Meaning of BURNING in English




a burning desire (= an extremely strong desire )

She had a burning desire to pack her case and leave.

a burning issue (= a very important and urgent issue )

For country-dwellers, transport is a burning issue.

a burning question (= an important one that needs dealing with )

Little progress was made on the burning question of Africa’s debt.

a burning sensation

These chemicals can cause a burning sensation or rash.

a burning/driving ambition (= a very strong ambition )

She had a burning ambition to become a racing car driver.

a lit/lighted/burning cigarette

Someone dropped a lit cigarette and started the fire.

be burning with curiosity (= want to know about something very much )

She was burning with curiosity about him, but was too polite to ask.

burning/blazing/smoking wreckage

He managed to crawl away from the burning wreckage.

sb’s eyes are burning/smouldering/blazing with hate literary

Then he noticed the dark eyes, smouldering with hate.

the blazing/burning sun

Tourists trudge around in the blazing sun.




When she returned to the house, she found everything as they had left it and the fire still burning .

Fortunately, the old man was still burning paint off the greenhouse.

Soon I arrived at the lime-kiln, which was still burning , although the workmen had all gone home.

He always went to sleep with his still burning , so he got through a lot more than she did.

The lamp outside the turkey-house was still burning to illuminate their way along the front drive and into the yard.

It was still burning , but not towards the hayfield.

And the lights were so bright that I could hardly bear it and my eyes are still burning .



His own unashamed, burning ambition is' to make money.

Bruce was a short, stocky man with red hair and a burning ambition .

You see, she had this burning ambition to succeed on the stage.

But they didn't reckon with her burning ambition to win a third time.

It hadn't been an easy task, and in spite of his burning ambition and will to succeed.

He had no burning ambition to climb to the upper reaches of management in those early days, however.

It was this burning ambition that I took with me into 1986.


The burning building behind him settled, and a triangular slice of wall slid out of place.

The smell of burning buildings from the last flare-up still filled the air.

Does it matter whether he really died in a burning building or whether he only thinks he did?

She was rescued from the burning building by a neighbour.

As they roared towards the burning building , Bob Wallace hit the siren to let the occupants know help was coming.

He's got a little kid in one hand and he's walking out of a burning building .


Then there was no sound but the crackle of burning bushes .

Her hair was loose and hung on her shoulders, a burning bush .

Millie's hair was close to the light over the table; it looked like a burning bush .


There they were tied up and pushed over a cliff in their burning car .

Shippey, 47, was found stabbed to death in his burning car near Merstham last December.

He contacted the fire service who hosed the burning car .

Jury sees the spot where couple were left in a burning car .

Billie had been roughly bundled by a group of storm-troopers away from the burning car and into the Dresden Heide.

Police set up barricades to halt the marchers, who began burning cars .


Of course you'd expect to find fly ash at any period since people began burning coal in quantity.

Thermal stations burning coal , oil or nuclear fuel work 24 hours a day and their output is less easy to adjust.

And burning coal , of course, produces, carbon dioxide as well as sulphur dioxide.

It was hung with pots and pans, and a huge range was slowly burning coal .

After that, he ignored the hand and massaged Bobby's arm until he felt the sensation of burning coals .

Startled, she turned to discover the dark-haired woman glaring at her through eyes that were like burning coals .


The arguments were upsetting, but they gave them a burning desire to win - to prove officialdom wrong.


The room was lit by a red light from the burning houses behind it as Anne crunched over broken crockery and plaster.

Old Mosse saved three people from a burning house in the Blitz but was a thieving rat otherwise.

In 1955 an 11-year-old Sunbeam was presented with the Silver Cross for rescuing her three sisters from their burning house .

And above the flames of burning houses rose up to drown out the moonlight and rush hot air into their streaming faces.


Another burning issue is unfair dismissal.

Quality, of design and typography rather than editorial matter, is a burning issue as far as desktop publishing is concerned.

It can also lead to the efficacy of our advice becoming the burning issue of discussion.


On some occasions, this marked cooling effect extended a distance of several hundred kilometres from the burning oil wells.

Rubble and bloodstained corpses were scattered across the dockside, and acrid smoke from burning oil filled the air.

The burning oil drum was a mystery, and Dunn refused to guess at the identity of the trucks.

The coffee smelled like burning oil .


His upper body felt curiously numb, but he could feel a burning pain deep within him when he breathed.

Aching, tearing, stitching, burning pains .


But the thick, hardened layers of dead skin sometimes press on the nerve, causing a burning sensation when you walk.

If there is any pain or a burning sensation , tell the doctor, just in case you have a urinary infection.

There was a burning sensation somewhere near the pit of his stomach.

When it started again there was a new pain a sharp burning sensation in her crotch.

She winced painfully as a burning sensation spread across her cheek, and jerked her hand away from her face.


On a sob Ruth swallowed hard and closed her eyes to the burning sun overhead.

As the day wore on the men stripped to the waist in the burning sun .

The Marines suffer from burning sun and torrential rain; flares sent up at night emit an eerie glow.


be burning to do sth

Hannah's burning to tell you her news.

be burning up

Although it was cold and the air was running out, she was burning up.

In the on-line world, customers were burning up the lines.

In these circumstances, it should be roughly assumed that you would be burning up around 2,000 calories a day.

Think about the calories you are burning up - 200 for every 30 minute walk!

be burning with rage/desire etc

sb's ears are burning

I bet your ears were burning - Tom and I were just talking about you.

My ears are burning in the cold, but there's nothing I can do about it.


burning cheeks

The two boys were rescued from the burning apartment building.


Mrs Stocks passed on the onions, neatly sliced, and went to splash cold water over her burning eyes.

That did not matter for soon burning aircraft lit the scene as though it were daylight.

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