Meaning of CHARITABLE in English



a benevolent/charitable fund (= for giving help to poor people )

He contributed the sum of £1,500 to the benevolent fund.

charitable donations (= given to help poor people, a good project etc )

Food shortages prompted a flood of charitable donations.




Perhaps we should be a little more charitable , however.



Each year, industry spends at least £125 million on charitable activities over and above straight forward donations.

Or, thirdly, arrangements whereby the needy are increasingly looked after by voluntary and charitable activities .


Projects are sponsored by community associations, voluntary or charitable bodies and local authorities.


But in recent years he has spent £50,000 of his own money and much time on charitable causes .

By the spring of 1993, the parish was donating nearly two hundred thousand dollars each year to charitable causes .

The house was never shown, the garden aided no charitable cause .

Across all charities the average was 67 % spent on charitable causes in 1997, compared with 80 % five years earlier.


The very sound of my name in quest of some charitable contribution sends many of them in flight to the Outer Hebrides.

Those include the deductibility of charitable contributions , education expenses, interest and medical expenses.

In 1696 he was arrested for signing and circulating an appeal for charitable contributions to relieve the extruded clergy.

The vast majority of the money comes from abroad, given as legal charitable contributions , he said.

These include the treatment of capital transfers, of charitable contributions , and of capital gains arising from interest rate changes.

Document the costs and benefits of participating in school-to-work, rather than treating it solely as a charitable contribution .

The next obstacle is just as tough: the $ 24 billion annual tax savings for charitable contributions .

But they also reward or punish behavior: The deduction for charitable contributions underwrites generosity.


The website also sets out the reliefs available for charitable donations .

Currently individuals can take a tax deduction of 20 to 40 percent for charitable donations .

In short, a lot was done to increase the level of charitable donations from individuals in the 1980s.

Silver said, referring to the write-off that the owners can claim because the car is a charitable donation .

We are making arrangements with Forces charities for gifts to be treated as charitable donations .

To what extent does its dependence on charitable donations make it an involuntary party in the game of denial?

Having given away all her money in Rome, she begged her food, or existed on charitable donations .

The second beneficiary, the Suffolk Accident Rescue Service, relies totally on charitable donations for its desperately-needed equipment.


The remote origins of Emanuel School lay in the sixteenth century and a small charitable foundation for the elderly and the young.

She was now executive director of a large charitable foundation .

The Halls are appealing to charitable foundations , businesses, corporations and local people for further support.

After his death in 1998, the money continued to flow from Botnar's estate and charitable foundations .

Charity commissioners admit they have been in lengthy discussions with Jansen's solicitors about her position with the charitable foundation .

These submerged classes survived on the charitable foundations of the past: Madrid convents provided 30,000 bowls of soup daily.

When government cash was withdrawn they applied to several charitable foundations for funding.

Set up last century by charitable foundations to support local cultural activities and to combat usury, they have become big business.


The maximum limit on single charitable gifts qualifying for Income and Corporation Tax relief has been abolished.

In 1925, when Kellogg was sixty-five years old, he established the Fellowship Corporation to distribute charitable gifts anonymously.

Unlike Forbes, Gramm and Buchanan favor retaining the home-mortgage deduction and the deduction for charitable gifts .


When he died he left the land to the Drapers Company - a charitable institution for residents of East London.

After being washed in the river the clothes were then distributed to charitable institutions .


The charitable organisation , the trust I am talking about happens to have four Eastern Board managers running the show.


Our other work includes press and publicity training for community groups and charitable organisations .

Members played a large part in their local communities working with the many charitable organisations .

Via work in charitable organisations and institutions.


The children named friends as well as charitable organizations as beneficiaries.

It would provide a $ 500-per-person tax credit for contributions to charitable organizations that care for the poor.

In her adopted desert home, Bombeck was very generous, contributing time and money to a number of charitable organizations .

So did government organizations and major charitable organizations.

This is a simple rule, and for 40 years the vast majority of charitable organizations have strictly observed the prohibition.

In both cases, Gingrich turned to charitable organizations as an alternative means of financing the projects.


The first playing was dedicated to various charitable purposes .

The members of the editorial group spontaneously agreed that the royalties should be devoted to spiritual and charitable purposes .

However, in the 1988 Budget the Chancellor abolished the tax relief on all inter-personal covenants except those made for charitable purposes .

Beneath the third was a vast treasure which the emperor then used for charitable purposes .


The draft student charter would allow students to opt out of their associations and would constrain unions within the law on charitable status .

The Centre is an independent body, with charitable status .

If we do make a profit, we may lose our charitable status .

Legacies can also be sought more easily if the organisation can show that it has charitable status .


And in 9 months, local people raised £600,000 and set up a charitable trust to run the hospital.

The castle and the estate will be managed by charitable trusts on behalf of the state.

The Fund has been able to assist with new charitable trusts at Thirlestane and Newliston in Lothian.

Impasse is funded by Cleveland County Council, charitable trusts and industry.

Jay was amused by her go-getting energy, especially when Lucy had done battle with yet another charitable trust or foundation.

Following the death of Edgar Kaufmann the office was dismantled and moved to the headquarters of the family's charitable trust .

It is run by a charitable trust and so relies on grants and donations for its survival.


My sister Elizabeth does a lot of charitable work in orphanages.

His later years were devoted largely to charitable work , to which he contributed much in an unostentatious manner.


He believes that the financial support companies give to charitable works can, and should, be quantified.

The framework remained, the ordered cycle of worship and the charitable works , though much diminished.


It's one of many excellent charitable organizations that work with the poor in the city.

Johnson was not so charitable in calling the commission's decision "irresponsible."


For secondary care there is a mix of public, private, and charitable hospitals.

If Glynn had wanted a cover for visits to his woman friend, his charitable trips to St Ives served him well.

In her adopted desert home, Bombeck was very generous, contributing time and money to a number of charitable organizations.

The remote origins of Emanuel School lay in the sixteenth century and a small charitable foundation for the elderly and the young.

Those include the deductibility of charitable contributions, education expenses, interest and medical expenses.

When he died he left the land to the Drapers Company - a charitable institution for residents of East London.

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