Meaning of CAREER in English

I. noun


a career move (= a decision that will improve the type of job you can do )

It looked like a good career move, with the possibility of promotion later.

a professional career

After retiring from sport, he began his professional career as a journalist.

a teaching career

She began her teaching career at a school in inner London.

an academic career

She wanted to pursue an academic career.

brilliant career

He had a long and brilliant career .

career ambitions

The course is designed to help you achieve your career ambitions.

career break

career coach

career counselor

career expectations (= someone's expectations about how well they will do in their job )

People with low self-esteem usually have low career expectations.

career structure (= the way a profession is organized which allows you to move up and get better jobs )

Teachers now have a proper career structure.

career woman

independent career women

careers officer


a career which spanned nearly 60 years

career...taking off

Mimi became jealous when Jack’s career started taking off .


She carved out a successful career in the film industry.

colourful history/past/career/life

Charlie Chaplin had a long and colorful career.

destroy sb’s career

She made one bad mistake and it destroyed her career.

Alan had been using her to further his career .

The scandal ended his meteoric political career .

pursue a career

You have to be dedicated to pursue a career in medicine.

sb's political career

He is facing the biggest decision of his political career.




I used to think about an academic career when I was a student.

After college, they moved on to literary and academic careers and began a rightward march through the 1940s and 1950s.

He began his academic career as a physiologist and pharmacologist.

The administrative breakdown of components in the academic career are: research, teaching, and community service.

In Petah Tikva my wife had just started a promising academic career .

The usual reason for a woman aspiring to an academic career: how to combine it with motherhood.

We look forward to meeting you and wish you every success in your academic career .

The categories in the framework supposedly can be applied to academic careers , roles, and the works of particular scholars.


It's Jan's brilliant career that's the problem.

His brilliant career as attorney lifted him into prominence and gave him acceptance as spokesman for the untouchables.

Throughout his brilliant career with Airdrie, Newcastle, Chelsea and Derby, controversy followed his every move.

After a brilliant student career at the Sorbonne he was called to the Paris Bar in 1926.

It was to launch Pople on a brilliant international career .

In 1921 Maitland's previously brilliant career ended in misfortune and tragedy.


At 51 minutes, it was one of Connors's swiftest defeats in his long and distinguished career .

At fifty five Mr Pacey has had a full and distinguished career in the police force.

Col. Sutherland is a Special Forces veteran who enjoyed a distinguished career .

But attention was expected to centre on Sir Anthony, currently enjoying one of the best periods of his distinguished acting career .

At this time, the earl, must have been nearing the end of his distinguished career .

Miss Riley had a long and distinguished bookselling career over 65 years.

Many have previous distinguished careers on fast jets in the Royal Air Force or in international long-haul operations.

Joseph Thomas, engineer, was born in Roche and came to Looe to retire after a distinguished career .


But this is one of the experiences that taught me very early in my career that I must do the opposite.

Case in point: Compare current photographs of George Benson with pictures from early in his career .

Among the cast of Pastoral was Pamela Chrimes, who was to be important in John's early career .

The public also remembers Mr Ishihara's early career as a novelist.

Little is known of Peter's early career .

Hayek and political thought Friedrich von Hayek's early career was devoted entirely to economic theory.

Greg's early career was spent with Hanson.

In the early 1870s his career as a trade-union leader came to an end.


A version of a Donovan song longer than his entire career ?

Just three years into his formal career as a choreographer, Alvin was discovering the law that would govern his entire career.

No wonder; in her entire career in the Civil Service she has never typed out anything remotely like it.

But in an entire career , I never knew a judge who I believed was bribed by raw money.

Why would anyone renounce their entire career just to boost their ego?

Craft sociology can provide a full range of opportunities for writing during an entire career .

What vindictive irony, to force Digby to sacrifice his entire career in transport over a railways announcement!

Out of nowhere, for the first time in his entire career , he was investigated.


Raffles was, however, to have a long career on the stage and in films.

He describes in conversational style the ups and downs of his long career .

At 51 minutes, it was one of Connors's swiftest defeats in his long and distinguished career .

Reed has been scowling so long in his long career that it seems a natural repose for him.

His long career for Somerset lasted from 1891 to 1910.

Some have yet to choose their lifetime professions, while others have retired from long careers .

Intermittently throughout his long career , Wagner attempted to formulate his aspirations in prose.

Adler's long career linked past with present.


Her attitude irritated Froebe more than anyone else's had ever done in his military career .

Reeves continued his military career , was promoted to sergeant and was often stationed overseas while his wife remained in Copperas Cove.

After a glittering military career , Des is ready for what will be a comparatively unexciting civilian life.

He left a promising military career behind to join the priesthood.

Court service now replaced his military career .

A military career had fascinated the young Makarenko, though he disliked it and had to be discharged on account of poor eyesight.

Its destruction marred the prince's reputation, and it marked the end of his military career .

Money, military records, careers , anything shady, usual sort of thing.


Now though she's carving out a new career as a fitness guru on the Big Breakfast.

Siu and many others arrived with very little and out of necessity created new careers .

It depicts the sad tale of a lavatory attendant, Jim, who reads newspapers to seek a new career .

The bankrupt cattle barons dismissed thousands of hired hands, who were forced to find new careers .

Now she's returned to start a new career ... and a new life.

As stated in Chapter l, the managers embarked on their new careers focusing on the rights and privileges of management.

You do not want to run the appreciable risk of making a bad mistake before your new career has really started.

A journalist, who liked traveling, started a new career in her forties as a tour guide.


Her rise had always been anticipated and when Mr Major secured the premiership her political career was more or less clinched.

Sharif and Bhutto, opponents throughout their political careers , differ in other ways.

Throughout his first term in office there was a series of battles between his political appointees and career bureaucrats.

His platform is his life story and his political career .

Both admitted that they had much in common with the Liberals, but both dreamt of political careers with the Conservatives.

And if that man is married and a Catholic, his political career will wither and die.

Yet, in so far as it constituted his baptism as a politician, it is crucial to an understanding of his political career .

He started his 60-year political career by flirting with far-right youth organizations as a law student in Paris.


I am therefore a man of few words and I have been very brief throughout my professional career .

Obviously it is the pinnacle of anyone's professional career to captain their country.

As young adults, each trains successfully for a professional career and enters that career.

A professional career as such seemed out of the question; his only ambition in life was to be an artist.

About one out of three expects to have a professional career .

Higgins has now been fined a total of £17,700 during his tumultuous 18-year professional career .

She had shown good judgment in consulting Lufkin about her professional career .


Good for Annabel, who had the sense to quit the circuit in good time and launch a successful new career .

Schermer worked in newspapers and television for 37 years, retiring in 1993 to begin a successful art career .

She moved from a successful career in London to set up an events-arranging company in Liverpool back in 1989.

It was about the only glitch Cronkite suffered in his long and extraordinarily successful news anchoring career .

Their previous cutter Vigilant was still going strong and it was hoped that Searcher would have an equally successful career .

Since leaving the Army, he has built a successful second career solving civilian problems.

Thus Hans Sloane began the thorough grounding on which he was to build his successful career .

My friend the liberal won an upset victory and went on to a successful career in politics.


I think it is a pity that so many anglers are devoting their whole fishing careers to the one species.

In my mind I wanted to stay a Giant my whole career .

In many ways, it's the story of Enfield's whole comic career .

Her whole career in faith pressed her toward the next moment.

Is this the Rainbow for whose sake I have risked my whole career ?

That puts a slant on my whole career .

Your very first field landing could even turn out to be the most difficult field of your whole gliding career .

Between now and then, his whole life and career could change.



For many young academics they provide the first step in the ladder of publications, now an essential requisite for career advancement .

Working hard is a personal objective, to obtain job satisfaction and potential rewards of career advancement .

That kind of curriculum vitae brings a reward in terms of career advancement , with the inevitable monetary gains.

In Britain also, several types of paraprofessional training programmes have been developed that provide useful avenues for career advancement .


It is vital that the education system should attract back women who have taken a career break to raise a family.

But despite all the bonhomie about career breaks in the Nogales maquilas, Colantuoni says one thing is clear.

His next big career break came about almost by accident.

We already encourage job-shares, part-time working and career breaks and we are introducing home working.

Employers who do not offer career breaks and childcare facilities may find themselves passed over in favour of employers who do.

It has been written to meet the needs of those returning to work after a career break .


Here are a couple of examples of people who made some interesting career changes .

Not coincidentally, all three of them had been previously successful in the private sector and made major career changes in midlife.

Start looking It's much easier to check out real career change possibilities that are available locally first.

On the morning I flew overseas to attend a career seminar I heard a radio interview about career change .

With a probable career change in the future, Melanee would be wise to limit her borrowing as much as possible.

If you are wrong, the outcome could be a positive learning experience instead of a major career change .

In addition, it is worth looking at shortage areas for jobs as a possible career change option.

This conversation led to-her discussions about how I could work with this organization by conducting career change seminars.


The need to develop systematic succession planning linked to individual career development . 9.

This led to ongoing negotiations regarding the school board engaging me as a consultant to conduct inservice career development seminars.

It is vital that the teaching profession has full confidence in the processes of career development and advancement.

If I stayed on I would have to content myself with twenty-seven years of horizontal career development !

We also began tracking the career developments of film-makers commissioned through New Directors.

The thought of accepting horizontal career development for the next twenty or thirty years is a numbing thought.

Employee discretion and expectation of skills and career development still applied, however.

He continued to regret the limitation on his career development imposed by what he saw as his confinement to Art teaching.


Secondary schools offered more rungs on the career ladder , but the chance of becoming a head teacher was much lower.

Mentoring is a critical component of career success; neither men nor women can climb the career ladder without it.

The problem seems to be that many women are having a tough time making their mark higher up the career ladder .

Instead, they are looking for protection against anything that could disturb their quiet but steady progress up the career ladder .

By Devoyrah Hogan Women's chances to climb the career ladder have been hard fought for.

The career ladder is congested; prospects are generally poor and it's easy to get stuck.

Each career group is in turn divided into four ranks, which constitute a self-contained career ladder .

The permanent staff would lose the prospect of promotion to the highest rungs of their career ladder .


As it turned out, this rejection of Hopper's advances was the wisest career move Nicholson ever made.

The structural load which exists within seemingly minor career moves or internal transfers around the force is enormous.

And it could so easily have been a suicidal career move .

This may be particularly beneficial for those making a major career move within an organisation.

Perhaps pretending to fall in love was merely a smart career move allowing you to diversify into pasturing.

At twenty-five she had married a colonel, a career move , and divorced him three years later.

Has a colleague just made an interesting career move ?


In fact, no one seems to know exactly where future career opportunities lie for this new breed.

Sources of Additional Information Information about career opportunities as a budget analyst may be available from your State or local employment service.

The greatest applause went to a young researcher who highlighted the poor career opportunities she faced.

Many high school students know very little about the wide range of career opportunities available to them.

Their bosses view them as no more than glorified typists and they are denied career opportunities .

It is not that they can not be well integrated even when career opportunities are quite different for them.

This family carries out its child rearing and educating functions inevitably at the expense of career opportunities for women.

Looking back, Frank knows he victimised himself and threw away a good career opportunity with a quality company. 2.


The disappearance of predictable career paths means that all employees have to take more responsibility for planning their own careers.

I draw on people from other regions in the company whose career paths I am not likely to cross any time soon.

This is largely because of diversions in their career paths .

Game participants were supposed to draw personality Cards and Subject Cards to aid them in searching out the right career path .

The Banks promised them a career path which never materialised.

Born in 1934, his career path was notable for its craggy leaps and reverses.

He said that involvement in Association activities should not interfere with promotional prospects or a proper career path .

And it limited bumping to one career path and based it primarily on performance ratings, not seniority.


There's no natural career progression to group finance director.

His move to Baronsmead followed a fairly typical career progression .

In return for your skills, we offer salaries as stated, a comprehensive benefits package and the opportunity for career progression .

Managing director of Aberdeen Airport at 33, she had not met any barrier to career progression .

They are drop-outs from the mainstream of career progression .

We shall explore the question of career progression more fully in Chapter 8.

Jobs which are unattractive because of low pay, inadequate training, poor conditions and career progression paths will be hard to fill.


In October he announced negotiations to review all civil service wage and career structures dating back to 1946.

I like to see a career structure in the company I work for 28.

These will directly affect the career structure within the banks, causing distortions, blockages and a recorded division of labour.

There is a shortage of suitable recruits in the diplomatic service, which offers varied experience abroad and a good career structure .

Marsh and colleagues found that there was a clear and established career structure among the youths on the terraces.

Proposed changes in the clinical career structure should make clinical nursing less of a poor relation in terms of financial recognition and status.

Teachers will be guaranteed a proper salary and career structure .

Soares, as Commander-in-Chief, urged the government to respond to military pressure for changes in pay and professional career structures .


A typical New York career woman .

At least 44 percent admit straying into another man's bed, the majority of them thirtysomething career women .

If you're unlucky, he ends up hating you for it and runs off with a dynamic career woman .

That's what you get for being a single career woman in thirtysomething, girl.

Birth rates soared and career women sank in prestige to the level of drop-outs in the great breeding stakes.

But it is surprising how prevalent such feelings still are, even among so-called career women .

The Eighties career woman who had it all: looks, glamour, fast-track, moneyed lifestyle, husband, children.

Close friends since schooldays, Joanna and Helen are now successful career women in their twenties.



She begins her career under the tutelage of her father, another artist of some talent but not much renown.

He began his retailing career in 1964 when he founded Habitat, a chain of stores selling well-designed modern furniture and furnishings.

It was soon after that Mrs Rognes began her career , domineering the Ladies' Circle at church.

She began her journalism career with the Dayton Journal Herald as a copy girl.

He began his career as an architectural assistant with the Consarc Design Group before qualifying as a lawyer.

He had begun this career with exceptional promise, creating a splendid army.


Thus Hans Sloane began the thorough grounding on which he was to build his successful career .

Things began to look pretty bleak, from the standpoint of building a career .

Constantine has built his literary career by writing about crime in the decaying western Pennsylvania steel town of Rocksburg.

Since leaving the Army, he has built a successful second career solving civilian problems.

She decided that building a new settlement was more important than building her career .

Is my technical background solid enough to build a managerial career on?

And she came to play a significant role in building his career .


The soulless, impersonal State had reared him since then, putting him through higher education and choosing his career for him.

Many of the ideas we have about work, including the freedom to choose any career we want, are fairly new.

It is unfortunate that this is when most societies expect young people to choose a career .

How do I choose a new career ?

Listed below are some of the reasons for choosing a career as a solicitor in this area.

Money, of course, is a big factor for most people in choosing a career .

The answers to these questions will have important consequences for anyone who is about to choose a career or a potential employer.

Moreover, in stating a preference, she chooses her career .


The Don ended his Test career with an average of 99.94-by far the best ever.

He came home to discover that his war injuries had also ended his boxing career .

It seems everyone is waiting for Strach to have 2 quiet games in order to start ending his career .

He and Jeff Bagwell have contract extensions that likely mean they will end their careers with the Astros.

That year also saw Jackie Stewart end his racing career with his third championship, with Emerson as his runner-up.

But his main passion was boating in Southampton Water and other waters calmer than those which had ended his active service career .

I fully expect that Tony will end his career with the San Diego Padres.


He finished with career best figures of six for 122 and after the match received his county cap from skipper Dermot Reeve.

The decision gives her the chance to finish her glittering career in the Sydney Olympics.

Van Horn finished his career as the top scorer in Utah history, averaging 20. 8 points.

He finished his career in 1952 with a record of 67 wins, including 52 knockouts, six draws and 10 losses.

Thomas finished his career with 12,074 yards rushing, ninth on the all-time list and just 46 yards behind Franco Harris.

He moved to Swansea for £160,000 before finishing his career as a coach at Sunderland.

Gretzky has said that he hopes to finish his playing career with the Kings.


He says I've always followed his career , from the 1960 Olympics.

The fifth, reserve offensive tackle Charles McRae, has decided to retire from football following a disappointing six-year career .

His move to Baronsmead followed a fairly typical career progression.

Coupled with his close association with medicine, it explains why he decided to follow the career of scientist and natural philosopher.

As a consequence, Bob Dole is not somebody that they have followed in his career .

From these it is easy to follow the career of an individual apprentice through to adulthood.

But the motive for following a composite career is often not purely financial.


If you are lucky, the radio can help your career enormously.

Educational grants and salary boosts could certainly help the careers of some nurses, but these are stopgap measures.

There are, for example relevant updating courses which may help in your career .

Invest in yourself; take courses to help your career .

It's helped my career up to a point.

This would be a profit-making organization that allows me to help people with career decisions, write books, and give lectures.

The Harrods affair will not have helped his political career .


Good for Annabel, who had the sense to quit the circuit in good time and launch a successful new career .

In the 1960s women could neither engage in business nor launch political careers .

Matt now lives in Los Angeles, where he is trying to launch a solo career .

Jack launched his accounting career at a tuna packing company, then went to work for General Dynamics.

The smile that launched a career Fans of television presenter Michaela Strachan love her famous cheeky grin.

Floyd manager Pete Jenner left with him and they immediately went into the studio to launch his solo career .

He then moved to Oxford Polytechnic before launching his army career at Sandhurst.

After two years' army service she returned to the troupe, and then launched her solo career at 19.


Andrew was determined to pursue a computer career .

He still wishes to pursue a medical career , and has been told that he will almost definitely get into medical school.

He attributed his decision to pursue a managerial career mainly to this experience.

All of them had pursued careers and then, thankfully, relinquished them.

You should have pursued a career in medicine.

Perhaps they were open to pursuing a new career path because of their developmental stage.


Michelle Howard has spent her legal career helping clients involved in medical accidents.

Since his election to the National Assembly in 1954, Kim had spent most of his career in opposition.

Barton spent all of his career at right tackle and was switched to the left side this year.

An officer who spent his career patrolling a middle-class suburb would only in extreme circumstances be involved in a physical encounter.

He spent a career as a local government officer and was active in the affairs of the Methodist Church.

Even though he spent his career trying to do just that.


He leaves at the end of this year to start a career in leisure management.

She would start her City College career in the freshman composition course.

Now she's returned to start a new career ... and a new life.

In Petah Tikva my wife had just started a promising academic career .

They could take a few days off to start career information interviewing.

Most graduate nurses start their professional careers in clinical nursing.

There she started her career as a wildlife artist.


advance your career/a cause/your interests etc

have a checkered history/career/past etc

job/careers fair

One visit to a nursing careers fair will convince you of this.

The number of stalls and the range of employers represented at careers fairs has dwindled sharply.

The report is backed up by anecdotal evidence from careers fairs .

The workers also were given the chance to participate in a job fair .


I wanted to find out more about careers in publishing.

Later on in his career he became first secretary at the British Embassy in Washington.

Like his father, Tommy chose a career in the Army.

The scandal destroyed his career as a politician.

The win was the 250th in Anderson's coaching career .

Will spent most of his career as a lawyer.


And that is how I saw this new turn in my career .

First investment bankers wanted practical people, willing to subordinate their educations to their careers.

It depicts the sad tale of a lavatory attendant, Jim, who reads newspapers to seek a new career .

Perhaps in no other political career is defeat at the polls so dreadful.

Ripley's texts reflect the contradictions of her career .

The closer you come to mimicking the originals, the sooner you can advance your career to the next level.

The Harrods affair will not have helped his political career .

Which format a participant should choose will depend upon his or her career stage, work situation and individual learning style.

II. verb




As we careered down towards South Wimbledon, I remembered other trips I'd taken to church.

Chased by police vehicles and a helicopter it rammed three cars as it careered down the wrong side of city centre roads.


In the winter of 1979-80 the Trannon careered off on a course of its own.


have a checkered history/career/past etc

job/careers fair

One visit to a nursing careers fair will convince you of this.

The number of stalls and the range of employers represented at careers fairs has dwindled sharply.

The report is backed up by anecdotal evidence from careers fairs .

The workers also were given the chance to participate in a job fair .


The car careered out diagonally across the lane, heading straight for the wall on the other side.

They careered towards it, speeding up the while.

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