Meaning of CAB in English


I. noun

or kab ˈkab, -äb

( -s )

Etymology: Hebrew qabh

: an ancient Hebrew unit of capacity equal to about two quarts

II. ˈkäb transitive verb

( cabbed ; cabbed ; cabbing ; cabs )

Etymology: short for cabbage (steal)

slang Scotland : purloin

III. ˈkab, -aa(ə)b noun

( -s )

Etymology: short for cabriolet

1. : a horse-drawn carriage: as

a. : cabriolet

b. : a similar light closed carriage (as a hansom)

c. : any carriage for hire whether closed or open and drawn by one or two horses : a hackney carriage


[by shortening]

: taxicab


[short for cabin ]

a. : the part of a locomotive that houses the engineer, fireman, and operating controls

b. : a shelter for operator and controls of a power-driven vehicle, tractor, or hoisting apparatus: as

(1) : an enclosed compartment on a motor truck or trailer truck having a windshield at the front and a seat for the driver

(2) : a suspended control compartment for the operator of a traveling crane or monorail tractor

(3) : the car or cage of an elevator

c. : cabin 4d

IV. intransitive verb

( cabbed ; cabbed ; cabbing ; cabs )

: to travel in a cab

V. noun

( -s )

Etymology: perhaps alteration of gob (lump)

dialect : something sticky or dirty

VI. noun

( -s )

Etymology: by shortening

: cabochon

VII. abbreviation

1. cabin

2. cabinet

3. cable

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