Meaning of COMPLEMENTARY in English


com ‧ ple ‧ men ‧ ta ‧ ry AC /ˌkɒmpləˈment ə ri◂, ˌkɒmplɪˈment ə ri◂ $ ˌkɑːm-/ BrE AmE adjective

1 . complementary things go well together, although they are usually different:

The computer and the human mind have different but complementary abilities.

2 . technical complementary colours of light are very different and combine to make white

3 . technical two angles that are complementary add up to 90 degrees

—complementarity /ˌkɒmpləmenˈtærəti, ˌkɒmplɪmenˈtærəti $ ˌkɑːm-/ noun [uncountable]

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