Meaning of CLASSICAL in English


adj.1 a of ancient Greek or Latin literature or art. b (of language) having the form used by the ancient standard authors (classical Latin; classical Hebrew). c based on the study of ancient Greek and Latin (a classical education). d learned in classical studies.

2 a (of music) serious or conventional; following traditional principles and intended to be of permanent rather than ephemeral value (cf. POPULAR, LIGHT). b of the period from c.1750-1800 (cf. ROMANTIC).

3 a in or following the restrained style of classical antiquity (cf. ROMANTIC). b in or relating to a long-established style.

4 Physics relating to the concepts which preceded relativity and quantum theory.


classicalism n. classicalist n. classicality n. classically adv.

Etymology: L classicus (as CLASSIC)

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