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Whether the continued global warming and associated changes in atmospheric circulation will occur steadily is unknown.

Any weakening of the stratospheric inversion would affect convective processes and atmospheric circulation in general, thereby affecting weather and climate.

Moreover, theories of atmospheric circulation on Jupiter yield winds rather than waves.


Its daily circulation in the 1960s stood at well over 1.3 million copies.

C., with a daily circulation of 18, 846 and a Sunday circulation of 21, 307.

In 1947 it had an average daily circulation of 2, 134,000 copies but in 1961 it only sold 1,394,000 copies.

The Wall Street Journal boasts the largest daily paper circulation , a little less than two million.

Town Talk has daily circulation of 40, 400.


The Treaty of Rome meanwhile guarantees free circulation of goods.

These old colonial buildings with their splendid wide windows allow free circulation of air.


Such obstruction to the flow of bile will cause the conjugated bilirubin to be regurgitated into the sinusoids and the general circulation .


The vortices merge in pairs to form more diffuse vortices with larger overall circulation .

The Wall Street Journal boasts the largest daily paper circulation , a little less than two million.

It was the combination of large circulation share and a large number of titles that gave concentration its distinctive character in 1990.


The only game in town was mass circulation , and that was to be achieved by NoS becoming an aggressively popular tabloid.

In quest of mass circulation and advertising support, the major city newspapers gradually developed a tradition of political and journalistic independence.

Sadly, commentators and writers in the mass circulation dailies sometimes lack the ability to discriminate.

The very fact they are bought and read daily by millions of people gives mass circulation newspapers an undeniable political role.

Perhaps a government subsidy, sourced from entertainment tax, should have been applied in the interests of mass circulation .

The offeror must then publicise this intention in a mass circulation newspaper or by some other means approved by the supervisory authority.


Extra heating may also be required to offset pain, discomfort or poor circulation .

Peristaltic tights will appeal to sufferers from poor circulation and varicose veins, and those whose hearts need a bit of extra help.

Tight boots lead to good control of your skis but poor circulation to the toes.

The elderly or disabled are particularly vulnerable, although some younger people with poor circulation can also suffer from the condition.

Coldness or sweating, flushing, poor circulation , fatigue, fainting.

There is also a risk of gangrene due to poor circulation , plus cataracts and possible kidney failure.


Where there is only a small number in circulation the gilt may be difficult to sell.

The popular penny press displaced the small circulation partisan press as the model of the daily newspaper.

With the much lower production costs of the late 1980s, small circulation was no longer the same barrier to profitability.

Printed on hand presses, they had small circulations , and were essentially house organs for political factions.


If not - and those papers had less than a quarter of the total circulation - it was broadsheet.

Last year, delinquent debt overshadowed the total currency in circulation almost 5 to 1, Imaz says.

Their total circulation was 37 million.

Unlike the mornings, the number of titles remained much the same, but total circulation fell.


Each year it gets longer, and this year went into wide circulation .

A wide circulation or advertising the sale does not seem appropriate - at least not in the first instance.

Most readers won't realise just how wide a circulation Environmental Issues has.

The list was given wider circulation by the monthly art newspaper Kunstavisen in its January/February 1992 number.

Therefore the wider circulation of such policy statements needs to be a priority in order to correct that misconception.

Pieces which have proved to be of enduring worth have passed from special conference song books into collections with a wider circulation .

It was further suggested that the principal value of the new statement might be for reference purposes rather than for wide circulation .



Make sure there is sufficient room around the machine for adequate air circulation .

In spite of important differences in culture among species, good air circulation is an indispensable requirement for success with all cacti.

Kept in a cool, dark, dry place with good air circulation , dry onions will keep for months.

Trunks have electrical outlets, telephone hookups and vents for air circulation .

If food is stacked in such a way that the air circulation is impeded, performance will suffer.

The straps can be slackened to allow greater air circulation between the back and the sack if sweating becomes a problem.


Evening and weekly papers faced the stiffest competition at the fringes of their circulation areas .

For them, census statistics on local circulation areas play an increasingly important role in supporting their advertisement selling.


This contact creates a pumping action which stimulates correct blood circulation in the foot.

Mild exercise may help a little by increasing blood circulation and thus flushing lactic acid from the muscles.

The improved blood circulation enables practitioners to perform tasks in a more vigorous and healthy manner.

The rocking also helps with blood circulation and bowel movement and with preventing calcium deposits and stones.

They then migrate into the lymphoid tissue and eventually return to the blood circulation .

It also greatly improved blood circulation which in turn helps to induce peaceful, deep, relaxing sleep.

This heats the interior of the prostate to around 45°C, probably improving blood circulation and flushing out infection.

And it is known that the greater the heart-brain distance the greater is the systemic pressure of the blood circulation needed.


This suggests a major drop in popularity, and it would be interesting to look at the circulation figures .

Unfortunately, no record of circulation figures for Zuhra can now be found.



Squeezing To boost circulation in the thighs and calves, place your hands on the skin, fingers pointing away from you.

Can you think of a better way to boost circulation ?

A cycle ride, walk or swim at least three times a week will boost your circulation and help maintain a healthy bloom.


Some insects are able to improve the circulation of air by inflating and deflating their abdomens with a muscular pumping action.

Body beautiful A home massage will tone and improve circulation and help to relieve aching limbs.

Go for a run Before the flight, a jog or a swim will improve circulation .

It helps muscular relaxation and improves circulation .

Once you have improved the circulation , you can begin to knead the fleshy areas of your body such as thighs and calves.


So much money had been put into circulation because of the presidential campaign that inflation was rampant.

More money would be put into circulation .

But the second Annales generation added nothing essential to the lot of ideas put into circulation by the first.


Platelets are removed from the circulation in the spleen and liver.


However, you also need to give yourself a flying start by stimulating the circulation through massage and natural herbal extracts.

This contact creates a pumping action which stimulates correct blood circulation in the foot.

Dry body brushing stimulates circulation and shifts pollutants to the kidneys for elimination.

Face packs are designed to balance skin secretions, to stimulate the circulation and to moisturise and tighten the skin.

By now you will have stimulated the circulation enough to move on to the next stage, which is kneading.

They are designed to stimulate the circulation which in turn helps to eliminate the toxins and fatty particles.

Taking moderate exercise will stimulate your circulation and release the natural chemicals which make you feel relaxed and invigorated.

Massage, particularly aromatherapy, stimulates circulation in much the same way.


It was rumoured that banknotes were never withdrawn from circulation but simply frayed away.

The publishers withdrew the book from circulation and removed the offending passages.


It is a specialist journal with a relatively small circulation .

The bandage is too tight - it's cutting off my circulation .

The local newspaper has a circulation of around 16,000.


Extra heating may also be required to offset pain, discomfort or poor circulation .

In addition, the opposition will be allowed to publish a daily newspaper with a circulation of 500,000.

That in turn caused the car rental companies to keep their vehicles in circulation longer.

The quantity of cash in circulation could drop by half.

The Sun switched back to the Tories in 1979, and the circulation gap doubled.

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