Meaning of CONDITIONAL in English


I. adjective


conditional discharge

conditional/unconditional bail (= when there are conditions/no conditions attached to someone being allowed to go free )

Both men were given unconditional bail and they left court without comment.




Elaine Steele, 31, of Workington, Cumbria, was granted conditional bail until Friday.

All three were remanded on conditional bail .

He was further remanded on conditional bail for three weeks.

Legal aid and conditional bail were extended.

He was released on conditional bail pending committal proceedings.

He has been released on conditional bail .

He was due to be released on conditional bail last night once a surety had been produced.


I've had probation, conditional discharge , deferred sentences, suspended sentences - everything.

Magistrates gave him a conditional discharge and disqualified him from driving for two years.

The magistrate gave Mr Smith a conditional discharge on each count, but he was ordered to pay prosecution costs of £1800.

Sigsworth was given a conditional discharge for 12 months.

Magistrates gave him a 12month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £35 costs.

They were each given a two year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £35 costs.


Of course, conditional offers from universities and colleges are generally made on predicted results.

All prospective students, including those who hold only conditional offers , should apply for accommodation as early as possible.

A conditional offer may include evidence of relevant practical experience as a pre-condition for entry to the course.

Normal conditional offers broadly reflect the supply of places and student demand for them.


This is where goods are taken on hire purchase, credit sale or conditional sale terms.

For consumer sales , instead of hire-purchase there was the conditional sale.

So, the agreement in Lee v. Butler can be described as a conditional sale agreement.

Second, credit under a conditional sale agreement.


The most fundamental kind of them are independent nomic conditional statements , general rather than particular.

However, the conditional statement wears its meaning on its face, as much as any statement does.

Fundamental nomic connection is the connection stated by independent nomic conditional statements .

By this conditional statement , Edward clearly referred to the non-performance of the territorial clauses of the 1259 treaty.

They are those asserted by the two kinds of conditional statements .

Second, it is not clear that conditional statements are strongly verified simply by showing that both antecedent and consequent are true.


a conditional contract


He was released on conditional bail pending committal proceedings.

In fact the conditional theory adopts some of the best points of several of the theories found wanting in the previous chapter.

It needs support from an explanation, in terms of the conditional theory, of how there can be such counter-examples.

The agreement is conditional upon certain environmental investigations.

The firm represented Paula when she was given a conditional discharge for causing £570 damage to a taxi in a drunken rage.

The magistrate gave Mr Smith a conditional discharge on each count, but he was ordered to pay prosecution costs of £1800.

The rebate is usually conditional on your accounts being paid on time and a certain sales value being exceeded.

II. noun


All are connections stated by either dependent nomic conditionals or independent nomic conditionals.

Partly because of this fact, dependent conditionals have been taken as problematic.

The conditionals are of two kinds, and the second, independent nomic conditionals, are fundamental.

The distinction between our dependent conditionals and others is thus not a difference between the indicative and the subjunctive mood.

The theory therefore analyses the certainty required for a knowledge claim as the belief that the two subjunctive conditionals are satisfied.

The theory uses the notion of a possible world in order to give its account of truth conditions for subjunctive conditionals.

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