Meaning of BOTHER in English


I. verb


a spot of bother (= some problems )

I’ve been having a spot of bother with my car.

save sb the trouble/bother (of doing sth)

I’ll get a taxi from the station to save you the trouble of coming to collect me.

Sorry to bother you

Sorry to bother you , but what was the address again?




Owen began to hope that they viewed the incident as too small to bother about .

These really are environmental concerns worth bothering about .

Aunt Tossie was deep in talk with a friend she hadn't bothered about for years.

No one's bothered about the Council any more!

She said she had no close relations to bother about on her husband's side and only the Evans on hers.

After dinner, nothing seemed worth bothering about .

In any case I wasn't bothered about it one way or the other.

They feel nothing they do is important enough for their parents to bother about .


Don't even bother to phone.

We never even bothered to sleep.

Many men simply assume that women are on the Pill and don't even bother to ask.

We might not even bother to vote.

The reviewer hadn't even bothered to check on basic personal details.

Why even bother consummating that which was destined to be a failed romance?

Papers abroad realised they just could not match us - and didn't even bother to try.

She didn't even bother to move the bike.


We mustn't ever bother with that.

I never did see the point in Las Vegas and no one ever bothered to explain it to me.

Have you ever bothered to ask?

Only fifty or so students ever bothered to graduate.

If you could surf who would ever bother writing?

Because the signs had been there all the time if she'd ever bothered to look further than his surface charm.

Since when were you ever bothered about my feelings?

That'd be the reason, though nobody had ever bothered to inform him.


They never bothered that we were just spectating-we were driving a bright red Carrera 911 with a great exhaust note!

It was like that all over the WestBrakemen never bothered you in those days.

The many tracks through the woods make it easy to get lost - but that's never bothered me.

He was never bothered by wild animals, either.

Of all the people I have met on my travels only one had never bothered with it.

After that, he never bothered her.

Men, their height, their masculine authority, never bothered Maggie.

I never bother lying to Arthur.


Kerry says it wouldn't really bother her.

And what really bothers me now is to see our son drifting away from us.

But they didn't really bother .

And so you really bother your head a great deal over the Galactic Spirit, do you?

Let me tell you what really bothers me about that brigand more than his plagiarizing.

I betook myself to bed in some exasperation, and without really bothering to get undressed.

What really bothered me about the letter were his personal remarks about Tom.


There was the usual sniping, but no one seemed to be bothering too much.

And he certainly isn't too bothered whether that water is in a proper paddling pool or a washing-up bowl!

Half the teachers in the school think say me a half-breed so they don't too bother me.

Jess saw him coming, but was too bothered by the scrape she and Midnight were in to take any notice.

For his part, he wasn't too bothered .


Why bother having an outside bell if the delicious Private Boyd was sitting on reception?

Such problems in expressing the insight arising out of experience cause some people to ask: Why bother ?

Why bother with the news now?

As anyone who hasn't been in a coma for the last ten years knows as much anyway, why bother ?

Until we do, why bother about banning plays?

Many companies are worried by the worker-participation clauses: if they are really so flexible, why bother with them at all?

If paper does not rot, why bother to substitute it for plastic?

Why bother with all that effort, when a meaning can be found fairly easily and obviously?



Don't let him bother you.

We were too busy admiring the town to let their griping bother us.

Lois wondered now why she ever let these things bother her.


They didn't seem to be very bothered about issues other than what was going on in the village itself.

None of this seems to bother him.

But what is striking now is that neither side seems bothered about disguising those differences.

The simplicity of his cuisine did not seem to bother him, but I felt sad for him.

After dinner, nothing seemed worth bothering about.

All the same he seemed popular backstage and the girls liked him, but he didn't seem to bother much about them.

Numbers don't seem to bother him.

Oddly, they did not seem to bother the horses.


They did not want to be bothered with her joys and despairs and she did not want to be bothered with theirs.

The companies we dealt with didn't want to be bothered with small orders from small shops any more.

It's inedible, but who would want to bother anyway, since they are at most two inches high!

She didn't want you bothered .

Who wants to bother with hot, sticky socks or stockings when the sun is beating down?

Some home managers or owners say they don't want to bother residents with this sort of thing.


I parted some grass and wondered why Cawthorne had bothered to run electric and telephone cables to a disused toilet for farmhands.

Such noises made Wyatt wonder if Cyril bothered to use the clutch at all or had resolved somehow to do without it.

If you have a weak stomach you may wonder why you bothered to come at all.

I was left to wonder why I bothered to be born. 19.

He wondered why she bothered to come back at all.

They wondered why Dov Kalmenzohn bothered with me.

For an instant, he wondered why he bothered .

If Serif had shared your opinion about PagePlus 1.2, you might wonder why they bothered to produce a version 2 at all.


hot and bothered

I sit, all hot and bothered, suffering, and mention this.

It was too unsettling, made her feel too hot and bothered.

Not everyone, however, is hot and bothered.

She had got herself all hot and bothered and she felt much safer in the water than she had in the barn.

not bothered

He is not bothered in the slightest by the dark or confrontation.

I have challenged the prospective Labour candidate in Harrow, West to do so, but he has not bothered to reply.

Or has he not bothered to work it out?

Selfishly, I felt hurt that he had not bothered to get in touch with me.

The National Capital Planning Commission, peering far into an imaginary future, is not bothered with such real-life difficulties.

The purpose of the purchase, according to the magazine, was to ensure that the Chiracs were not bothered by neighbours.

We are also not bothered about being famous or number one in the charts.

You are not bothered whether the house is detached or semi-detached, but you do not want to live on an estate.


"Why didn't you ask me for help?" "I didn't want to bother you."

Actually, my back hasn't been bothering me.

Excuse me, Miss, is that man bothering you?

Something's bothering him but I'm not sure what.

Sorry to bother you, but could you help me one more time with the copier?

The only thing that bothers me is how I'm going to get from the station to the farm.

What bothers me is that you didn't feel you could talk to me or your father about it.

Will it bother you if I play some music?

Will you stop bothering me? I'm trying to watch a program.

You shouldn't let little things like that bother you.


And it was then she finally asked me a question that has bothered her for twenty years.

Because employers do not bother , the papers can be produced cheaply, so more illegal immigrants come in.

I have challenged the prospective Labour candidate in Harrow, West to do so, but he has not bothered to reply.

Irate customers who bother to complain to their local water executives will be told the rises are no higher than were forecast.

Just because you live alone does not mean that you should not bother .

None of which may initially bother the Western Koi-keeper, whose main concern is to provide good water quality for his fish.

You don't hand your homework in on time, or you don't even bother to do it.

You know the story by heart.-Then why did you bother in the first place?

II. noun




So choose electric storage heating and save time, bother , and expense.

Because there was neither carriage nor honeymoon Harry was saved the bother of providing sacks of rose-petal confetti.


I can pick up a letter there without any bother .

It was enough bother having to share my mum and my dad.

It was not so much that she distrusted banks as the bother for the visit.

New husbands could be a bother sometimes.

Still keeps all the lights out at night in case the bother starts again.

Unfortunately the bits in between are hard work and ultimately are not really worth the bother .

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