Meaning of CLAY in English




clay pigeon shooting

heavy/clay (= containing a lot of clay )

The soil was too heavy to grow decent carrots.




Another obvious way of increasing plasticity is to mix a relatively fine plastic clay with a stiff clay.

She found the finest clay , built a web of wires to spread it on, and sat breathless at her bench.

Jenny took the society through all the processes before and after firing at high temperatures fine porcelain clay .


Because of the heavy clay content of the material, it was considered that it could not be compacted enough for the development.

Is it sandy or heavy with clay ?

But if you have a heavy clay soil, wait for warmer weather.

Avoid spots with heavy clay soil.

I don's like to think of either of you digging in your heavy clay .

The cleared land, a broken and undulating mix of heavy clay and difficult sands, was by no means rich.

I had often wondered why they chose to settle in the thick woodlands on heavy clay .

Lime is spread to help to break up heavy wet clay soils.


Under any circumstances the track would be challenging, but intermittent rains have left the turf and red clay sodden and slick.

In Fujian, workers are carving roads into red clay hills, scaling bamboo scaffolding, hauling piles of stone.

We fixed red clay pots to the sides to encourage the birds to breed.

Laterite, a red clay , was used to make roads.

They cart her down to the city burying ground, roll red clay into her eyes.

Guests also can play tennis on red clay courts at a private tennis club.

Mary Pinciotti knows that red clay is good for your garden, despite popular opinion.


The white clay is formed where some granite masses have been changed chemically.

Their faces were painted with white clay and vermillion and black paint.

An image of a wild rider, white clay on long hair, circling the pyre where her lover lay.

Having painted my face with white clay , they gave me a crystal and a hollow reed.



The calcareous clays , such as East Anglian boulder clay, are alkaline and therefore will not suit azaleas or rhododendrons.

In the last one million years the ice sheets spread a layer of boulder clay across the lowlands.

When the ice melted some shallow lakes remained where boulder clay blocked old river courses.

Their floors are covered by sheets of boulder clay .

Where it was melting a huge pile of boulder clay was built up, as a terminal moraine.

As a result the solid rocks are covered by various mixtures of loose clays , sands and boulders - called boulder clay.

But most of the surface is covered by a thin sheet of boulder clay .


The biggest extractive industry in Cornwall today is the mining of china clay .

But china clay production has increased.

Scraperboard a board prepared with black indian ink over a china clay surface.

Drawings are produced by scraping away the ink to expose the china clay surface.

Fine bone china is made from three main raw materials - china stone, china clay and animal bone.

The grit settles in the quarries and the milk-white water is pumped up into tanks where the china clay settles slowly.

Much of the china clay went to the Potteries of Staffordshire to be made into crockery - cups, saucers and plates.


Tennis: Hard clay courts are available throughout the town, and excellent facilities on the edge of the resort.

Guests also can play tennis on red clay courts at a private tennis club.

Sampras has won only four matches on the clay courts of Roland Garros since 1996.


The Thorium versus Potassium cross-plot confirms illite as being the main clay and kaolinite as the secondary clay mineral .

These very weak stones are rich in water, which is bound up in both hydrated salts and clay minerals .

It relies on the preferential absorption on to clay minerals of an ultra-violet sensitive dye.

Quartz, feldspar, and the clay minerals make up the bulk of that contribution.

Chemical weathering is of the greatest importance in producing fine material, as clay minerals are formed by this process.

These clay minerals can form by diagenesis.

This water is so weakly-bound to the clay minerals that it turns to steam at low temperatures.

They are often found mixed with other clay minerals and with calcareous materials.


Detroit designers were producing clay models , which suggested they were finished designs that could not be altered.

Work on clay model mock-ups is already under way.


When clay particles are in a random arrangement the clay is more likely to crack or warp.

RNA-like molecules, because of their negatively charged backbones, would tend to coat the outsides of clay particles .

A layer of clay particles placed under the gravel layer is beneficial.

Otherwise a layer of clay particles under the usual fine gravel will suffice.

Peat and clay particles and a layer of gravel is suitable.

Rainsplash washes elements downslope and reduces infiltration capacity by dispersing clay particles into the large interstices of the soil.


Anyway no more clay pigeons for Candless.

It's used once a fortnight for clay pigeon shoots.

So the challenge was extended to include a clay pigeon shooting match at Gorebridge between two teams of four.


Nothing daunted, the bearers of comfort brought a flagon of ale and a long clay pipe .

Then he filled his clay pipe with Prince Albert tobacco mixed with mullein weed for his bronchitis and lit it.

In a small glass cabinet are examples of Tennyson's clay pipes and writing quills.

Dad sat poking the dead ashes in the grate and sucking on his empty clay pipe .


In the flat bottom of his canoe a fire smoulders under a clay pot full of red palm oil.

Yet this nondescript clay pot endures.

As she carried the clay pots , six at a time, from the greenhouse, a light wind scuttled her skirt.

Pour over mixture in clay pot .

In a new departure, Change, somewhat forlorn rows of clay pots confront enlarged versions of coins of the Ottoman Empire.

More clay pots can hold geraniums or other summer flowers that add color to a patio or back yard.

Put the rice in a clay pot or a medium-sized pot.

Of primary importance were the clay pots , so much better suited as containers than the skins and baskets employed by hunters.


These giant worms live in clay soils close to watercourses in the Bass River valley, southeast of Melbourne.

I would dig the grave myself, six feet down into the dense clay soil .

But if you have a heavy clay soil , wait for warmer weather.

Avoid spots with heavy clay soil .

To draw a heavy plough through wet clay soil , a pair of oxen, yoked together was used.

All morning, as we negotiated puddles in the wet clay soil , we were to hear the lovely sound.

The Brigadier and the Captain sank their cavalry boots deep into the clay soil and began looking about.

Lime is spread to help to break up heavy wet clay soils .


There is evidence that the Babylonians were using sine tables, recorded in cuneiform symbols on clay tablets , long before Hipparchus.

The administration of each territory was finely tuned and certain aspects of it were recorded on clay tablets at the urban centres.


The Clay Roofing Tile Council offers you a free technical advisory service on any aspect of the use of clay tiles.

Today's Keymer hand made clay tiles use similar hand production methods.

Each Keymer clay tile is a work of art, guaranteed one of a kind by the handprint of its maker.

Fore those who aren't colour-shy, Fired Earth has more than 100 shades in its Haute Provence range of clay tiles .



From about the time of the invention of red-figure some black-figure vases are given a white slip covering the orange clay .

She taught me for my first three years of school by writing verses on a wooden tablet covered with clay .

To reduce any problems, the main roof of the house, covered with clay pantiles, has no lead flashings.


The clay needs to be quite wet because the act of pressing and forming the clay tends to dry it.

Now the mud and sand have formed strata of clay and sandstone.


Excess water lowers the surface tension and makes the clay soft and weak.

If man is made of clay , why not his houses of worship?

Some one had been making clay ashtrays and abstract plant pots.

Louisa made shapes in the clay and Raoul had to guess what they were.

These physical techniques of preparation eliminate air pockets and increase homogenisation of moisture and inclusions making the clay more workable.

The houses are made of clay .

That being of a man. referring to the bible where men were made out of clay .

Hes made out of clay or some kind of shit like that, only he looks like a human.


That's why I started using mud and clay .

It's a unique beauty treatment that uses thermal clay and electrical currents to combat cellulite.


feet of clay

After all, audiences want to be entertained, not see their idols with feet of clay.

Another hero with foot and mouth disease, feet of clay and a mouth less than squeaky clean.

Jay swept away what she had learned in pain about feet of clay and natural caution.

Still, she thought ruefully, most heroes would have feet of clay if studied closely.

The discovery of his idol's feet of clay proves intolerable to the lonely, emotionally stunted fan.

Was it, perhaps, in the 1960s that the notion became clear that no idol can exist without feet of clay?


Côte des Blancs Topsoil Lignite, sand and clay .

Here we find the features of the deceased preserved in clay masks.

I saw a great crafts shop, full of clay and paints.

In that case the sellers had warranted that a clay pulverising machine would process clay at six tons per hour.

Laterite, a red clay , was used to make roads.

Portraits in clay , wood, oil.

The natural color of the clay communicates its earthy source and the smoky black tones on the surface suggest an ancient origin.

This is an inadvertent consequence of the peculiar defect structure of the clay .

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