Meaning of CONDITIONAL in English


I. -shən ə l, -shnəl adjective

Etymology: Middle English condicionel, from Middle French, from Late Latin condicionalis, from condicion-, condicio + -alis -al

1. : containing, implying, subject to, or depending on a condition

conditional diplomatic recognition

a conditional promise

: not absolute : not certain : not full or unreserved — often used with on or upon

my visit is conditional on his plans

2. : expressing a condition or supposition : of or belonging to the expression of a condition : introducing, containing, or implying a supposition

the conditional conjunctions if, unless, and though

the conditional phrases provided that and supposing that

the conditional clause if he speaks

the conditional sentence if he speaks you must listen

3. : true only for certain values of the variables or symbols involved

conditional equations

4. : conditioned

a conditional stimulus

a conditional response

II. noun

( -s )


a. : a conditional word, clause, or verb form ; specifically : a verb form in the conditional mood

b. : the conditional mood

2. : implication 2b

III. adjective

1. : involving or yielding values that are conditional probabilities

a conditional distribution

2. : eliciting a conditional response

a conditional stimulus

3. : permitting survival only under special growth or environmental conditions

conditional lethal mutations

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