Meaning of CARGO in English




a cargo plane (= for carrying goods )

cargo planes carrying emergency supplies for victims of the earthquake




Builders' Merchants. General cargo continued to flow through the port but there was a gradual decline in dock activity.

A: Air couriers act as delivery persons for packages too urgent or sensitive to fly as general cargo .

Some are general cargo boats, often carrying goods in containers.

Other services include general cargo handling, marine fuel product storage and wholesale electrical supplies.


For six weeks a jury has heard the callousness with which the lorry driver treated his human cargo .

This is human cargo land-people nobody wants, trying to get somewhere.

Then they would unload their human cargo and speed back, using a different route, to repeat the process.

Boats raced to the ship and ferried its human cargo toland.

He passed through Istanbul in two months-more quickly than most of the city's human cargo .


The firm represents a large number of cargo shipping lines.

More people are looking for a versatile vehicle, one that would have towing capacity and larger cargo capacity.

Steamers could carry larger volumes of cargo than sailing vessels and do it more frequently and regularly.

Points to look for Extension top Allows larger cargoes of light materials like leaves, to be transported with much less spillage.



Today, the airport handles 460 flights, 84,000 passengers and 5,600 tonnes of air cargo each day.

A series of area road improvements could help Brown Field take flight as an air cargo hub.

Quite simply, the use of fast, reliable air cargo services adds value to any product.

Longer runway preferred How would an air cargo hub affect those developments?


Hoffman said the end of the tether draped in the cargo bay was discolored, perhaps charred by burning.

There were cargo bays and airlocks situated at random among the folds and spirals, but all of them remained closed.


The boats averaged four to six miles an hour, and had right of way over cargo boats on the canal.

Some are general cargo boats , often carrying goods in containers.


After coal, building materials figured importantly among bulk cargoes .


Underneath some shabby canvas tarps on the cargo deck were stacked a dozen bulky mattresses and twenty thick pine boards.

Riker threw me the box and walked back to sit on the edge of the cargo deck .

He slammed the butt of the weapon on my cargo deck and the thing went off.

The scurrying grunts tossed a foot-filled boot on to the cargo deck .

We landed about a hundred feet from the headquarters ten, sinking into the grass up to the cargo deck .

Stacked on the cargo deck , they still fought, frozen inside their rubber bags, arms and legs stiffly askew.


An expert on air accidents believes that the aircraft was de-stabilised after opening its cargo door for a low-level drop.

Additional modifications to the cargo door locking and pressurisation systems are being considered as part of a continued investigation effort.


Commercial and cargo flights would be allowed as long as they were inspected at their departure points.


She was in the cargo hold , standing on the ribbed floor of the shuttle next to the loading hatch.

And a third beam was forced into the cargo hold .

Demyonov had gone home last week in an elaborate casket dark inside the cargo hold of a Tupolev airliner.

That would force airline workers to retrieve that travelers' bag from the cargo hold .

Chests of tea and bales of wool can be found in the lower cargo hold .

There were dull thuds from the cargo hold .

If the wiring were overheating, it could have caused oxygen-generating canisters in the cargo hold to explode, he said.


The operation would use 11 military cargo planes and would eventually cost over US$200,000,000.

They suggest an advanced design of the C.141 Starlifter cargo plane .

These cargo planes are the modern equivalents of the tramp steamer.

That cargo plane of yours has a range of three thousand, six hundred sea miles.

The paratroops, known as Task Force Red, dropped in two waves from C-141 cargo planes .


Q: I have heard that you can reach many places in the world as passengers on cargo ships .

During a routine docking maneuver to resupply, we collided with a cargo ship .

And Weider Travel, of Felixstowe, has offered them a place on the cargo ship Sexton.

Lying in the anchorage were two light cruisers, a number of destroyers, and about ten cargo ships .

The only retail travel agency in Britain specialising in passenger journeys on board cargo ships .

Tankers and cargo ships make easy targets.

A river passenger boat crashed into a cargo ship and sank on the Amazon on March 7 after leaving Iquitos.


It offers 118 cubic feet of cargo space , or five times the trunk space of a Buick Regal.

Then Hay wrestled a nylon bag crammed with playthings from the cargo space behind the third passenger seat.


Since the sacrifice of a single one of these cargo vessels caused terrible losses, merchants yearned to avoid the inevitable.

No warships were present, but considerable damage was inflicted on cargo vessels , with which the harbor was jammed.



Charterers have recently shown growing concern about the standards of maintenance of ships carrying their cargoes .

The train cars carrying cargo trucks are not sealed.

Steel was stronger so boats could be built with thinner plates, making them lighter and so able to carry more cargo .

The sperm carries just a nucleus cargo , a mitochondrial engine, and a flagellum propeller.

You can't fault Ayckbourn's production but, for once, his comic vessel has problems carrying such emotionally heavy cargo .

For Sealink Ferries claimed it was too dangerous to carry as cargo .

She was built to carry dry cargo such as fruit and groceries in crates, aluminium or copper.

For example a ship called the Felicia left Philadelphia in August 1986 carrying a cargo of incinerator ash containing harmful metal residues.


During the next four weeks we steamed from one port to another, unloading and loading a variety of cargoes .

The berths were practically dry at low water and vessels lay aground on the mud bottom whilst loading and discharging their cargoes .

I moved about uncomfortably, listening to the thumps on the roof as they loaded up the cargo .


Then they would unload their human cargo and speed back, using a different route, to repeat the process.

Patients could watch trains load and unload cargo from the ships docked at the waterfront.

There they found two boats tied up alongside the wharf, waiting to unload their cargo of dolphin corpses.

The stretcher bearers ran out to unload the cargo .

On the other hand, he could find he had been selected to unload a valuable cargo such as palm kernels.

It became the head of navigation where they unloaded their cargoes .


The ship was carrying a cargo of oil-drilling equipment.


By the March meeting, negotiators will have assessed new cargo preparation costs and additional experiment preparation expenses.

During 1991, Bontang exported 197 contracted standard cargoes.

He said it contained his own private cargo and that he wanted to unload it himself.

Hoffman said the end of the tether draped in the cargo bay was discolored, perhaps charred by burning.

In autumn and winter the cargoes were damsons, tomatoes, marrows, cucumbers, apples, and pears.

Steel was stronger so boats could be built with thinner plates, making them lighter and so able to carry more cargo .

The Department of Transportation classifies the oxygen generators as hazardous materials when carried as company material in cargo compartments.

These so-called cargo cults became bizarre, microcosmic societies that survived almost entirely on hopes and dreams that might never be realized.

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