Meaning of BOY in English

I. noun


a baby boy/girl

She’s just had a lovely healthy baby girl.

a lucky man/woman/boy/girl

Your son’s a lucky man, having a father like you.

altar boy

backroom boy

ball boy

blue-eyed boy

bovver boy (= someone who behaves in a violent way )

boy band

boy racer

Boy Scout

boy toy

boy wonder

Robson, the boy wonder of the department

boys and girls

Both boys and girls can apply to join the choir.

bully boy

cabin boy

day boy

delinquent girls/boys/children/teenagers

fair-haired boy

the boss’s fair-haired boy

frat boy (= member of a fraternity )

a frat boy

head boy

little boy/girl

two little boys playing in the street

mama's boy

You’ve got to stand up for yourself, stop being such a mama’s boy.

messenger boy

mother's boy

mummy's boy

office boy

old boy

an old boys’ reunion

orphan girl/boy/child

a poor little orphan girl

poor boy

principal boy

rent boy

sb’s little boy/girl (= someone’s son or daughter who is still a child )

Mum, I’m 17 – I’m not your little girl any longer.

stable boy

teddy boy

the big boys (= the most powerful people or companies )

the birthday girl/boy informal (= the person whose birthday it is )

Here comes the birthday girl!

the new boy/girl British English (= the newest person in a job, organization etc – used humorously )

toy boy

water boy

whipping boy

wide boy




Poor Col. He wasn't a bad boy , just easily led.

As after all I was not a bad little boy but I was shy and covered it up by bravado.

Then old man Lawton goes missing and suspicion fixes on his son, Ronny, the local bad boy .

His bad boy always drove me to my vivacious good girl.

He always presented himself as the redeemed bad boy , but it was a lie, she says.

He is not a bad boy .

Another rehabilitated star admitting he was a bad boy .

Roberts' eyes widen, as if Gibson was the school bad boy and had just told off the principal.


Bethlehem was a new record company in 1957 and gathered this huge gang together to show up the big boys .

Now it is the turn of some of those big boys to suffer.

He plays with the big boys and wants their respect.

United lit the fuse for a quality cup tie by giving everything they had against the big boys from the premier league.

Six of the biggest black-coated boys ran over, surrounding his car.

He wasn't a man, only a big , overgrown boy , and he looked quite crazy and terrifying.

Patricia Ireland, the pillbox hat-wearing, scotch-pouring servant, had taken on the big boys and come out ahead.


The wooden black boy in the corner was identifiable by his white gloves in the gloom.

The black boy was down there telling Petey all his old secrets.

Errol: The teachers are for ever picking on the black boys .

The least black boy swung his head from side to side, turned, and ran for the door.

Along with rap artists and basketball players, these are the black men the black boys look up to.

Each stays on his own side of the day room the way the black boys want it.

The black boys move in with the flashlights.

All the black boys knew it.


John's face, the dear boy .

I do not need it and will set it aside for you, my dear boy , to complete your studies.

It is all very agreeable but please, my dear boy , don't allow yourself to take it seriously.

I didn't want to send the dear little boy home alone.

I must have unnerved you, dear boy .


From the very beginning, Tordella was the golden boy of the Puzzle Palace.

Ratner is not a fallen golden boy of the Thatcher era, nor a victim of his own jokes.

Terms such as thought leader, golden boy , or winner refer to people with a power base of reputation.

They are golden boys , about 17 or 18, and apparently weightless.

So golden boy had flipped - this week?

First full season for Formula One's new golden boy .

Gone in an instant was that jovial giant, that golden boy , that chestnut-haired youth whom everyone admired.


Dope and cocaine have become accessible to the grips, the gaffers and the best boys .

But even marriage to a good old boy has not opened all arms to Fonda.

Four decades ago in Britain girls were getting better results than boys in the 11-plus exam.

But so happen, one little boy not so good .

Questions relating to counting and calculating with whole numbers are generally tackled by girls as well as or better than by boys .

Derek Jensen, best boy grip -- second unit; and Ronald Beale, chiropractor.

Who better than the guy everybody thought was just a good time boy ?

This was where good boys came after they got killed by Rupert.


He was always a horrid little boy for all his pretty face, and now he's a horrid man.

Except one little boy , who, though he had heard about the clothes, believed his eyes and not his ears.

The little boy was strong and he flourished.

Here is one of the stories: A little boy is playing in his room.

What the little boys remembered about his class was that he made divinity fun, even though it was before breakfast.

Seeing through the pretense, my little boy let go of my coat and walked on silently with downcast eyes.

After Madeleine left, Edouard spent more and more time with the little boy -every free moment.

She is followed closely by a little boy , who keeps ducking behind her whenever Yolanda smiles at him.


A shower of gravel barely missed me, hurled by naughty boys who played among the ruins, ambushing one another.

In the later poets he was her son and almost invariably a mischievous, naughty boy , or worse.

He is always pleased to see his nursery teacher but is terrified that she will think he is a naughty boy .

Flat five: Beatrice, for naughty boys .

It appears the naughty boys were in the altogether just as a primary school field trip walked past.

Keith, hyperactive and aggressive, a naughty boy .

He was the town naughty boy all right, and it was incongruous that he should have been named Wesley.


Gardner-Medwin proposed screening 18 month old boys who are not walking as an approach to the problem of delayed diagnosis.

Did sky and grass whirl together and breath grow short in that first encounter with the rough older boy ?

Ballantyne's boys are about twenty five years old and the oldest boy in Golding's book is only just twelve.

Eric Hahn will replace Marc Andreessen, the 26-year-\#old wonder boy who helped to write the Mosaic browser.

He and Kasturbai, and sometimes the older boys , carried out the pots.

But they could have cost an 8 year old boy his life.

She stayed with them in the cottage and helped Benjamin during the day while the older boys hunted.


I try to convince myself that it's conditioning, the poor boy and his fears of success.

A third close friend, Ed Prince, learned early that poor boys whose fathers die young could not succeed at business.

And there in the garden, a long way from the house, was that poor dead boy , my husband.

David Copperfield about a poor boy who is mistreated by people that was very sad.

This type of program would really score with poor reading football-mad boys .

The poor boys , innocent boys, the fragile flame of life snuffed out suddenly and so much candle left!

He was a poor boy from Scarborough, who went to Manchester.

For a moment, then, the pity Ahab feels for the poor crazed Negro boy nearly swerves him from his course.


He admits he's just a small boy at heart.

My first year, out of all five hundred students I was the smallest boy .

The small boy ate ten griddle cakes and the man eight.

The small boy from the pier was led away by a gray-haired woman.

Some small boys come down the track towards me.

Perhaps he was looking for pictures in the clouds, as he had done as a small boy .

She had tales to tell of him as a small boy , as a young man.

He was a small boy sitting in the yard of their house.


Two teenage boys were threatened with castration to force their Tesco manager father to take cash from his store safe.

They were joined by teenage boys who surged in waves from the neighboring Mir-i-Arab Madrasa, a religious school.

Men and teenage boys went fishing every day, usually in small groups.

The Harlem riot erupted when an off-duty policeman killed James Powell, a teenage boy who had allegedly attacked him.

She kisses lightly, licks around the tip, and he's proud like a teenage boy .

A strong teenage boy lost half his 140 pounds in seven weeks.

The only computers in many villages are those owned by the teenage boys of the affluent to play their wham-bam games.

Across the street, half a dozen teenage boys hunch over a broken bicycle.


Two young boys , of around ten years of age, drawing closer, then parallel, now swiftly passing, past.

Last Sunday, a young boy was brought in.

More of the girls, who tended on average to be slightly younger than the boys , were still at school.

How many young boys grew up longing for such distinction?

The bodies of two young boys have been stitched back together in the mortuary of this place.

By the time Derek Dashwood first saw it as a young boy in 1952, it was falling into disrepair.

The day's most successful report is the interview with a young boy accused of stealing a leather jacket.

Man is so constructed that such isolation is too immense to conceive and the young cabin boy loses his rational faculties.



Thankfully, the name has been shortened and the unfortunate baby boy goes by the moniker Iuma Dylan-Lucas.

Only 25, she has a 4-year-old daughter, twin baby boys and no husband.

Read in studio A baby boy narrowly escaped death when his pram was crushed between a car and a garden wall.

Helen and Jack got married too -- on James Joyce's birthday -- had a baby boy and moved to the Midwest.

The baby boy went blue after his lungs became blocked.

In Mashpee, two parents were indicted on charges of abuse that left their baby boy blind and brain damaged.

The result was a healthy, blue-eyed baby boy .

A young couple I know has just been blessed with a new baby boy .


a slip of a girl/boy etc

all work and no play (makes Jack a dull boy)

glamour girl/boy

There are of course differences between the 1930s and late twentieth-century interpretations of the glamour girl.

golden boy/girl

She's Hollywood's current golden girl.

Completing the trio of golden girls is Millicent Martin - it's a formidable combination.

Even without mistakes, the halo effect eventually wears off when some one else emerges as the new golden girl.

First full season for Formula One's new golden boy.

From the very beginning, Tordella was the golden boy of the Puzzle Palace.

Ratner is not a fallen golden boy of the Thatcher era, nor a victim of his own jokes.

So golden boy had flipped - this week?

Terms such as thought leader, golden boy, or winner refer to people with a power base of reputation.

They are golden boys, about 17 or 18, and apparently weightless.

good girl/boy/dog etc

Good boys, good boys, good boys.

He's a good boy, and he's very strong.

He coughed, told Oliver to dry his eyes and be a good boy, and walked on with him in silence.

He had been a very good boy indeed.

I am Pa's best boy.

I tried to be a good girl and stay out of the way.

Randolph worked his hardest, pulling away, while Santa delivered all the presents to the good boys and girls.

This was where good boys came after they got killed by Rupert.

jobs for the boys

It smacks of jobs for the boys.

The hon. Gentleman is always talking about jobs for the boys.

man and boy

Dozens of men and boys take turns trading shots with him.

In the first scene he showed how men and boys prepared for combat and self-defence.

It seemed incredible; what would the Axis want with a bunch of small-town men and boys led by a band conductor?

On 25 May, 1812, the Felling pit in Durham exploded, killing 92 men and boys.

That was fine when manpower was cheap and farming was labour intensive, when families worked in the fields man and boy.

The men and boys were lined up and marched off in one direction, and women and children in another.

The twenty-six men and boys were martyred.

These barbarians are young men and boys, in their teens and early twenties.

separate the men from the boys

the old-boy network

there's a good boy/clever dog etc


Harry teaches in a boys' school in Glasgow.

He put a hand on the boy 's shoulder and walked with him down the hall.

I used to live in Spain when I was a boy .

My two boys are still in college.

There are only five boys in the class.

Why don't you go play with that little boy over there?


A confrontation developed and the aggrieved boy decided to take the matter to the headmaster.

At last, the morning came when Oliver was allowed to go out to work with the two other boys.

Down the hall in a waiting room, volunteer Eula Gray finishes reading a story to a little boy .

It is the stuff of ivory towers and only clever boys and girls are expected to reflect upon its themes.

She looked at the boy now.

The boys outpaced the girls in mechanical, verbal, and abstract reasoning, space relations, and numerical ability.

II. interjection


Boy , that chicken was good!

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