Meaning of COMPLEMENT in English

I. noun




These divide and re-divide, each new cell carrying its full complement of chromosomes.

The contrasting forces, ranging between solo countertenor and lute and full orchestral complement , rivet the attention.

These have a full complement of hot peppers, lime and lemon grass, as well as rich coconut milk or coconut itself.

It should house the full complement of technical guides, manuals and publications.

Little Honoria had clearly been determined on her full complement of playmates.

It supports a full complement of networking, interface, development and database environments.

A nearly full complement of 673 passengers cast off from the city dock this day, dark with continuous rain.

Managers with a full complement of volunteers and adequate space, however, fare no better.


It is the perfect complement for an aggressive cavalry advance.

Our nod went to the mushroom version, a perfect complement to the rolls.

The spa is a perfect complement to cruising.


Genome: the genetic complement of a living organism.

Immunohistochemical staining using antiserum reacting against complement factor C3d was used to visualize neuritic plaques.

It was hard enough beating the depleted champs with a near-full complement last night.

Our nod went to the mushroom version, a perfect complement to the rolls.

There are now few villages without their complement of newcomers who work in towns.

II. verb




Her soft brown wool suit and velvet Vandyke cap perfectly complemented her auburn hair.

Each flavor remained distinct in this dish, yet was perfectly complemented by the gentle orange essence that suffused it.

His equable temperament would complement perfectly a tough production but this one kicked off soft.

But no beverage on the planet so perfectly complements dinner as a well-matched, dry table wine.

And the artistry is perfectly complemented by original, offbeat music.


A simple string of pearls will complement any outfit.

Buy a scarf that complements your shirt or dress.

For the show, the museum is borrowing twenty paintings that complement its own collection.

She looked beautiful -- the white silk of her blouse complemented her olive skin perfectly.

Soft, creamy bed linen adds a luxurious touch and complements any colour scheme.

The chicken dish is complemented by wild rice or spiced couscous.

The wine complemented the meal perfectly.


Chirk was now peripheral to Gloucester's main concerns but complemented Stanley involvement in Cheshire and Flint.

His arrow-straight burst was complemented by a neat sidestep around Andre

It's a lot stronger than before and has softer colour tone which complements Michelle's skin.

The determination to use private enterprises as key actors was later complemented by stronger regulation.

The presence of these additional mystical agencies complements the non-mystical causes already examined and thus expands the range of explanation.

The two languages really worked together: the two cultures clashed and complemented each other.

The two men would complement each other perfectly.

We need to recognize how powerful we can be working in tandem and complementing, rather than fighting, each other.

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