Meaning of BAYONET in English


I. noun


Gregg immortalized himself by replying that his ammunition was exhausted but that he thought he could hold with the bayonet .

Hearing noises downstairs, he got out of bed, picked up his bayonet and went to investigate.

Then he threw his bayonet at me.

There was a case where a householder escaped a claim for civil damages after he had stabbed an intruder with a bayonet !

They raised and lowered their muskets, fixed 18-inch-long bayonets to their weapons and demonstrated various marching maneuvers.

Witnesses told of beatings with rifle butts and sticks and the use of bayonets and guns, he said.

Your boyfriend Broadway joe has a bayonet .

II. verb


He was bayoneted to death by a soldier in front of two priests who had tried to protect him.

I expected to be shot or bayoneted soon.

Sons would be bayoneted and hung from poles, the women shot.

The troopers then fanned out to disarm the blacks; two blacks were shot and two bayoneted in the process.

They bayoneted 25 pregnant women in the abdomen and beheaded 52 children.

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