Meaning of CEASE in English


I. verb


cease to exist (= stop existing )

Many of these companies will cease to exist in five years' time.

cease trading (= stop being a business because you are bankrupt )

ceased to function

Her legs have now ceased to function .

never ceased to amaze

It never ceased to amaze him that women were attracted to Sam.




It ceased abruptly and her gaze left his to wander down his body, stopping only to rest upon his nakedness.

The alimony Betty Parsons lived on abruptly ceased , and she was forced to leave Paris.

Yeremi's stream of plasma ceased abruptly as his hand cramped within that fervid womb.

Some may have been in hiding, traumatized by the squealing that had filled the afternoon air and then quite abruptly ceased .


As the Old Bailey Chronicle reported, Smith experienced excessive pain when first turned off, but that ceased almost immediately.

Required to spend more time with Matilda, Agnes finds that her encounters with the curate dwindle and almost cease altogether.

It had almost ceased to matter that she was in Paris, and not in love.

Electorally, Labour has almost ceased to exist in those counties.

One wet day, though, in 1985 Bellerby Feast had almost ceased to exist.


Had Woodhead gone in 1997, he would have long ceased to be a serious nuisance.


I have no problems with this evidence, but it never ceases to amaze me what some modern theologians do with it.

It never ceased to amaze me to watch soldiers head right for these places.

It never ceased to amaze me how he could do it.

His daughter's beauty had never ceased to surprise the chief inspector.

Frye never ceased to be amazed by how little they knew, how unfamiliar they were with the basic routines of school.

Millie thought that they would never cease praying.

These towers of loops never cease to amuse us because inevitably the messages circulating along them cross their own paths.


Once formed, rings soon cease to exchange with the biosphere.

This is not like the Tao, and that which is not Tao-like will soon cease .

He soon ceased trying new ideas, already outstripped by others far more inventive than he.



If that prospect goes, the port operation would probably cease .

Unemployment insurance operations have ceased in Kansas, and may soon halt in 10 other states and the District of Columbia.

Immediately after fertilising operations have ceased , banking-up is performed by ploughing an angled blade between each row of vines.


It was investigated in 1989 for violations of environmental laws, and production ceased later that year.

Voice over At the end of the week, production will finally cease in the Rover north works.


wonders will never cease


All conversation ceased as the two police officers entered.

By noon the rain had ceased.

Hostilities between the two countries have now ceased.

Many of these firms have now ceased to exist.

Presently, the rain ceased and the sun came out.

The factory has now ceased production and will close next month.

The mill ceased operating commercially two years ago.

The newspaper has been forced to cease publication.

The sound of gunfire gradually receded and then ceased altogether.


Andy Davis, with a strong departmental power base in marketing, had ceased to argue so strongly for diversification.

For those above them -- households with over $ 62, 000 -- the payroll tax ceases to grow.

Indeed the psychiatric hospitals themselves may, in many areas, cease to exist.

That step is to cease attacking Dubrovnik and to withdraw from it.

The arrangement ended on 1 January when the Soviet Union ceased trading with its former allies on a convertible rouble basis.

The world had ceased to exist.

There was nothing to do except wait for the gale to cease while we let Hsu Fu drift with the wind.

We cease trying vainly to understand the secrets of the Universe as we have hitherto tried to do.

II. noun


Aircraft landed and took off without cease , so that seldom less than a dozen were airborne at one time.

As long as you lack something, you yearn for it without cease .

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