Meaning of COMPLEMENTARY in English




alternative/complementary medicine (= medical treatments that are not part of modern medicine )

Various types of alternative medicine, particularly acupuncture, can give pain relief.

complementary colours (= ones that look nice together )

Plant the flowers in patches in complementary colours.

complementary medicine

acupuncture and other types of complementary medicines




Tonight we are given the foot washing as complementary symbol or metaphor.

The drawing and the birdwatching had grown up as complementary interests from a very young age.

But surely it would be more appropriate to see the two perspectives as complementary .

They neglect the efforts of those who have regarded scientific and religious discourse as complementary rather than mutually exclusive.

It is a group in which the contributions of individuals are seen as complementary .

They should be seen as complementary contributions to the wider management of our transport, environmental and social objectives.



The rift between conventional and complementary medicine has had many harmful effects.

The practices of complementary medicine fall roughly into the following categories: 1.

So why is complementary medicine gaining popularity?

In my view, scientists have a crucial role to play in the rapprochement of conventional and complementary medicine .

Such developments are paving the way to rapprochement between conventional and complementary medicine .

Most forms of complementary medicine are framed in terms of traditional medical systems from other cultures.

Today many physicians admit that complementary medicine has some potential and deserves a fair trial.


Their area of expertise includes complementary products such as pension plans and insurance policies.


Settlement policies have a complementary role , in that they affect the distribution of employment, services and housing within rural areas.

That's where there is a complementary role for equity and senior bank debt to create a properly structured entity.

At the same time, the complementary role of oral culture is encouraged in a myriad of ways.


This is not to say that complementary therapies act only at the psychological level.

Anyone who has actually experienced acupuncture, or several other complementary therapies , will agree on this.

Pharmacological studies also indicate that these two forms of complementary therapy act through different pathways.

When a complementary therapy is shown to work, further questions arise.

Finding a therapist to help you Many complementary therapies exist which are concerned with holistic healing.

Yoga also highlights the need for investigating the preventive as well as the curative effects of complementary therapies .

Harlow degree majors include counselling, psychology and complementary therapies .

The second type are called complementary therapies .


Bain and McCaskill have complementary skills - she is creative while he is highly organized.


Already complementary technology agreements have been made among local firms to support these ambitions.

But it needs complementary mechanisms for counselling, transmission of experience, management expertise, financial support, upskilling programmes.

But these two sides were not only complementary , they were in conflict.

Can the combination of both inward and outward investment be made complementary to rather than a substitute for domestic investment?

It is, therefore, the complementary life form to the animals of Earth.

The definition of a liability is complementary to that of an asset.

This is not to say that complementary therapies act only at the psychological level.

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