Meaning of COCKPIT in English






In the extreme bow was an open cockpit containing a gunner's position and bomb aimer's station.

The Canuck had two open cockpits .

Behind the galley was the mid-upper gunner in an open cockpit armed with a.303in Lewis gun on a Scarf ring.

The open cockpit made it even more challenging.

The acceleration is sensational and very similar to taking off in a piston-engined aircraft with open cockpit .

The difficulties were considerable for aircraft were still primitive with open cockpits , and airfields were very few and far between.

But in the first few feet the delight of winter flying, even in an open cockpit , was apparent.



The lawyers also said they want to get a transcript of the cockpit voice recorder.

Further studies of the cockpit voice recording also should help, officials said.

One of the tests is a more sophisticated study of the brief noise heard at the end of the cockpit voice recorder.



Alcock and Brown climbed into the cockpit , waved goodbye, to everyone and the Vimy set off.

We climbed into the cockpit to face the morning sun.

Schumacher was not injured in the accident and climbed out of the cockpit unassisted.


Not the greatest of air travellers, the policeman had accepted Duncan's offer to sit up front in the cockpit .

As we sat in the cockpit , the captain hauled his radio over to a Jeep.

How easy it could be for him - to simply sit in the cockpit of his Foxbat and fly to freedom.


Authorities have said the plane was overloaded and that Reid was apparently at the cockpit controls.

He shouted at the men in the cockpit to make fast the rope that led to his neck.

I was pinned in the cockpit in freezing temperatures for three days, unable to move.

Later that afternoon Joe came back to the cockpit , looking worried.

Not long before the race started, a fuel leak developed in the cockpit .

The two pilots sat side-by-side in an enclosed cockpit , with a gangway between the seats and full dual control provided.

We spent an hour each day in the cockpit and three or four hours in the bleachers watching our classmates.

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