Meaning of CLASSICAL in English




a classical actor (= acting parts from important traditional literature )

a drama school that trains classical actors

a pop/rock/jazz/classical concert

There were 150,000 people at the rock concert in Frankfurt.

an acoustic/an electric/a classical guitar

classical (= relating to the style of Ancient Greece or Rome )

a large building of classical design

literary/classical/cultural etc allusions

Eliot’s poetry is full of biblical allusions.

In his poetry we find many allusions to the human body.

modern/classical/medieval etc architecture

pop/rock/classical etc music

Johnny Cash was one of country music’s greatest stars.




Roman funerary customs; art and mythology; women in classical antiquity .

For the Renaissance: a reverential longing to recapture classical antiquity .

For most philosophers of classical antiquity the world was both animate and divine.

The Kalahari only partly closes the way to the South; and the Sahara was crossed as early as classical antiquity .

For the first time in classical antiquity the nuclear family had assumed a central role in the politics of state.

Dealers in primitive, tribal, Oriental art, classical antiquities , and objetsd'art are excluded.

An array of sculpture is also on view, revealing the influence of mythology and foreign culture in classical antiquity .

It follows the restrained style associated with classical antiquity .


Competitors felt, as events were to prove with considerable justification, that official opinion favoured classical architecture .

In re-planning the east wing galleries, built in 1928-32, great efforts have been made to respect their dignified classical architecture .


There are many collectors of modern and classical art in the island.

In doing so, it departs from the traditional, purely stylistic approach to classical art .


Black dancers fared even worse in classical ballet .

But this was only innovative in so far as classical ballet was concerned as there are many 5/4 Slav folk dances.

But he thought the piece needed more work, and he wanted to get a better feeling for the classical ballet .

Purely classical ballets are still popular, so there have to be choreographers who understand and mould the technique.

But she realised that more serious training in classical ballet was necessary, and went to Edouard Espinosa for classes.

There are forms of dance which we all admit as forms of art: for example, classical ballet .

These have led to the same stereotyping of characters as happens in classical ballet .


Indeed, Pavlov believed that the study of classical conditioning was the only way to study the functions of the cerebral cortex.

The assumptions about classical conditioning that are implied by this notion must be rather different from those embodied in the standard model.


The above examples are all slightly parodied versions of classical dance steps.

Olivia Rojo boasts more than two decades of classical dance training.

It has evolved from the simplest folk through the mannered court and finally to the expert classical dance .

Yet Ashton found ways of so moulding classical dance that the ladies even danced sur les pointes in so Edwardian a setting.

A delightful repertoire of contemporary &038; classical dance &038; music.

If choreographers have had training in classical dance , they already have a large vocabulary of movement on which to call.


He read little, and his exclusively classical education left only the faintest impression on his mind.

He is said to have a good classical education , and is a Gentleman of considerable literary talents.

Having laid the foundation of a compleat classical education at Harvard College, he pursues every other study with ease.


Further south the Romanesque architecture is traditional but strongly tinged with classical forms from Rome.

This means that no evidence could possibly count against Freudian theory in its classical form .

Later, when Invercargill was extended it adopted a classical form .

In truth, therefore, serial variation forms have not the theme-based unity of the classical form.

Some of the canons of the classical form still apply.


All the more in classical law , when the formal and procedural differences still applied.

There is no reason to believe in enforcement of a modus in private circumstances in classical law .

The works of Scaevola apart, classical law seems to have continued to distinguish between legacy and trust.

The differences between legacies and trusts persisted throughout classical law .


Yet this wave of social legislation could not easily be reconciled with the tenets of classical liberalism .

Part Five of this book will reveal that many contemporary political regimes are powerfully influenced by classical liberalism .

As suggested in Chapter 2, a view of res publica based on classical liberalism would be more limited.


In classical literature and ethics hypocrisy is condemned as undermining the essential distinction between good and evil.

There are many references in classical literature to Orphic poetry and Orphic rites.

For example: is the subject taken from classical literature with its firm structural rules like those which govern Balanchine's Apollo?

This lasting antipathy coexisted in his mind with a rare mastery of philosophical debate and classical literature .


For the purpose of discussion we shall consider a conservative force in classical mechanics and we shall work in space only.

Moreover, the specific Newtonian scheme has given rise to a remarkable body of mathematical ideas known as classical mechanics .

First let us establish how the geodesic equation simplifies when the motion can be described approximately by classical mechanics .

It tells us, in effect, that classical mechanics can not actually be true of our world!

In classical mechanics one can predict the results of measuring both the position and the velocity of a particle.

The new wine of quantum theory was soon bursting the old wineskins of classical mechanics .

The rays of geometrical optics are not unlike the particle trajectories of classical mechanics .

This again shows how the metric connections correspond to the inertial accelerations and forces of classical mechanics .


However, as I suggested in Chapter 1, the basic assumptions of Beccaria's classical model suggest a much wider canvas.

The curriculum would follow the classical model , though only up to a point.

So, only approximations to the classical model can be achieved.


The recipe is mind-numbingly simple: shots of pretty landscapes set to classical music .

A lot of jazz and classical music was part of my music too, thanks to my uncle.

The atmosphere was of a calm Edinburgh café: classical music played softly.

The rich, and white, citizens are pulling up the cultural drawbridge to the sound of classical music .

Short recordings of classical music caused their activity to decrease, sometimes to levels half of that before the music started.

There are now two floors of music and video, with separate departments for singles and for classical music.

As a social service, how about installing our own classical music boom box?


Did those scribes care for their hands, tend their fingers, in the way classical musicians are reputed to?


Nor can mosaic pavements offer any guidance, since their themes are commonly drawn from classical mythology .

The terrifying irrational has no place in classical mythology .

Sirens, in classical mythology sea-nymphs who by their singing lured sailors to destruction on hidden rocks.

As I watch her, she is introducing her class to the first item on her syllabus, classical mythology .

History paintings had to be grand and didactic, with subjects drawn from the Bible, classical mythology and history.

Rhadamanthus, stern judge; in classical mythology , one of those in the infernal regions.

In any case, even within technical, i.e. classical mythology , Orpheus was a singer, not a fish.

Secondly, the magic of the island is here composed of Renaissance learning, imagery and classical mythology .


Hence trumpets crooked in all keys are to be found in scores of the classical period .

Later, in the classical period , heifers sacrificed to Dionysos at Tenedos were slaughtered with a double-axe.


Deterministic laws of atomic arrangements in the triumphant years of classical physics seemed to lie behind the phenomena of life.

This is what classical physics has taught us about the nature of physical reality.

Quantum mechanical states, however, differ in two important respects from those of classical physics .

Other western sciences exclude difficult aspects of subjectivity from their portraits of themselves, as in classical physics .

Problems with classical theory How do we know that classical physics is not actually true of our world?

Laing rejected classical psychoanalysis just as quantum theory rejected classical physics .

Too negligible to have practical effect in classical physics , it adds up over trillions of years.


Justus Lipsius was the classical scholar who introduced him into the military sphere.

He has long been famous as a classical scholar , and more recently as a philanthropist.

But he demanded high standards and as a classical scholar was exasperated by my inability to cope with Latin.

Elizabeth Carter and Constantia Grierson established themselves as classical scholars .

Scipio did cry, and classical scholars are therefore entitled to ask how many tears he shed.


There are other classical studies that attempt to, understand how organisations work.


Of classical style this piece was certainly an import and it reveals the high quality of the Roman art form.

All of the poems are written in the classical style .

Wigglesworth expected to spend days re-establishing a classical style - but no, they knew about Mozart, and economy and focus.

To make Scott design a building in the classical style was the worst possible course.

It taught many others how classical style could be adapted and developed.

But from the early years of the twentieth century to the 1930s classical styles reigned supreme for all larger city stations.

They must retain the calm spaciousness of movement if they are not to destroy the essence of the classical style .

It is perhaps not surprising that choreographers use the classical style fur most abstract ballets.


As explained elsewhere classical technique is the most demanding.

This type of situation does not permit classical techniques of research.

It is widely recognised that the classical technique can and does prove a stable basis fur all styles of dance.


Time is not considered in classical theories yet no experiment can be made which does not involve time.

This gives a vast space of possible states-much more than for afield in classical theory .

Friedman's statement of the natural rate hypothesis went a long way towards reconciling such evidence with basic classical theory .

The predictability is as clear-cut as it is in the classical theory .

In this approach, a particle does not have just a single history, as it would in a classical theory .

Indeed, what is observed is quite inexplicable on the basis of classical theory .

The classical theory of comparative advantage is often taught as if everyone benefits from trade.


These advantages of the procedural system are the advantages of classical times .

They carried huge canvas paintings depicting scenes from the Bible and classical times .

In classical times every garden and orchard had one.

His solution would have been unthinkable in classical times .

So much for a tradition whose origins may be traced back to early classical times !


P.S. It centres the classical traditions in a way that no other kind of training can do.

She comes from the classical tradition but is deeply involved with improvisation and had played with Bailey on several previous occasions.

Most of the critical treatises in the classical tradition are trite and commonplace.

He liked the reference to the classical tradition .


The therapeutic properties of amber were widely recognized in the classical world .

Pianist-composer Childs is a hometown phenomenon busy carving out a career between the jazz and classical worlds .

Delphi Once the religious and moral capital of the classical world .


But not all the classical writers were Realists.

Inspection of Figure 7.2 should make it quite clear how the neoclassical synthesis has been modified by the new classical writers .

The classical writers completely ignored the existence of such factors.

Of course, you will have to have one single underlying tug, just as the classical writers had their who-dun-it tug.


classical architecture

a classical CD

Lima is one of Brazil's top classical pianists.

The problem involves classical physics, as opposed to quantum physics.

The vase is a piece of modern art done in a classical Chinese style.


Behind the harpsichord and under the window there was a low glass cabinet which contained two or three classical pieces.

But these classical kids just stood around in rehearsal waiting to be shown what to do.

Moreover, the specific Newtonian scheme has given rise to a remarkable body of mathematical ideas known as classical mechanics.

Newtonian mechanics, wave optics and classical electromagnetism all constituted and perhaps constitute paradigms and qualify as sciences.

Of classical style this piece was certainly an import and it reveals the high quality of the Roman art form.

The San Diego Symphony may be mired in bankruptcy, but classical radio never has been livelier.

This is probably the safest choice that a rookie classical music giver can make this season.

What, then, of the notion of a late classical fusion of legacy and trust?

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