Meaning of BUNCH in English


I. noun


a bunch of flowers

He gave me a lovely bunch of flowers.

a bunch/set of keys (= a group of keys kept together )

He took out a huge bunch of keys and unlocked the door.

bunch of grapes

a bunch of grapes

the pick of the bunch (= the best one )

There were fifteen candidates for the job, and he was the pick of the bunch .




This means that a few get top marks, a big bunch get middling marks, and a few come near the bottom.

She smiled radiantly, and placed a big bunch of flowers next to him.

On a fruit stall she spied some big bunches of asparagus.


But me third was the best of the bunch .

Woolwich is the best of the bunch , trading at a multiple to future earnings of 10.3.

He may be the best of the bunch .

It's also the best of the bunch for multi-processing, he says.

Nevertheless as an introduction it is the best of the bunch .

Either they are one of the best of the bunch at home, or they make their name abroad.

Even these modest broadcasts show only the best of the bunch .


He ran, and I was left there on the step with this huge bunch of flowers.

Then a young man in a blue shirt rushed up to his arriving girlfriend with a huge bunch of hyacinths and daffodils.


Her hand came down on top of a large bunch of them and she felt a sudden stinging pain.

We also like to use large bunches of basil and other fresh herbs, which impart a unique flavor of their own.

The specials look like prisons - high walls, barbed wire, electronic doors and large bunches of keys.

His final purchase was a large bunch of flowers.


Shopping around Hang stems in small bunches in dark airy dry conditions.

The only embellishment was a small bunch of fresh flowers placed in a vase at her feet.

She carried a small bunch of flowers.

A small bunch of fruit falls towards the cloth.


Behind him on the wall there's this whole bunch of oils.

There was a whole bunch of yelling on the radios.

He gave me a whole bunch of flowers for nothing.

Hank Greenwald said farewell to the Giants Sunday, and a whole bunch of people had that look.

Since the word got out on Prehistoric I've seen a whole bunch of scripts.

But he was so strong he might have taken the whole bunch of us.

The whole bunch were looking more and more like liabilities.

They know that a whole bunch of famous models would rather go naked than wear fur.



Never mind, he'd buy her a nice bunch of flowers from that stall outside the infirmary on his way home.

Coriander looks like flat leaf parsley, but when bought in bunches usually has some of the root attached.


I sold shares and got a bunch of different people to invest in it.


Apart from fastening the cuttings together, the lead strip acts as a weight to hold the bunch down.


And skinny. just a bunch of bones.


How can you look at a bunch of stars, so far away, and so incomprehensible, without using your imagination?

I pick flowers so that they look pretty in a bunch and just jam them into a vase.

They know it makes the state look like a bunch of Neanderthals, with such a barbaric method.


She picked a bunch of flowers for Alan once.


the best of a bad lot/bunch


bunches of fresh grapes

Has anyone seen a bunch of keys?

He handed her a huge bunch of roses.

I bought a kilo of apples and a bunch of grapes.

Reporters are generally a cynical bunch .

This wine is the best of the bunch .


Another change for the better is that the secretary-general is now equipped with a bunch of good military advisers.

I need to apply for a bunch of these jobs.

Joe worshipped her and piled bunches of flowers on her lap.

Our image as a bunch of bumpkins who roll over for anything that comes down the pike?

Tammy Bruce was censured by the feminist elite for saying she did not want to deal with a bunch of black women.

The parents who brought their girls to the Taliaferro bus stop in the morning were a cheery bunch .

We have a bunch of cheese.

Years ago, I roasted eight chickens and invited a bunch of people, including Julia Child, to taste them.

II. verb




The nuclear membrane has broken down and the condensed chromosomes lie bunched together in the cytoplasm.

Men, women and babies are detached in small groups or bunched together in fantastic clusters, gesticulating madly.

Several stems should be bunched together and planted for effect.

The extra place at the table caused the women to bunch together , bumping elbows.

The lenses pulled the streets across the river toward him, cut-out terraces bunched together closely as layers of wallpaper.

Frequently, however, these battles came bunched together .

The isolation or bunching together of such pupils only provides them with poor role models and intensive interaction with other disturbed children.

While lower on the slope a group of sheep, seeming to sense his presence, bunched together and moved off.


She bunched up the guilty hand that had slapped Becky and put it under her pillow.

Her support stockings bunched up around her knees.

Her white sweatshirt is bunched up and tucked in at the small of her back, so her rear is exposed.

It bunched up , then slid underwater in the opposite direction.

The sheep were tearing across the field all bunched up together.

Forester was staring at the cottages and the cars, his fists bunched up hard, trembling with rage.

I pushed the door to slowly, silently, crept back down the steps, into the corner and bunched up small.

Bears, we joke, will get any stragglers, so we bunch up more tightly into swaying, giggling file.


The animals were bunched up along the river.

The shorts were bunched at the waist.

The soldiers bunched the prisoners together.


But bunched and shared, they prove valuable to all.

He bunched it and pulled at it, finally he pleated it between his knuckles, before letting it fall back.

Her white sweatshirt is bunched up and tucked in at the small of her back, so her rear is exposed.

She bunched up the guilty hand that had slapped Becky and put it under her pillow.

Some rivers contained masses of broken bridges, black knots of steel bunched grotesquely at the level of the water.

The nuclear membrane has broken down and the condensed chromosomes lie bunched together in the cytoplasm.

You, with your midair dread, blindly bunched into that swinging house you call a home.

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