Meaning of COINCIDENCE in English



happy coincidence

By a happy coincidence , James was also in town that weekend.

mere coincidence

It can’t be a mere coincidence that they left at the same time.

pure coincidence

It was pure coincidence that I arrived on the same plane.




Was it relevant to his enquiry, or just a curious coincidence ?

By curious coincidence , the suitable candidates are somehow always chaps.

Lagutin was the subject of a curious coincidence the following day.

It was just a curious coincidence that Hatton had been killed on the day following that of Mrs Fanshawe's regaining consciousness.


This is either some magic geometry of which I know nothing or it is a happy coincidence .

Viable recycling depends on a happy coincidence of materials costs, labour costs and technology.

By a happy coincidence , the date was Richard Branson's birthday.

It was simply a happy coincidence that it sounded like an insult!


Is it the magic of the goldfish or just coincidence ?

Is it just coincidence that the previous chancellor was fond of a spritzer?

I expect it's just coincidence .


I didn't tell him about the handbill I had found; indeed, I quickly dismissed that as a mere coincidence .

Another mere coincidence , say school officials, adding that Tarkanian was adamant about having such a watchdog on staff.

Logic suggests this can not be reduced to mere coincidence .

It has happened too often to me to be mere coincidence .


It is pure coincidence that the date of his birthday was 1st April.

Whether it was pure coincidence or something deeper in his make-up, Fran had no idea.

Of course, I realised that it was an example of pure coincidence and that there could be nothing more to it.


I forgot all about Svetlana until 1989 when a remarkable coincidence brought us together again.

Quite a remarkable coincidence , isn't it?

The identity of this woman is known by a remarkable coincidence .


By sheer coincidence Kappa Crucis lies at the edge of the dark nebula known as the Coal Sack.

By sheer coincidence the three accounts mentioned had all placed significant orders just before the board meeting.


By strange coincidence , two retiring Prime Ministers stayed at Chiswick House prior to their death, each at the age of fifty-seven.

Speakeasy 2001 It's the strangest coincidence .

Horne sniggered to himself. Strange coincidence , the same place where Whitton had met his death.


By a strange coincidence the king was assassinated on the very spot where his grandfather had been killed.

Hi Phil. What a coincidence -- we were just talking about you.

It was a coincidence that three earthquakes happened across the world in one week.

It was just a coincidence that we were in Paris at the same time.

My mother is called Anna, and by coincidence my wife's mother is called Anna too.


After all, the coincidence could not be expected to occur so neatly every 150 million years.

It is regarded as a purely natural phenomenon which, by an unusual coincidence , occurs in the walls of their convent.

We were all linked in a vast and rhythmic coincidence , a daisy chain of rumor, suspicion and secret wish.

What was the probability - the unvarnished statistical likelihood - of such a coincidence ?

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