Meaning of BURNING in English


I. adjective

Etymology: Middle English brenninge, from present participle of brennen to burn


a. : on fire : alight , aflame , ignited

the house is burning

b. : excessively hot : fiery , ardent , shining , glowing

under a burning sun

a burning and dedicated spirit drove her


a. : affecting with or as if with heat : heating

a burning fever

b. : inflaming, exciting

a burning enthusiasm

also : intense

burning wrath

c. : of fundamental and immediate import : urgent

a burning need

the burning issue of the day

d. of sensations : like that produced by a burn

a burning sensation on the tongue

3. : prominently in view : glaring , shocking — used especially of unpleasing states or conditions

a burning shame

a burning disgrace to his family

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English brenninge, from gerund of brennen


a. : a consuming or being consumed by fire or heat

b. : the state or sensation of being on fire, as if on fire, or excessively heated

2. : subjection to the action of heat or of an agent that burns : combustion: as

a. : the calcining especially of limestone or ore

b. : the heating of ores without access to air preparatory to smelting

c. : a firing of ceramic materials (as for maturing, glazing, fixing colors)

d. : the sterilizing of soil for tobacco beds by burning piles of brush and wood on the area

3. : the effect produced on something by subjection to the action of heat or of an agent that burns: as

a. : the cutting or wearing caused by friction (as from blown sand) ; especially : the roughening or discoloration of material from heat produced in machining or abrasive finishing

b. : vulcanization by heat

c. : a withered brownish appearance of foliage (as in hopperburn or tipburn)

4. obsolete : an inflammatory disease ; especially : a venereal disease

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