Meaning of BINDING in English


I. ˈbīndiŋ, -dēŋ noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from gerund of binden

1. : the action of one that binds

2. : a material or device used to bind: as

a. : the fastening of the sections of a book ; especially : this fastening and the cover

b. : a narrow fabric (as tape) or a narrow piece of fabric (as bias fabric) used to finish, strengthen, or decorate raw edges (as of a garment, carpet, or blanket)

c. : a band of masonry so laid as to fasten together or strengthen adjoining parts

d. : an ingredient (as flour, eggs, or starch) used in cooking to give cohesion or a richer or thicker consistency (as to a sauce)

e. : the set of ski fastenings for holding the toe of the boot firm on the ski

II. adjective

Etymology: Middle English, from present participle of binden

1. : that binds or causes to bind : tending to bind

2. : imposing an obligation, duty, or responsibility

a solemnly binding promise

3. : requiring submission, conformity, or obedience

the binding force of wise laws

• bind·ing·ly adverb

• bind·ing·ness noun -es

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