Meaning of BINDING in English


I. adjective


a binding agreement (= an official agreement that must be obeyed )

Lawyers are in the process of drafting a legally binding agreement between both parties

a binding obligation (= something that you must legally do, especially because of an agreement )

These clauses are legally binding obligations on both parties.

binding arbitration

Both sides in the dispute have agreed to binding arbitration .

legally binding

a legally binding agreement




It is set out in a legally binding protocol which forms an integral part of the treaty.

And remember, any document you sign abroad is as legally binding for you as if you signed it at home.

This calls for the adoption of much stricter and legally binding standards.

As far as Mr Vlnas and the National Gallery are concerned the contract remains legally binding .

But there is already a head of steam in parliament to make the proposed voluntary takeover code legally binding .

There are many dangers in trying to make such a document legally binding on those would have to take care of us.

In that way, you're tying the supplier to a legally binding contract.

But the new measures are not legally binding .



An offer is something which is clearly intended if accepted to form a binding agreement .

They also want financial aid and technology transfer to be included in binding agreements .

If they can come to a binding agreement , the prisoners will both profess their innocence and be sentenced to two years.

When a director dies, without a legally binding agreement his or her shares will not automatically to the surviving directors.

A legally binding agreement to implement this 14-page political declaration was scheduled to be drawn up in the first half of 1992.

The electricians appeared to accept the kind of binding agreements which he had vainly sought from the print unions.


But they are resisting pressure to refer the disputed 6.5 percent pay rise to independent binding arbitration .


It was held there that the parties had made a binding contract , albeit with the price still outstanding.

However, in many cases the parties may create a binding contract by agreement on the three matters already identified.

Explain whether this is a legally binding contract and whether or not Wilson Decorators must supply materials and receive £800. 4.

The successful bidder is under a binding contract to purchase the relevant property.

In that way, you're tying the supplier to a legally binding contract .

In general there was the invocation of one or more deities to bear witness that a binding contract was being undertaken.


Other mistakes do not affect the binding force of the directives.

They are the justification for its binding force .

These, unlike regulations, do not necessarily have immediate binding force .

They should not be given legal binding force .


It is a half-way house, an intermediate commitment with no binding promises for the future and a built-in escape route.


An offer is something which is clearly intended if accepted to form a binding agreement.

It is impossible to exaggerate the revolutionary significance of the recognition of a binding judicial tribunal external to the realm.

The fit between CypA and the binding edge of CsA is excellent and centres round the protruding side chain of MeVal-11.

With him she was free of any binding love or duty.

II. noun


If you know how to use a large screwdriver you can swap over the bindings yourself.

In moments of passion trussed-up participants have been known to remove their adhesive bindings.

In other words oxygen binding is reversible.

Matched brass florets mark the corners of the three leather volumes that contain them, and delicate brass chains fasten their bindings.

Once a boarder falls with his head under the snow, it becomes difficult to disengage the bindings, the article said.

Seven centuries of manuscripts, fine bindings and beautifully illustrated books, will be on display.

The fore-edge painting could, of course, be combined with a vellum or Etruscan calf binding .

Two of the volumes were completely empty, their photographs removed in haste, mounts and torn corners clustered in the bindings.

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