Meaning of CLEARING in English



( -s )

Etymology: Middle English clering, from gerund of cleren to clear

1. : the act or process of making or becoming clear

2. : a tract of land cleared of wood and brush (as for cultivation)


a. : a method adopted by banks and bankers for making an exchange of checks and bills held by each against the others in which checks deposited in the banks of a particular area are set off against each other with cash settlement only of the balances due after the clearing

b. : a similar method adopted by railroads and by buyers and sellers of merchandise for adjusting their accounts with each other ; also : the machinery or procedure established under this method

c. clearings plural : the gross amount of balances so adjusted


a. : natural pruning

b. : the cutting of all mature trees at one time

5. : the collection, classification, and distribution of information or other matter requiring wide distribution

an agency for the clearing of reconstruction projects and plans

a clearing center for management ideas

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