Meaning of BAY in English


1. n.1 a broad inlet of the sea where the land curves inwards.

2 a recess in a mountain range.

Phrases and idioms:

Bay State US Massachusetts.

Etymology: ME f. OF baie f. OSp. bahia 2. n.1 (in full bay laurel) a laurel, Laurus nobilis, having deep green leaves and purple berries. Also called SWEET BAY.

2 (in pl.) a wreath made of bay-leaves, for a victor or poet.

Phrases and idioms:

bay-leaf the aromatic (usu. dried) leaf of the bay-tree, used in cooking. bay rum a perfume, esp. for the hair, distilled orig. from bayberry leaves in rum.

Etymology: OF baie f. L baca berry 3. n.1 a space created by a window-line projecting outwards from a wall.

2 a recess; a section of wall between buttresses or columns, esp. in the nave of a church etc.

3 a compartment (bomb bay).

4 an area specially allocated or marked off (sick bay; loading bay).

5 Brit. the terminus of a branch line at a railway station also having through lines, usu. at the side of an outer platform.

Phrases and idioms:

bay window a window built into a bay.

Etymology: ME f. OF baie f. ba(y)er gape f. med.L batare 4. adj. & n.

--adj. (esp. of a horse) dark reddish-brown.

--n. a bay horse with a black mane and tail.

Etymology: OF bai f. L badius 5. v. & n.


1. intr. (esp. of a large dog) bark or howl loudly and plaintively.

2 tr. bay at.

--n. the sound of baying, esp. in chorus from hounds in close pursuit.

Phrases and idioms:

at bay

1. cornered, apparently unable to escape.

2 in a desperate situation. bring to bay gain on in pursuit; trap. hold (or keep) at bay hold off (a pursuer). stand at bay turn to face one's pursuers.

Etymology: ME f. OF bai, baiier bark f. It. baiare, of imit. orig.

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