Meaning of BOND in English


I. noun


bond/currency/commodity etc trader

To the surprise of many Wall Street traders, the dollar rose yesterday.

bonded warehouse

bonds/ties of friendship (= things that connect friends )

They were united by deep bonds of friendship.

junk bond

premium bond

savings bond

strengthen ties/bonds/links

He wants to strengthen ties with the West.




The convertible bond will be listed in Paris.

The one-time gain reflected a drop in financing costs after the conversion of 836 million francs in convertible bonds .

It also intends to issue a convertible bond to raise more cash to put towards paying off debts of around euro60 billion.

Nintendo, a video-games maker, pulled its issue of convertible bonds .

So the convertible bond should be classified as a liability.

The most striking thing about the boom in issues of convertible and warrant bonds in 1987-89 was how many firms were involved.


However, for income-seeking investors, corporate bonds are a much more attractive bet.

But in the corporate bond market, some say the government shutdown is putting a drag on issuance.

And the faster corporate bonds are issued, the speedier will be the development of an active secondary market.

By then junk bonds were 25 percent of the corporate bond market.

Unsecured loan stocks are corporate bonds that are not secured by either a fixed or a floating charge.

The cowboys traded bonds , corporate and government bonds.

Spreads between corporate junk bonds and Treasury bonds have risen to their widest since the recession of 1990-91.

Demand for most bonds is high because investors keep putting money into corporate bond funds.


One involved a $ 396 million municipal bond deal for Pennsylvania.

Stay away from long-term municipal bonds .

Chase Manhattan stopped underwriting and trading municipal bonds about five years ago.

Usually, a state like Connecticut sells tax-exempt municipal bonds .

But municipal bonds issued by towns where incinerators are under development are likely to be threatened by the elimination of the subsidies.

Over the years Merrill Lynch, the municipal bond sellers, unloaded most of the bonds for Citron.

He managed over $ 500 million in municipal and corporate bonds for Mackenzie.

Selling municipal bonds in Atlanta was unthinkably wretched.


The strong bonds in diamond are also responsible for many of its non-abrasive uses.

They learn styles of communication meant to create strong bonds between parents and children.

For example, the strong bonds allow the atoms in diamonds to vibrate at very high frequencies.

We should also not make the rather simplistic assumption that co-residence implies a strong bond between relatives.

During the weeks directly afterwards he confided his distress in Keith Gregory and it established a strong bond between them.

And when there are children they will be tied together by that strongest of all bonds .

He explained to me that it must be stronger because it contained stronger bonds and more of them than any previous material.

The old man and the young boy go fishing and a strong bond develops between them.



One criticism of the bond funds is the relatively high level of charges.

Some bond funds performed far better than others last year.

When interest rates drop, the value of short-duration bond funds can drop too.

And no wonder new purchases of bond funds are a pittance compared with what people shovel into stock funds.

How much should investors know about how risky their bond funds are or will be?

Demand for most bonds is high because investors keep putting money into corporate bond funds .

Demand for junk bonds has been strong because investors continue to pour cash into corporate bond funds .


The repatriated funds will have to be invested in Government bonds for a number of years.

The dollar was little changed against the yen during Tokyo trading, and the government bond market barely moved.

Now, three-fifths of insurers' assets are bonds - a quarter of them government bonds.

Indeed, outside the immediate government bond market, few people in the Wall Street community know Mr Hirsch.

But they were not so dire as to scare investors into dumping government bonds .

Bills of exchange: Treasury, local authority and certain commercial bills. Government bonds with less than a year to maturity.


Glutamic acid 170 forms the final main-chain hydrogen bond in the molecule.

Glu115 also forms hydrogen bonds to His118 and to Asp84, and Glu238 hydrogen-bonds to Glu204.

This allows hydrogen bonds to reform.

Protein residues in contact are also shown, with hydrogen bonds as dotted lines.

Distortions due to the formation of hydrogen bonds are usually smaller than those due to co-ordination to metal ions.

There are no main-chain hydrogen bonds to the metal ligand side chains.

For clarity, the three hydrogen bonds mentioned in the text are not illustrated.


Debt funding worth £690m for this original acquisition was securitised through a bond issue by Nomura shortly after privatisation.

Jokes about the latest bond issue were in.

Names had hoped that Lloyd's might help by raising money through a bond issue .

The bond issues will mean another $ 2. 08 per month.

Lower interest rates also make the rate of return on bonds more attractive than bank deposits and new bond issues .

New bond issues rose as interest rates fell during the last three months of 1995.

Just two years ago, voters rejected similar bond issues .

With everybody cheering, his bond issue went through easily, and work was beginning.


Spreads between corporate junk bonds and Treasury bonds have risen to their widest since the recession of 1990-91.

The interest rates on junk bonds are higher because they are considered more likely to default. 12.

The fortunes of Levi Strauss have been restored by junk bonds arranged by Salomon Brothers.

Anyone can buy be-cause anyone can borrow using junk bonds .

This moral hazard sent them lending billions to property developers and investing billions in junk bonds .

In 1984 our two-man junk bond department spoke at a Salomon Brothers seminar for several hundred savings and loan managers.

Yield spreads of junk bonds over Treasuries have narrowed a touch, though they remain wide.

Despite losses in the Treasury market, junk bond prices maintained a 1 / 4-point gain, traders said.


Some are focussing on areas such as swaps and derivatives, which can give them an edge in the primary bond market .

The guaranteed income bond market was thrown into confusion.

That is the kind of world that the bond market , dominated by lenders, loves.

The bond market , a favorite safe haven during the markets tumult, lost its gloss as equities showed signs of life.

Will the bond market deliver the Fed from tightening?

In particular, the bond markets-high-yield and investment grade-showed signs of life last week.

He was the guru of the bond market and also the conscience of our firm.


The last time the school district had a local bond measure on a ballot was in 1974.

The bond measure needs a two-thirds majority to pass.

Opponents of the bond measures , including State Sen.

Voters turned down bond measures for a new jail in 1994 and 1996.

And any decision is ultimately dependent on passage of a bond measure , again most likely requiring a two-thirds majority.

In 1994, voters said no to a proposed $ 1 billion bond measure .

Voters approved two bond measures to pay for the seismic retrofit, interior renovations and modernizing the electrical systems.

The contracts will guarantee that specific maintenance and construction projects will be funded if a local bond measure passes.


These loans would be transformed into mortgage bonds .

They were no longer trading mortgage bonds , but the raw material for mortgage bonds: home loans.

Translation: Salomon could dictate the rules of the mortgage bond trading game as it went along.

Michael Mortara became the head of mortgage trading at Goldman Sachsthe leader in mortgage bond trading in the first half of 1988.

The home loans underpinned mortgage bonds .

Ginnie Mae and mortgage bonds funds, less than 4 percent; and general bond funds, 6. 05 percent.

Any prepayments were profits to the owner of the mortgage bond .

Beneath them in their corporations are thousands of people who now make their living in mortgage bonds .


Capital Choice, a single premium bond .

Savings include cash, money in bank and building society accounts, national savings certificates and accounts, premium bonds and shares.

Any small inheritance, gift, premium bond prize or money from occasional jobs should not be included.

Also, premium bonds stay valid for every draw instead of the stake being lost.

These include savings certificates, index-linked accounts, savings bonds for children and pensioners and premium bonds.

National Savings stamps or certificates, premium bonds . 4.

Winnings from betting, football pools, and premium bonds .


Usually there is an inverse relationship between bond prices and interest rate movements in the economy.

The action sparked a rally in bond prices and the Dow Jones closed 14.96 up at 2597.13..

If interest rates fall, then the bond price will rise.

This means that the following relationship holds between modified duration and bond prices .

Despite losses in the Treasury market, junk bond prices maintained a 1 / 4-point gain, traders said.

This is interest rate risk, the risk that bond prices will fall if market interest rates rise.

A fall in bond yields, which move inversely to bond prices , make stocks a more attractive investment compared with bonds.


He pushed his way on to the trading floor and became a bond trader .

He was thought by many within Salomon to be the best bond trader on Wall Street.

At any given moment on the trading floor billions of dollars were being risked by bond traders .

Good bond traders had fast brains and enormous stamina.

A large corporate bond trader was waiting for me, like an unfed house pet, when I returned to the office.

I found imagining myself as a bond salesman only marginally more plausible than imagining myself as a bond trader .

Salomon bond traders knew about fools because that was their job.


In 1793 the government gave permission to convert entailed property into treasury bonds .

Falling Treasury bond yields also boosted stocks.

Spreads between corporate junk bonds and Treasury bonds have risen to their widest since the recession of 1990-91.

Yields on benchmark 30-year Treasury bonds dropped to 6. 06 percent from 6. 15 percent on Friday.

Since February, the yield on the 30-year Treasury bond has risen to nearly 7 percent from less than 6 percent.

When the federal government runs a deficit, it borrows the extra money by selling more Treasury bonds to the public.

The benchmark 30-year Treasury bond dropped by nearly a full point just minutes after news of the budget problems reached traders.

That happened once 10 years ago when the 30-year Treasury bond returned 34 % in 1985 and nearly 26 % in 1986.


Bundesbank officials have been fretting in public about rising bond yields and the weaker D-mark.

A fall in bond yields , which move inversely to bond prices, make stocks a more attractive investment compared with bonds.

Bonds soared, as the 10-year government bond yield fell 9 basis points to 8. 24.

Banks fell as benchmark 30-year Treasury bond yields climbed to 6. 17 percent from 6. 04 percent Monday.

Financial stocks dropped on concern that Treasury bonds yields are headed up, squeezing banks profit margins.

Benchmark 30-year bond yields dipped to 6. 15 percent from 6. 19 percent yesterday.



In fact, breaking one of the bonds , by pulling an electron out of it, requires a lot of energy.

But Paris broke that sacred bond .

This dissolves hair by breaking the sulphur bonds of the keratin, the protein from which hair is made.

These byproducts also break some of the bonds that hold gum tissue together.

All archaebacteria thrive in intense heat, and most derive their energy from breaking chemical bonds .

The King has disclaimed his love for his offspring and therefore broken the family bond that Cordelia speaks of.

The type and irregularity of fracture bears a complex relation to the breaking of bonds in directions that cut across crystallographic planes.


Vodafone's shares fell on fears that hedge funds that had bought the bonds were short-selling Vodafone.

No longer did Salomon Brothers traders buy bonds at twelve and then make the market believe they were worth twenty.

When the public buy the bonds or bills they will draw money from their banks.

The $ 53 billion fund raised cash and bought long-term bonds aggressively.

This is the point where everyone believes interest rates will rise, and therefore no one wants to buy bonds .

He had bought the bond at sixty; now he was being paid off at a hundred.

So the easiest way for insurers to win regulatory bouquets is to sell equities and buy bonds .

Invest in a stock mutual fund. Buy a short-term bond fund.


National Savings For a more guaranteed but potentially less bountiful return, there are a number of fixed-rate bonds .


The valency of an atom in a covalent molecule is the number of electrons shared by the atom in forming the bond .

All the people in my company are good at forming special bonds with suppliers and customers.

Glu115 also forms hydrogen bonds to His118 and to Asp84, and Glu238 hydrogen-bonds to Glu204.

We believe that part of this development is a process by which parents form bonds to their children.

Carbon has four electrons that it uses to form chemical bonds .

We also believe that certain settings and certain kinds of support can help parents form these bonds and nurture their children successfully.

In general, as the difference in electronegativity between two elements forming a bond decreases, so does the bond enthalpy.

Again, he learns to reconnect by forming a bond with a young boy.


Because of the need for both liquidity and profitability, banks tend to hold bills and bonds of varying maturities and yields.

Another disadvantage of yield to maturity is that investors do not typically hold bonds to maturity.

Torres was ordered held without bond in the Guadalupe County Jail.

Even after allowing for inflation, they should have made 16.1 per cent from holding Treasury bonds .

Simply buy and hold good bonds until maturity.

The current yield is used to estimate the cost of or profit from holding a bond .


Dumbfounded bankers learned that the government would not pay out on its bonds .

With bonding authority, you can sell bonds for projects and then pay off the bonds with a local property tax.

Because the firm is incorporated, the interest it pays on the bond is tax-deductible.

But they must pay for the bond in dollars, so the dollar gets pushed up higher.


Much to William Pitt's disgust Cator sold the bond by public auction to a solicitor called Yates.

To reassure investors, some utilities have taken to selling bonds with insurance, once an unusual tactic for utility bonds.

They attempt to build them up by selling bonds .

A trader could buy or sell as many bonds as he thought appropriate without asking.

Life insurers used to be able to show any profit from selling a bond in the year in which they traded it.

It had planned to sell the bonds today, underwriters said, but decided to wait because yields have risen recently.


He still believed that lovemaking was a sign and a strengthening of the sacramental bond between two people.


It's almost inevitable that the client will form a very close bond with the therapist.

My word is my bond .

Over the years the two men had developed deep bonds of friendship.

The bond between mother and child is extremely strong.

the bond market

The mountain community is held together by deep historical and religious bonds.

U.S. savings bonds


Because bond strengths may differ along the various crystallographic axes, hardness may also vary slightly in direction.

Glu115 also forms hydrogen bonds to His118 and to Asp84, and Glu238 hydrogen-bonds to Glu204.

He felt a peculiar bond with these men and women, though most of them he barely knew.

Obon is for closing off unfinished business, for restoring bonds, for healing and remembering.

She was sharp-eyed and even sharper of tongue, but the bond of affection between them was unbreakable.

The rate of interest on the bonds is quoted net of basic rate tax.

These can be minimised by writing the bond under a suitable trust provided by the insurance company.

II. verb




And if so, what would that tell about the way the carbon skeleton is bonded together ?

Upper and sole unit were then bonded together , not stitched and pegged, as in traditional boot construction.

They show how architects, furniture makers and artists bonded together in common cause.



The government shutdown also may delay a possible $ 1 billion to $ 2 billion global bond offering from Walt Disney Co.

The central bank also bought about 200 billion yen in government bonds outright.


Ohio -- $ 120 million of general obligation bonds , via a Banc One Capital Corp. group.

The company cut its financing costs by 63 million francs, by converting 836 million francs of convertible bonds to equity.

The plan calls for an $ 18 million bond issue in June 2002 and a $ 19 million bond issue in 2005.


The six firms account for about 90 percent of the Brady bond volume.

The benchmark 8 percent government bond due 2006 rose to 106. 54 from 106. 34 in early trading.

The Ginnie Mae 8 percent bonds prepaid at a constant prepayment rate of 9. 8 percent in December.

A state might replace its tax-exempt bonds paying 6 percent interest with bonds paying 5 percent interest.

Glaxo, meantime, is selling $ 500 million of 6. 125 percent 10-year bonds .

P is ahead 15 percent , bonds up 8 percent.


Jacksonville, Fla. -- $ 60 million of water and sewer revenue bonds , via a PaineWebber Inc. group.


Derivatives are contracts whose value is tied to the value of another asset such as a stock , bond or index.

Fund managers have few strong convictions about the stock or bond markets for 1996.

People in the upper brackets of income have the opportunity to participate in the stock and bond markets.

A mutual fund is a portfolio of stocks or bonds that is jointly owned by a large number of investors.

If only it could work that way with stock and bond funds, too!

Some New York securities traders blamed the survey, released Tuesday, for the afternoon decline of stock and bond markets.



Only Young Broadcasting sold bonds today.


male/female bonding

Do a little female bonding - go shopping or out for a big lunch with a friend.

A whole series of male clubs sprang up which emphasised the elements of male bonding .

Anticipated here is that always unstable disjunction between identification and desire upon which male bonding depends.

First, the male - female bonding is weakened owing to the low frequency of male interactions with most of his female companions.


And if so, what would that tell about the way the carbon skeleton is bonded together?

Teammates who were strangers before the party are instantly bonded, and victory is celebrated with fists-in-the-air exaltation.

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