Meaning of CAT in English




a cow/cat etc swishes its tail (= quickly moves it from side to side )

The cow wandered off, swishing her tail.

a pet dog/cat/rabbit etc

I used to have a pet rabbit when I was young.

alley cat

big cat

cat burglar

cat flap

cat litter

cat suit

cat's cradle

The searchlights wove a cat’s cradle of light.

cat's paw

city/cat/night etc person (= someone who likes a particular kind of thing )

I’m not a morning person.

it is raining cats and dogs informal (= it is raining very hard – this phrase sounds rather old-fashioned )

Manx cat

mother cat/bird/hen etc (= an animal that is a mother )

Persian cat

Siamese cat




Persian Leopard Of all the big cats the leopard is the most adaptable.

She thinks the big cats are her fears about life with her husband, and life without him, too.

The tiger is without doubt the most awesome and magnificent of the big cats .

But the biggest damn cat ! just walking around.

A poster for the local paper on the wall next to the newsagent claims boldly that another big cat has been seen.

And rats as big as cats !

In fact he reminded me of a cat , a very big cat, slow and smooth and self-contained.


Why does a black cat bring good luck?

There is always a black cat in the yard too I never go near it though.

Max is a jazz musician, a black cat with Negro features, who owns a talking saxophone, his Alto Ego.

Not even a sinister black cat , but a large and lazy-looking tabby.

From atop one pile on the desk under the window, a very fat long-haired black cat gazed impassively at Agnes.

I am so dark that a black cat looks illuminated to me.

In the hall they found Mr Hunter again, holding a slack bored-looking black cat .

Crouching low by the wall of the stables was a black cat , eating a bird whose wings were still twitching.


After all, they're treated in rather the same disgraceful way as domestic cats .

Loss of beachfront habitat and predation by domestic cats and introduced red foxes pushed the least tern to the brink of extinction.

These are the seven most important sound messages made by domestic cats .

The wild ancestors of our domestic cats liked to eat freshly killed prey - they were not scavengers.

As indeed is the lion, the otter or the domestic cat when they are out a-hunting.

This short gestation means that, like the kittens of a domestic cat , the cubs are born blind and helpless.

This snake-mimicry is employed by many species, from the familiar domestic cat to less familiar finches.

The explanation is that the domestic cat uses two vocabularies at once.


From atop one pile on the desk under the window, a very fat long-haired black cat gazed impassively at Agnes.

And we are easy targets. Fat cats are rare and easy to spot.

And far from silently resenting the city fat cats , they believe top businessmen deserve success.

Teacher: Are there more fat cats than thin cats?

A fat white cat sat on a wall and watched them with sleepy eyes.

The painting, with the two fat cats at the base of the steps, was thought to be by her.


Her own eyes were a muddy green, and just now they were spitting fire, like a little cat .

I saw the little cat first.


Now they are campaigning to be allowed to take their pet cat with them.

It was only as my sister reopened the front door to let out her pet cat that I was noticed.

A Glaxo unit bought the formula to use on pet cats .

Some cat manuals solemnly instruct their readers in how to take their pet cats for a walk.

The village cat owner sets off from home and finds the pet cat tagging along.

Her parents were alerted by their pet cats and the family escaped unharmed.

It was purring, like a pet cat .

This acoustic ability of pet cats explains why they sometimes appear to have supernatural powers.


Sometimes a Siamese cat will develop pale colouring on its points without any local injury.

A very superior Siamese cat eyes her from a low windowsill, its sapphire eyes, cold and searching.

A Siamese cat picks its way among the confusion of London Library volumes lying open on the table.

He was not to be persuaded that they were merely Siamese cats gone horribly wrong.

Oriental cats in general seem to be more likely to indulge - and Siamese cats in particular.


The world is full of stray cats , many of them searching hopefully for a new home.

I was merely about to fire a blank to frighten off some stray cats .

A tribe of stray cats scattered as I turned into the yard where Ellen's apartment lay.

A dozen stray cats were asleep under a Con Edison awning and so were two winos.

By next morning some stray cat had eaten much of his back, so all I could do was measure him.

Beneath the stage a stray ginger cat climbs on huge pieces of outdated production machinery from before the second world war.


She squealed like a tabby cat beneath the lecherous neighbourhood tom.

A large, tabby cat came in, sniffed round his shoes then jumped up on his lap.

For some reason we do not fully understand, the blotched tabby cat was a winner.

What is the history of the tabby cat ?


Snow leopards have the distinction of being the only true big cat of the mountains.

A true cat abhors a closed door.

The true cats of the genus Felis have a different attachment of the larynx that robs them of this ability.

When caught misbehaving a true cat pretends he was doing something else.

If the cap had been spooked by our presence could the same be true of the cats ?

A true cat always comes between you and your newspaper.

It is true that all cats share many features of their behaviour, down to the tiniest detail.

A true cat knows his name but will never acknowledge it.


Sometimes a white cat is born with one blue eye and one orange eye.

It is just one in a series of books about her white cat , Violet, who also lives on Wistoria Lane.

A white cat and the marmalade and white lay curled up side by side in an armchair.

Owners of deaf white cats report that their pets are brilliant at compensating for their genetic disability.

His black and white cat surveyed the world contentedly from the doorstep.

A white cat , like an albino human or white whale, has a biochemical quirk.

A fat white cat sat on a wall and watched them with sleepy eyes.

It is the blue-eyed white cats that are most prone to deafness.


They start to refine their miaows in a way that wild cats never seem to do.

A wild cat passes near, somebody spots a yak, there is talk of a new plague of wolves.

Of the three types of general body fur on the wild cat , the down hairs are the most numerous.

Just then two big wild cats came down to the shore from the mountains.

Instead, she began to light like a wild cat .

There is wildlife here in abundance; deer, wild cats , red squirrels, golden eagles, ospreys and reindeer.

The people were afraid of these wild cats , and the women cried out.

The second wild cat ran back up into the mountains.



Although he was to become Britain's most successful cat burglar , Peace showed no early aptitude, and was frequently arrested.

Actually, Rutledge is a thief who employs his abused, trained ape Dunston as a simian cat burglar .

We are softly up the stairs and into our room with less noise than a pair of cat burglars .

Next,'s friends and colleagues dressed up as cat burglars and prowled around Telford town centre collecting money for Comic Relief.

Auguste flashed around busily, trying to reconcile these people with Rose's cat burglar .

Even Rose had no proof that the cat burglar was in Cannes.


Indeed if you include our exports, we are the largest manufacturer of dried cat food in the country.

The walls and ceilings were black, and the sole illumination was provided by black candles set in empty cat food cans.

Most of them looked as if they had been moulded in empty cat food tins.

She used to give them Pedigree Chum too, but it was mostly cat food .

This is sold, alongside Omega cat food , through specialist outlets such as pet shops, garden centres and agricultural merchants.

Marie bought loads of cat food before she left, so there's plenty for him.

Our private label business in the supermarkets continues to grow with our cat food products selling extremely well in the major multiples.

This predominance of cans is a correct impression of the country's cat food market.


You can use a large plastic cat litter tray as a dirt-box.

Fill this with a small amount of cat litter , having lined it first with newspaper.



They eat cinders, dead cats .

Being poor and hungry, the son decided to eat the cat .


The next time you feed your cat , take a close look at its eyes.

Now recliners do everything but feed the cat .

And the money she earned from the deal went towards feeding her own cats .

They let her come round and tell me, so I could feed the cat if she's not back.

It was getting more and more difficult to feed the cat - and to feed himself.

She ought to feed the cat - and then there was the washing.

They were destined to feed his cat .

Ninety-five percent of our cats are fed a canned cat food, the others eating scraps or whatever they can catch!


When they tossed the used rag of my body from the railings, I fought like a cat but only ice-water listened.


Use to remove them from-areas. ò Keep cats away with bottles half filled with water around the garden.

Several who tried keeping the cats reported delightedly that this was the case.

He was sentenced to 6 months in imprisonment and banned for life from keeping cats .

Of course, good help is hard to keep with cats , owls and actors all over the place.


That stuff they're giving you would kill a dozen cats .

I killed my cat when I was six.

Nour hadn't killed the cat .

There's more than one way to kill a cat ....

An assessment was made of the numbers and species of animals caught and killed by cats in and around this particular village.

I didn't know any more than you, but curiosity was killing this cat , and I wanted their measurements.

If this emission takes place it triggers the breaking of a vial of poison gas which instantaneously kills the cat .


Gaily let in the cat , scratching at the door.

It was only as my sister reopened the front door to let out her pet cat that I was noticed.

Inadvertently perhaps, the BiE report lets the cat out of the bag.


For the rest of the hunting season, the saboteurs will play a cat and mouse game with the huntsmen.

You don't have to play these cat and mouse games with your clockwork soldiers.

By the looks of them, they had been playing whilst the cat was away.

Tucked away from spewing traffic, quiet old city streets filled are with playing children and cats .

Bail arm over, wind down, strike and Rick was soon playing out another cat towards the waiting net.

They played cat and mouse with the Bay, now scrambling for the outside, now sneaking back in.


Cat got your tongue?

What's happened to all your brains, Frankie boy? Cat got your tongue ?

calico cat

curiosity killed the cat

The townspeople had learned the hard way that curiosity killed the cat - you stayed indoors if there was trouble.

dogs'/cats' home

fat cat

They do not resent the city fat cats, but believe top businessmen deserve success.

Why should those fat cats get rich through our efforts?

And far from silently resenting the city fat cats, they believe top businessmen deserve success.

Teacher: Are there more fat cats than thin cats?

The painting, with the two fat cats at the base of the steps, was thought to be by her.

Too often they are viewed as' ambulance-chasing fat cats'.

fight like cat and dog

sth is like herding cats

there's more than one way to skin a cat

there's not enough room to swing a cat


That Jefferson is one cool cat .


Mr Cruitt says ad spending will triple this year, when the company will begin promoting the cat version of the drug.

No one was about except a black and white cat asleep in the sun.

She travelled in a chariot drawn by cats, the latter being her sacred animal symbol and familiars.

The next day Richard got a cat .

Two cats add to the homely feel, as does the lively Caps Restaurant and Bar.

What falling ill means to a cat , or any other animal, is that something unpleasant is threatening it.

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