Meaning of CLEARING in English




a clearing bank (= one of the banks in Britain that uses a clearing house when dealing with other banks )

large commercial customers of the clearing banks

clearing bank

clearing house




The trail strayed round and eventually reached the small clearing .

To arrive at this moment, Packard spent the early 1980s locating small , flowery clearings in the thickets of Illinois woods.

They had not gone far, when they had stepped into a small clearing .

Logging roads go off to both sides, and there are many small recent clearings .

We made our camp in a small clearing by the top of the falls.

Then, after quite a while, we came to a small clearing .

It circled the small clearing warily, catching the light and jerking as it did so, moving quickly into shadow.

Dusk was beginning to touch the forest and deep shadows lay across the small clearing where they sat down.



The clearing banks used to change their interest rates on advances and deposits automatically by the same amount that Bank rate changed.

Open market operations are made via the discount houses, but can also be conducted directly with the major clearing banks .

There is nothing to stop you doing most of your business with your main clearing bank if the rates are competitive.

We believe we have more experience in helping franchisees and franchisors than any other clearing bank .

From the 1930s, the clearing banks directly linked their interest rates to Bank Rate.

These factors, he argues, created a situation where many clearing banks were well placed to expand.

According to analysts at Lehman Brothers, the nine main clearing banks combined have averaged annual ROEs of less than 7% since 1988.

The clearing banks were ideally placed.


The clearing house holds accounts for all the clearing members of the exchange.

Out-of-hours trading is permitted by the clearing house and can account for up to a third of on-exchange trading.

Overburdened by commitments elsewhere, Unesco can only act as a clearing house for independently sponsored initiatives.

Arrangements will include a clearing house to help match staff with vacancies and special provisions for retraining.

Instead, both buyer and seller pay an initial margin, and these payments are held by the clearing house .

The clearing house then matches long and short positions and assigns a short to make delivery to a long.

The Exchange intends that the new clearing house will be jointly owned.

The clearing house is also protected from excessive credit risk through the operation of a system of daily price limits.


What would happen if the real rate w 1, a value in excess of the market clearing real wage, w *;?

Suppose that the union lifts the level of wages above the perfectly competitive market clearing wage, thus creating some unemployment.

The market clearing paradigm is reasonably robust and the Rational Expectations assumption is here most plausible.

But there is a second justification for the market clearing approach.

There is nothing in the criteria which it stipulates for rational behaviour that confines its application to a market clearing framework.

The full employment aggregate supply function is that unique function corresponding to the market clearing real wage rate, w *;.


There is therefore little or no scope for the clearing member who is not also a market member.

The clearing house holds accounts for all the clearing members of the exchange.

Provision is also made for the amendment of the regulations themselves by notice to exchanges and clearing members .

Such a charge is not registrable against the clearing member under s 395 of the Companies Act 1985.


It is fundamental to an effective and reliable clearing system .

The clearing system , being nationwide and increasingly computerized, makes for a very efficient system of transmitting payments.

As credits pass through the clearing system , they are collected in a specially designated account and transferred to magnetic tape.

They started to question the high exposures they ran every day with the Midland in the clearing system .


A small deer stood on the edge of the clearing .

In the clearing , there was a small cottage.


At first their station buildings were primitive affairs, no more than clearings in the bush with tin huts.

But within the clearing it was warm and safe-feeling.

From the edge of one of these clearings Chloe suddenly flushed a sepoy.

Logging roads go off to both sides, and there are many small recent clearings.

She managed to contact him in Florida, as the clearing up got under way.

The path led to a log cabin with a chalet-style sloping roof in the middle of a clearing .

While Francis had been gazing into the unseeable distance, the wall had extended several metres across the clearing .

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