Meaning of CAREER in English

I. ca ‧ reer 1 S2 W2 /kəˈrɪə $ -ˈrɪr/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Date: 1500-1600 ; Language: French ; Origin: carrière , from Old Provençal carriera 'street' , from Latin carrus ; ⇨ ↑ car ]

1 . a job or profession that you have been trained for, and which you do for a long period of your life

career in

a career in journalism

a teaching career

He realized that his acting career was over.

career development/advancement/progression etc

Career prospects within the company are excellent.

a physiotherapist who wanted to make a dramatic career change by becoming an author

Nurses want an improved career structure (=better opportunities to move upwards in their jobs) .

2 . career soldier/teacher etc someone who intends to be a soldier, teacher etc for most of their life, not just for a particular period of time:

a career diplomat

3 . the period of time in your life that you spend doing a particular activity:

She had not had a very impressive school career up till then.

My career as an English teacher didn’t last long.

Beating the defending champion has to be the highlight of my career.

• • •


■ adjectives

▪ a successful career

David had had a successful career in banking.

▪ a distinguished/brilliant career (=very successful)

She retired last year after a distinguished career as a barrister.

▪ a glittering career (=very successful, especially in sport or acting)

Winning the gold medal was the highlight of her glittering career.

▪ a promising career (=likely to be successful)

She gave up a promising career in advertising in order to look after her children.

▪ a political/medical/military etc career

The scandal ruined his political career.

▪ a teaching/acting/sporting career

Her acting career lasted for more than 50 years.

▪ a professional career

You have to be outstanding to have a professional career in music.

▪ sb’s chosen career

His parents encouraged him in his chosen career as a scientist.

■ verbs

▪ have a career

All my sons had careers in education.

▪ make a career

It isn’t easy to make a career in journalism.

▪ pursue a career (=try to make a successful career)

She left teaching to pursue a career as a psychologist.

▪ begin/start out on/start a career

Jacobson started his banking career in 1990.

▪ launch/embark on a career (=start one)

Rita went to New York where she launched her dancing career.

▪ build a career (=make it develop)

She built her literary career by writing about crime.

▪ change career

People may change careers as many as seven times in their lives.

▪ revive/resurrect your career (=make it successful again)

The singer is seeking to revive his pop career.

▪ sb’s career takes off (=starts to be successful)

His career took off and he started making a lot of money.

■ career + NOUN

▪ career development/advancement/progression

A good job offers a programme of training and career development.

▪ career opportunities

Students often know little about the career opportunities available to them.

▪ career prospects (=opportunities to get a good job or a better position)

Good computer skills will improve your career prospects.

▪ a career path (=a way of making a career)

There’s no fixed career path for becoming an actor.

▪ a career structure (=a system for making progress in a career)

Teaching offers a clear career structure.

▪ the career ladder (=the way to higher positions in a career)

Having children can disturb your progress up the career ladder.

▪ a career change/move

After ten years in the job, I realized that I needed to make a career change.

▪ a career woman (=one whose job is very important to her)

Career women tend to marry later.

▪ careers advice/guidance

Most universities offer professional careers advice.

▪ a careers officer (=someone who gives careers advice)

If you’re not sure what to do, why don’t you talk to a careers officer?

■ phrases

▪ a career in journalism/politics/teaching etc

At the age of 15, he knew he wanted a career in politics.

• • •


▪ job noun [countable] the regular paid work that you do for an employer:

a full-time job


John got a job in a car factory.

▪ work noun [uncountable] activities that you are paid for doing – used either when you work for an employer or when you work in your own business:

I started work when I was 18.


He graduated from college last year and is still looking for work.

▪ profession noun [countable] a job for which you need special education and training:

There are now a lot more women in the legal profession.


Many teachers are leaving the profession.

▪ occupation noun [countable] formal a job, or a type of job – often used on official documents:

Please give your name, age, and occupation.


a traditionally male occupation

▪ career noun [countable] the work you do or plan to do for most of your life:

I’m interested in a career in journalism.

▪ position noun [countable] formal a particular job within an organization:

I am writing to apply for the position of technical assistant.


We regret that the position has already been filled.


Please state the position which you are applying for.

▪ post noun [countable] formal a job, especially an important one in a large organization:

She has held the post of managing director for two years.


He applied for the post of Senior Manager.

▪ vacancy/opening noun [countable] a job that is available for someone to do:

The hospital has been unable to fill the vacancy.


There are very few openings in scientific research.

▪ appointment noun [countable] an important job which someone is asked to do:

He took an appointment as US trade ambassador in Geneva.

▪ posting noun [countable] a situation in which someone is sent somewhere to do a job for a period of time by the organization they work for:

This was his first posting outside the UK.


an overseas posting


His next posting took him to the Ministry of Defence.

▪ trade noun [countable] a job that involves using your hands, and for which you need special training:

Most of the men had worked in skilled trades such as carpentry and printing.

▪ employment noun [uncountable] the fact of having a job:

The factory will provide employment for local people.


She was offered employment in the sales office.

II. career 2 BrE AmE verb [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]

British English to move forwards quickly without control, making sudden sideways movements SYN careen American English

career down/along/towards etc

The truck careered down the hill and into a tree.

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