Meaning of CAB in English




bus/train/air/cab fare

Air fares have shot up by 20%.

cab rank

hail a cab/taxi

The hotel doorman will hail a cab for you.




What was hiding a bit of evidence compared to clubbing somebody to death with a black cab ?

Anyway, I've not been in a black cab in years.

There were hoots coming from the back of the other black cabs stuck behind me.

But while the passengers interrogated in London's black cabs may be wholeheartedly Conservative, taxi drivers themselves are wavering.

Or take the black cab , designed in the 1950s.

Dozens of black cabs pile down the ramp below Euston.

A black cab drew in to the pavement a few yards ahead of them.

You can hail a black cab on the companies.



Male cab drivers in Gloucester said running a female only business would give an unfair impression of men.

Coffee grounds and cab drivers tend to be less precise than computers.

I told the cab driver to wait and watched Jules as he went up to the house.

Andy Brown, the gullible foil and friend of Kingfish, and Amos Jones, a salt-of-the-earth cab driver .

He was always on at me to become a cab driver or something.

The cab driver obviously was from another country.


The cab fare was thirty-three dollars.

By network standards, that is cab fare .

This girl, this young woman, coming here and asking for the loan of a shilling for a cab fare .


The time when you would be relieved by the spectre of a hansom cab in the eerily unpeopled streets.

Traffic had long left the streets. Hansom cabs had returned to their mews.

In addition to the milk floats there were also a few redundant horse vehicles, including a pre-war bread van and a hansom cab .


A familiar figure got out of the bus and walked straight to the cab rank .

McCready waited ten minutes, strolled to the cab rank on Tunistrasse and hailed a cab for Bonn.

So I goes to the cab rank , and gets up on the box.


Which was a right drag - Kensal Green was a quid cab ride from the West End which was within my pocket.

One seemed to think I wanted a cab ride , but I pointed to my car.



He asked whether she would mind calling him a cab and she dangled car keys and said she would drive him herself.

Haddad muttered and set him upright before he called a cab .


Without glancing back at the house, he climbed into the cab of the Land Rover.

She climbed into the cab behind him, and they took off, waving.

They stood Donald in the back of Tommy's pick-up truck, then they climbed into the cab .

Blake climbed into the cab , followed by the Doctor.

I climb into a cab outside 72 Market Street.


In seven years driving a cab this is the first time I've been done for anything.

His brother has never driven a cab before either; this was going to be his first day.

Rex drove the cab with considerable skill.


Now I suppose I shall have to tramp back to Moorgate underground station, before I can find a cab .

He walked for miles, lost, before he found another cab .

If he was lucky he'd find a cab there, though at this time of night they weren't frequent.

Blue gets lucky again and manages to find another cab just seconds later.

One night as he waited for a young man to find him a cab , I saw my chance.

First, a taxi to Euston Station, where he could easily find another cab after a few minutes' delay.

You stay there with the luggage while I find a cab and leave it around the corner from the garage.

Walk to Fleet Street, try to find a cab there?


He managed to get the cab in gear and then he was away, really fast.

When they were finished, Wyatt took one last look around before getting back into the cab .

Duncan got in the cab and searched for anything that might have been left.

After that morning it became almost impossible for me to get a cab .

After my sandwich and a drink, I got a cab to my own office in Whitehall, and rang Seddon.

We dress carefully, get a cab , and arrive on time.

Tam carefully opened his door and got out of the cab .


She raised her hand to hail a cab but the Paris traffic was zooming by at its usual break-neck pace.

CabCharge customers can phone or hail cabs displaying a distinctive blue decal.

McCready waited ten minutes, strolled to the cab rank on Tunistrasse and hailed a cab for Bonn.

He hailed a cab and went to the Montrose.

He walked quickly, getting three streets clear, then hailed a cab .

So hail that cab and don't forget the driver won't know the way, he only lives here.

You can hail a black cab on the companies.

A couple of minutes later I hailed a cab and was on my way to Heathrow.


He jumped from the cab seconds before the train slammed into his rig.


I sat in the cab for half an hour and then this fellow went off.

Instead we sat silently in the cab as it slowly filled with smoke.

One of the taxi drivers shot in Castle Street was hit as he sat in his cab .


Which is why we take a cab .

When it was over, the three of them took a cab across town to an expensive restaurant near the capitol.

We were too hot to take a cab , so we just sauntered along with the crowds.

There are several ways we could do it: We could take more cabs .

The main attraction is one easier-to-use control system taking up less cab space.

We took a cab to my place.

At an annual meeting of League clubs, Carey took a cab with his chairman across London.

Roxanne and Ernie take a cab home.


Benji can look like a broken-down old cab horse with a real novice on his back or he can look really smart.

Drivers are in such close proximity to passengers and there is no grille between them as in black cabs.

In October 1991 a woman was thrown from the cab of this van on the M40 and died.

One seemed to think I wanted a cab ride, but I pointed to my car.

Police recognized Moll and arrested him as a suspect in two grocery store robberies, also involving getaway cabs.

Rocky O'Rourke, in the cab of his big sixteen wheeler, was parked about twenty yards north of the gates.

Without glancing back at the house, he climbed into the cab of the Land Rover.

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