Meaning of BAY in English

I. noun


bay leaf

bay window

loading bay

the sick bay (= a room where there are beds for people who are sick, for example on a ship or in a school )

I was confined to the ship's sick bay until we arrived back in Liverpool.




She were a beautiful bay mare with feet like butcher's blocks.

Port-au-Prince rises like an amphitheatre above one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

We chose the southern route for our cruise and so our first port of call was the beautiful bay of Les Saintes.


Roomy High Victorian pub, with big bay windows and glass partitions.

She pushed back her hair, as bright as copper in the sunshine that slanted through the big bay window.

If you like big bays , you'd like my boy Oscar.


The cathedral has the traditional triforium arcade with two round arches under one larger one per bay and clerestory windows above.

Days start with a morning chat, and most windsurfing takes place in the large bay .

The bedroom had large bay windows covered with grubby nets.

At the northern end of the larger bay lie the town of Kalloni and its nearby solar saltworks.

It was the only unit with a large bay window and interest came from local, regional and national businesses.


It was squat and solid, in a cove, with outbuildings, some land and its own sandy bay .

Here the east coast is bleak and low, and the spume-filled sea lashes the sandy bay .


She reminds me of a small animal at bay .

Tor suggests we try to stop in the small bay where we will touch the mainland.

Bitez, a small holiday bay on the Bodrum Peninsula, is described on page 42 and 43.

The late sun setting over the mainland lays a bright path over the water, coming right in at the small bay .


It is more a wide bay with mostly low foreshores, opening out to the north-east into the Barents Sea.

There, the palm-tree-lined beach curves gently around a wide bay .



Hoffman said the end of the tether draped in the cargo bay was discolored, perhaps charred by burning.

There were cargo bays and airlocks situated at random among the folds and spirals, but all of them remained closed.


a loading bay

sailboats on the bay

the San Francisco Bay

the space shuttle's cargo bay


And then the floor of the bay was rushing up towards them.

But I have to keep the reality and the horror at bay .

Each truck would drive into the bay beside the tower, replacing a truck that had just been emptied of its load.

He kept his disease at bay , changed his diet and actually got bigger and stronger.

In a bay where the two arms of the L joined was an open vintage car.

The east shore of the bay had no airport landing strip, no railhead, no long-distance bus terminal.

The old-fashioned three-bay barn - the centre bay with doors each end for loading - has much in its favour.

II. verb




The Nanchong affair was obviously about much more than a crowd in a stadium baying for the blood of four vagrants.


Hark! her hounds are baying through the town.

He just crouches on the corner at lunchtime and occasionally bays, like a wolf or coyote.

Provoked beyond control, Satan bayed in fury and launched himself at his tormentor's face.

Then it bayed and Jim was stricken with terror.

There they were shown into a room, leaving the press-hounds baying outside.

III. adjective


Add lentils, thyme, and bay leaf.

Add the thyme, bay leaves, potatoes and juniper with the sausages.

Beador had lent her a magnificent five-year-old mealy bay gelding, called Fontana.

I forgot to say take out the bay leaf before it sets.

Remove bay leaf and serve over rice.

Remove bay leaves and adjust seasonings before serving.

Skim off excess fat from pan, and add shallots, juniper berries, and bay leaves.

The stonework around the bay windows was crumbling and the upper front bay had developed a distinct list.

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