluntary basis.

on an ad hoc basis

decisions made on an ad hoc basis




At one stage half the permanent health service posts were unfilled and agency staff worked in the flat on a daily basis .

Together, on a daily odd-even basis , they were responsible for diplomatic traffic.

Giving extra pocket money for good work on a daily basis is far more effective.

Take a closer look at the warning labels surrounding you on a daily basis .

But on an almost daily basis I think about suicide.

They will get a chance to interact with city government officials on a daily basis .

Those not teaching at the present time are welcome to attend on a daily basis at £2 per session.

The parents need to have support on an almost daily basis .


And does anyone remember the bizarre lineups that used to play at the Downtown Performance Center on a regular basis ?

Acting Det Insp Steve Richards urged people taking money to the bank on a regular basis to vary the routes and times.

She had a smart daughter over in Daytona who said those things to her on a regular basis .

Even putting by a relatively small sum on a regular basis can lead to a healthy nest-egg after a few years.

And they had to be kept informed on a regular basis about changes in the competitive picture and performance expectations.

They have employees, profits, overheads and customers to be supplied on a regular basis .

Escaped convicts do this on a regular basis , do they?


I caddied on a temporary basis for Nick in Los Angeles and in Kapalua.

On a temporary basis , yes.

We all have the option to withdraw our energy on a temporary or permanent basis .

Moses said, referring to its ability to host professional teams on a temporary basis .

In addition, the Palacio de Velazquez would be made available to the Prado on a temporary basis .

This was often done on a temporary basis at first, but usually the fences became permanent hedges or walls.

The only justification for sub-contracting is if you need to hire in some specialist expertise on a temporary basis .


This reduction was largely achieved on a voluntary basis , and our employees showed remarkable resilience and loyalty, despite such difficulties.

Herrera ordered that this inhuman practice must cease and proposed to put recruiting on a voluntary basis .

The provision has been criticised as unnecessary as most organisers liaised with the police on a voluntary basis .

Certainly, it was not difficult to convince some patients of the desirability of going to Carville on a purely voluntary basis .

There had developed since Khrushchev's time policies to involve the populace more in low-level administrative activities on a voluntary basis .

Professional societies bestow other forms of credentials on a voluntary basis .

Social responsibility is thus not merely a matter of the adoption of changed standards on a voluntary basis .

It will be noted that the children had already been effectively in care on a voluntary basis for the previous six months.


We asked them if they had vomited or abused laxatives and asked them to record their weight on a weekly basis .

A president who works hard on issues like these will not see his ratings go up on weekly basis .

Fairness demanded that the throne be rotated among the players, usually on a weekly basis .

Out here you have to prove yourself on a daily basis; a weekly basis.

The school might, for example, recommend that musical activity takes place on a weekly basis .

While at the work site, students keep journals that their supervisors read and annotate on a weekly basis .

Both sides also agreed to exchange information on a weekly basis between senior military commanders on troop deployments and movements.

After-care sessions initially on a weekly basis but later less frequently, are recommended for up to two years.



A month ago, the spread was 295 basis points .

The notes, which are noncallable, were priced at a spread of 66 basis points above Treasurys.

Its yield, which reflects economic growth and inflation expectations, plunged 10 basis points to 6. 05 percent.

The yield on the two-year gilt fell 2 basis points to 6. 30 percent.

Its yield, a sensitive gauge of forecasts for growth and inflation, fell 4 basis points to 5. 97 percent.



The benchmark 5-year sterling swap spread fell 4 basis points to 36 basis points.

The five-year yield fell 1 basis point to 6. 89 percent.

The yield on the five-year 5. 875 percent note fell 6 basis points to 4. 56 percent.

The yield on the two-year gilt fell 2 basis points to 6. 33 percent.

Its yield, a gauge of economic growth and inflation expectations, fell 8 basis points to 6. 07 percent.

Bonds soared, as the 10-year government bond yield fell 9 basis points to 8. 24.


The standards will eventually form the basis of all multimedia video communications services and publishing.

Two important intellectual operations that develop are seriation and classification, which form the basis of number concepts.

This is the third of three separate sets of teaching materials which could form the basis of science for P1-3.

It is these different results which form the basis of that mental transformation which metanoia implies.

The study of petrographic fabrics forms the basis for later analytical research, both chemically and isotopically.

Dressing up, role playing and masquerade form the conceptual basis of Kahlo's work.

If he genuinely felt her designs could form the basis for a new range to lift the company's fortunes?

They form the basis for procedural training.


As a first attempt the results are no doubt crude, but they do provide a basis for further refinement.

This phenomenon provides the basis for flame emission photometry.

This in turn will provide a more adequate basis for the formulation of relevant policy.

The present convention is long established and provides a basis on which we can stand.

An assessment of the relative position of each service will provide the basis for a review.

Trade union organisation provides a very important basis of opposition, preventing any single group of workers from being isolated.

Teachers have already developed considerable expertise within the classroom to provide a good basis upon which to build effective communication outside.


Symmetry and group theory are introduced to serve as the basis of all molecular orbital treatments of molecules.

It could also serve as a basis for planning a future meeting.

These could then serve as the basis for further testing, allowing the best candidate for a true representation to emerge.

In many cases, Olympian designs serve as the basis for apparel that the average couch potato will be able to buy.

In this way, contracts can serve as a basis for individualised instruction.

Written policies and procedures or protocols can serve as a basis for identifying key process criteria.

Leadership provides organizational values which can serve as a basis for the development of mutual trust and commitment.

I am optimistic, therefore, that they can serve as the basis for an effective Mega long-term strategy.


But, yes, I do use Pedulla basses, but only because the neck is comfortable for me.

The schematic drawings are used as the basis for bidding.

Another method is to collect information on structural and other contextual properties and to use these as a basis for sampling.

Once approved, these are used as the basis for governmental policy review.

To be effective, it needs to be used on a regular basis .

The Department of Health is also keen that this formula should be used as the basis for sub-regional distribution.

Some one should use it as a basis of a screenplay.

This platform could therefore be used as the basis for a core curriculum from which various material is developed and structures created.


The other is that observation yields a secure basis from which knowledge can be derived.

Reoffered at 99. 5 to yield 485 basis points above the 7. 125 % Bund due 2003.

The notes, which are noncallable for one year, were priced to yield 69 basis points above comparable Treasurys.

The bonds will be priced to yield 75 basis points above the 7 percent gilt due 2001.

Reoffered at 99. 918 to yield 37. 5 basis points above the 5. 5 % Dec.


cover (all) the bases

Stacked humbuckers are one solution but Chandler's Firebird pickups cover all the bases equally well, while sounding refreshingly individual.

on a need-to-know basis

Access to the manufacturing process is on a strictly need-to-know basis.

work on the principle/assumption/basis etc that

Gamekeepers worked on the principle that any other animals that preyed on pheasants must be ruthlessly eliminated.

It works on the assumption that each side is willing to move from its starting point during the negotiations.

It works on the principle that the pursuer will not be able to change direction as efficiently as the prey.

Politicians seem to work on the assumption that the early bird catches the voter.

The therapy works on the principle that like cures like.

These devices work on the principle that the oscillating frequency of a crystal under an applied voltage changes with crystal mass.

They work on the principle that most people pay up if they're pestered for long enough.

When a crime is reported to the police they do not work on the assumption that anyone could have done it.


Expert advice and support are the basis for the rehabilitation programme.

Roman law still forms the basis of our own legal system.

Sugar has always been the basis of the Cuban economy.

The basis of his argument was that people who sell drugs should be jailed for life.


Most legislatures also have formal investigatory powers on a continuing or a case-by-case basis .

Personal Interviews will often be on a one to one basis but can also be undertaken as a group exercise.

Sociology in the final analysis existed to provide a theoretical basis for socialism and secular education which were its practice.

These illustrations should not be used as a basis for comparing similar policies issued by other life assurance companies or Friendly Societies.

They are paid on the basis of their superiors' assessments of performance, as in the public sector.

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