Meaning of COMPONENT in English

I. noun


a key element/feature/component (= a very important part )

Advertising is a key element in the success of a product.

a vital ingredient/component

Involving teachers in making decisions is a vital ingredient in raising morale.

an essential component

Controlling inflation is an essential component of the government’s economic strategy.

the component/constituent parts of sth (= the separate parts that form it )

The body is a complex thing with many constituent parts.




It doesn't stop there though, it advances into the basic components of a computer.

The basic components we will describe are fairly typical.

At £1,045, the Greenfield has many of the same basic components as its rivals.

The participating States reaffirm that freedom of expression is a human right and a basic component of a democratic society.

We have introduced some basic components which would be required in a characterisation of the topic framework for any discourse fragment.

Kits are available with four basic components - surrounds, inserts, hearth and the fire itself.

Yet, without altering the basic components of the mix, it was possible to detect a shift in the nuances.

There are four basic components necessary to successful meditation.


From the 1920s sports reporting and photography was accepted as a crucial and specialized component of popular journalism.

A 3-D card is the crucial component in making a virtual world and its inhabitants look and function as its makers intended.

Secondly, language being the usual vehicle of expression, linguistic meaning is a crucial component of social life.

The implications for morale, a crucial component in the grim chemistry of war, are obvious.

Demographic and social indicators are crucial components of most of these estimates.

Profits, people and teamwork Higher productivity is a crucial component of our drive to improve profitability.


In the aerospace and motor industry contexts, composites use different components but deploy them to similar ends.

All in all, the eatery is a breakfast bargain, with enough different components to keep boredom at bay.

He continued: It is a complex regime, with maybe 20 different components ....

The different components refer to the different curvatures in different directions in the space-time.

The final product may have as many as 40 to 50 different components .

More often than not, to account for linguistic phenomena we require diverse kinds of information from different components of a grammar.

Martin describes the principles of the viewdata sets and the different components of the viewdata service.

It enables us to formulate hypotheses about relationships among the different components of culture and to test these hypotheses empirically.


One of the few exceptions is a small factory, mainly employing women, which produces electronic components .

The new Computer Desk looks like a big, traditional desk yet features concealing spaces for electronic components .

Prices of electronic components have fallen dramatically - this again usually is only possible with large scale in sales.

These unique circuits contain semiconductor devices as well as other discrete electronic components soldered on a thin alumina substrate.

The argument applies just as forcibly to many manufacturing industries, such as those of automobiles, electronic components , computers and aircraft.

Such systems usually integrate additional electronic components , such as a laserdisc player.

At one extreme it is used to support power cables; at the other to encapsulate electronic components .

Of this sector, electronic parts and components manufacturers made the smoothest transition to commercial markets.


It must be designed to constitute an essential component of those forces making for positive change in our country.

Alternative Concepts of Accountability Public accountability is a essential component for the functioning of our political system.

Mathematical and language skills unite in the understanding of logic and reasoning, an essential component of mature intelligence.

A second essential component in all such programmes is winning over local people.

The principle of exchange is urged as an essential component of the system.

An essential component of any local management scheme is the staff training which precedes its introduction and continues throughout its operation.


Having established the phasor relationship between the fundamental components of phase voltage and current, the pull-out torque can be found directly.

The analysis can be simplified by concentrating on the d.c. and fundamental components of voltage and current.

They are a major and fundamental component of the system of the unconscious, as distinct from the conscious and preconscious systems.

This switched supply introduces a non-linearity, which can be eliminated by considering only the fundamental components of voltage and current.

With the half-stepping excitation scheme, for example, the pull-out torque is predicted precisely from the d.c. and fundamental current components .


Genetic evidence A number of studies have now firmly established the existence of a genetic component in the transmission of schizophrenia.

The same study finds a genetic component to the susceptibility to nicotine addiction, too.

Evidence supporting a genetic component to predisposition comes mainly from a large study of 15924 male twin pairs.

Sometimes there seems to be a genetic component .

Finding a remedy may be easier because there is less of a genetic component .

In the case of diseases, the effect of any genetic component is more clear cut.

The unusual geographical distribution is equally compatible with a genetic component .

Because the sample is so large, even the last of these shows evidence of a genetic component .


Of this cocktail the oxygen is by far the most important component for us when we breathe.

An important component is the opportunity to receive up-to-date information from a childbirth educator.

Tourism is also becoming an important component of developing nations' economy because it is a source of foreign income.

It does mean, however, that emotions are a very important component of attention.

Training is an important component of the last two of these suggestions.

Clearly, women are now an important component of the law profession.

Housing may also be an important component as its relative cost increased in Britain from 1955 to 1975.

Third, the choice of conservation techniques and/or other policy measures is another important component of a conservation policy.


Searching endless suppliers for individual components is time consuming and expensive.

The period from 1927 to 1936 he describes as marking the gradual dispersion of the group into its individual components and styles.

In chapters 15 to 17 we apply to the individual profile components the principles set out in chapter 14.

Mean changes at 16 weeks in individual components of the Leicester score relative to placebo are shown in fig 2.

Strategies that maximize the individual fitness component may be termed selfish.

The operating characteristics of both the individual components and the circuit itself - voltages, currents and operating frequencies etc.

Indeed, its individual components are already coming to market as separate portable products.

You can also buy the individual components from a department store, d-i-y superstore or by mail order from Woodfit.


Instead, we concentrate upon some key components and examples, which serve to illustrate the issues and problems involved.

The lineup appears to be strong from top to bottom, but all the players know Bagwell is the key component .

Transport is usually considered as the key component of the provision of social overhead capital.

The key component was Thompson Seedless, which also are consumed as table grapes, raisins and grape concentrate.

Its key components include a graphical user interface builder, database access, reusable application framework and cross-platform portability, it says.

Rockwell not only built the space shuttle but constructed key components for the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs of the 1960s.

The key component of Karpov's strategy, challenging Black's only well placed piece.

Instead they turned up on site with stone panels missing and without many of these key components .


Social selection has thus yielded two main strategic components in the behaviour responsible for societal organization.

The project has three main components .

In fact the main component of a country's money supply is not cash but deposits in banks and other financial institutions.

The other main component I use is an ordinary household sponge, or synthetic sponge.

The three surviving main components are no longer in their original frame.

The main component is of type M, and is one of the largest stars known.

It consists of two main components: a pixel processor and a display processor.

The main components of the picture are masked off using liquid masking fluid diluted with water.


There is no doubt that inheritance is a major component of the problem.

Finch said the major components of the plane are working well.

The two major components of these new managerial powers and responsibilities are financial delegation and staffing delegation.

They are all fairly similar and usually use good vinegar and wine as major components .

It is especially prized because carbon, its major component , is by far the most important of all plant nutrients.

One of its major components is a comprehensive library media program designed to meet their needs.

In each case the honours subject occupies the whole of the final year with a research project as a major component .

The rivalry between Fabius and Rocard had been a major component of the party's internal problems.


The other necessary component was the deceased's name, which through its power could preserve life and identity.

We will teach you that they can be very necessary components in an emotionally healthy life.

Oiling the wheels, smoothing the path - very necessary components which pay dividends.

A finding of malice is a necessary component of murder.

Managers were told what to make and were sent the necessary materials, components , people, and money for wages.


The principal component , as always, is lack of language proficiency.

The programme plots speakers in terms of their scores on two principal components , represented as axes of the graph.

The first principal component , carrying 50 percent of the original variance, was dominated by land-cover differences in the rural area.

A second widely-used transform is that of principal components .

The final attempt at classification involved a supervised classification of principal components , 2, 3 and 4.

The decline in information content from principal component 1 to principal component 4 does not need any verbal description.

The first principal component has most information and hence the greatest contrast and least noise.


The various components of the mixture separate as they gradually move down the column.

In this chapter, we will present such a framework, one that integrates the various components of the I-way.

What is also new is that they are building on and developing research in the various components of information skills.

Figure 4. 7 shows the architecture of a local Internet service provider with its various components .

Kuhn insists that his account constitutes a theory of science because it includes an explanation of the function of its various components .

This can be the first time they see how the wall will look with its various components life-size.

The various components of the system are shown in Figure 1.

This will involve examination of the relation of size to the various cost components .


They form a vital component of our defences against chemical attack from trace compounds found largely in our diet.

This is a small but vital component of the communication system.

That is a vital component of the nation's action on the environment, because only business can actually deliver environmental improvements.

The partners' duties A vital component of a partnership is the mutual trust between partners.

But many caddies offer a great deal more and look upon themselves as vital components in the professional golfer's armoury.

The use of the imagination is one of the vital components of successful hypnotherapy, whether regression is involved or not.

These are the vital components of your engine's breathing system.

Cholesterol, an excess of which can block blood vessels, is actually a vital component of every living cell.



Any partial parse that is rejected will be removed - thereby removing any parse that would have contained this component .

The commission has insisted that the memorial contain a significant educational component , but the contents are still under discussion.

It contains an optional listening component for the course.

He said it contained engine components .

When and, the approaching waves contain an impulsive component .

The project also contains a cross-national component .

They contain impulsive wave components , and therefore do not satisfy the conditions of Tipler's theorem.

Consequently, age data contain a considerable error component that differs among surveys.


Woolf correctly identifies some of the components of an adequate theory of the penal crisis.

It identifies each component by its part number and displays the assembly sequence in a series of levels.

It attempted to identify the components of learning with a clarity not found elsewhere.

Now, however, it is possible to identify specific gene components that contain the relevant hereditary information.

The first is to take visual systems apart, identify their components and characterize the way these components work.

It identified the components of the bomb - not who made it or how it was put aboard Flight 103.


Part 2 introduces a new grammar, and includes a functional component .

Their fabric typically included the following three components .

These include components valuable to birds, such as temporary grassland, spring sowing and winter stubble.

We therefore arrive at more recent definitions of myth which include a contributory component of surface-meaning.

There is no doubt that our conceptions of various kinds of conscious episodes do indeed include relational components .

For example, I had done a custom install of Word for Windows 95 and not included all the components .

They include an impulsive component and a step component.


In the aerospace and motor industry contexts, composites use different components but deploy them to similar ends.

Data are collected prospectively, using standardized surveillance components and nosocomial infection definitions.

The mapper will use components from existing spacecraft to cut costs.

Independent characters when used as partial components in compound characters sometimes occur in different positions in these more complex graphs.

They are used mainly as components with other detergents to form commercial blends.

The good news is that you can dial in most of your suspension needs using the standard Kawasaki components .

A similar scoring system is used for the anxiety component .

They complained that the Law of Similars often obliged them to use overpriced components , handicapping their products in world markets.


bolt-on part/component/extra


All the components should be tested before they are assembled.

Gaining confidence is a major component of developing leadership skills.

Researchers have identified the substance's chemical components.

stereo components

The factory makes aircraft engine components.


All in all, the eatery is a breakfast bargain, with enough different components to keep boredom at bay.

All the components of the Pythagorean model interlock, each absolutely necessary to the proper operation of the whole.

If no physiological monitoring equipment is to be used, you will begin presenting both drinking and sensitization scene components.

In order to construct an integrated theory of linguistic competence, it is essential to discover the logical ordering of components or levels.

It is especially prized because carbon, its major component , is by far the most important of all plant nutrients.

The last component of the rainbow coalition that I want to refer to is feminism.

These repetitive simultaneous pressure waves usually occurred together with the lower oesophageal sphincter component of the migrating motor complex.

II. adjective




The observed inter-element correlations are reflected by the four major factors identified in a principle component analysis .

Variance component analysis showed that at least two biopsy specimens should be evaluated per subject to allow a precise individual characterisation.


First, the fairly simple trick of separating two component parts of a clue by a number of pages.

The nation, on those subjects on which it can act, must necessarily bind its component parts .

Check the Boss's Book for all the component parts .

Finally, the state is fragmented, both in terms of political authority and the organizational form and logic of its component parts .

Once the component parts have been established, their order in terms of time-scale can be decided.

Some will be restored to running the exhibition condition, the remaining vehicles being used for component parts .

Table 7.2 is a breakdown of the costs of each of the component parts .

Gilt strips Here gilts are divided or stripped into their component parts that is, the interest and redemption payments.


AlterNet operates its own network and maintains direct connections to most other component networks of the Internet.

Methods for synchronizing such embryos and their component cells are dealt with in Sections 3.1 and 3.2.

The component ratios are shown in Fig 3.

The component systems of a complex system were loosely coupled, the component parts relatively autonomous.

This branch of thermodynamics applies the laws of statistics to component microscopic particles.

This is particularly true within areas such as avionic systems and component diagnostics.

Whole armies disintegrated into their component individuals and sub-groupings.

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